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My gosh man... you really are welching on your debt... unbelievable. Look, we clearly made the terms of the bet well in advance, and you lost. Now you are not honoring the terms of the bet. Sad really, especially since I upvoted you to help you with the cost of it. This is something that will not be forgotten, and it wouldn't have even cost you much to make it right... again unbelievable.


Stop moaning and come up with evidence!

I did. In fact I even linked you more links than what you asked for... Yet you still will not honor your debt. You are a piece of work, you clearly lost the bet after you ran your mouth and now you refuse to pay. Unfortunately for you this will not be forgotten.

Get a grip man - your "evidence" was a bunch of crap - why is it you can't post on the Hive platform again?

You get a grip, it was exactly what you asked for. Now pay the bet.

Off topic, but who said I can't post?! I can post anytime I want. I choose no longer to.

If you post you get voted down to zero by the insider cabal. So do I. Why do you so carefully avoid that? Genuinely curious...

Sooner or later we will expose the whole scam. Probably won't achieve much, but it will complete a chapter. I'm sure you know some dirt. Why not reveal it?

I have more dirt than you could imagine. However, it is a bit interesting that you are getting downvoted around the same time you refuse to pay me what you owe...

This is getting really weird. And I doubt you have more dirt than I can imagine...

I found out quite a bit in 2018!

Enough to doubt that the downvoting I'm getting has much to do with you...

Maybe you are an insider and im wrong there, but your behaviour, including this current exchange, doesn't fit the bill.

All those shitposts you did twice a day up until the start of this year are still on the blockchain if anyone wants to check out the rewards.

But I don't blame you for exploiting that, and you were a drop in the ocean.

And as far as the bet goes, I really want to see some evidence, because the dirt I have seen on the state of the US economy is something to behold.

Are you still claiming that printing fake money is going to fix it?

And up to speed on bitcoin and have done very well on it...twice...but there is dirt there too. Your relentless promotion of it is downright suspicious.

Reality check, your posts are shit posts too my friend. They are all shit posts. And how is posting 2x a day exploiting anything?! No one is required to upvote anything they don't want to. The site actually made more economic sense when someone's earnings were relative to the size of their investment, otherwise none of that is sustainable. Now splinterlands and other apps are the only chance for long term sustainability.

But this is all besides the point, you owe me 100 HIVE and are refusing to pay. All the details are on the blockchain. You made a bet and you lost, that's life, now honor the bet and we can go from there.

PS. 100 hive is not a big deal to me, but your obsession with it is of genuine interest. I have seen you pulling scams on these blockchains...milking the reward pools for years...why are you claiming moral high ground all of a sudden?

There are bigger issues here are there not?

I don't know what your roll is in the scam that is steemit.hive but you have been active for over 5 years so you know at least part of the picture. So do I. Undoubtedly a different part, but we both know it's a scam don't we?

Pulling scams?! How is voting with your invested stake a scam?! Or holding investments in other projects a scam?! Or having more than one account?! None of those things are scams... If I made a bet on-chain and I clearly lost I would absolutely honor that bet, you are not.

And if 100 HIVE was not a big deal to you then you would pay the bet, so clearly it is a huge deal to you. My interest in it is simply that it is owed to me and you are welching on our bet, whether it be 100 hive, 1 hive, or a million hive, pay what you owe.

If you want dirt, pay the 100 HIVE you owe and then we can talk about that.

You clearly lost the bet, now stop being a dick and pay the bet.

I clearly won the bet, America was bankrupt by the end of the second quarter and only an illegal government and controlled propaganda media says otherwise. Now stop being a dick and provide evidence if you claim otherwise.

There is evidence everywhere, which has even been provided to you just like you asked. On that note, it was never my responsibility to prove anything to you so not sure why you are getting off on that. Though I even linked you numerous places where similar data has been posted which all has been wildly different than what you were betting, meaning it's not even close or up for debate. Now pay the bet.