The 7th Gate / NFT Giveaway contest!

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This is my newest NFT: The 7th Gate, it's a collaboration between @clayboyn and I!

He made a pretty cool deep dreamed image and I deconstructed it and made this cyberpunk book cover!


I have made 10 editions, we will be giving away Edition #1 to the person who writes the best plot for this book! The contest will stay open for one week, you can leave your entry in the comments or in the twitter thread (will link in comments). It doesn't have to be long, just a few lines up to a paragraph will do!


This art also comes with an unlockable, the original high res art with no text/ film grain!

You can see the high res book cover version here or purchase an edition, @clayboyn and I are both collecting lots of art so the proceeds will be going into supporting other artists:

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Yay... cool art & contest yo!!! I wasn't going to enter cause I have low self-esteem and I'm a lazy pothead but then I thought...what would chad do? I couldn't stop thinking about that spooky little skull guy all week, so here is my entry.

Each of the 10 people who own a copy becomes aware that they control a cyber specter that will do their bidding. Along with the purchase of the NFT they receive a 7th gate video explaining how to unlock each of the 7 levels and how to summon the cyber specter through meditation while watching strange visuals of the art and listening to the haunting music (I would choose photograph by nickelback). Once you enter the 7th gate altered state of mind, you have an out of body experience and become the cyber specter. You can travel through any electronics and frequencies with ease and manifest into holographic or solid form at will. The more you use the specter for evil the more you become detached from reality, eventually becoming trapped as the entity forever. The ones who use the power for good have to right the wrongs and do battle behind the scenes with the evil specters to keep the balance.

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Thank you for the entry!

Upon crossing the threshhold of the 7th gate on Venus the invisible hand of the alien stretched out across space to the Heart of God 9 spaceship.
The other six gates have never been found so no one is sure why this is the seventh one.
The only life found so far on Venus were strange bacteria that swam in the gasses of the skies. This gate was built by something more powerful than bacteria.
The crew of the Heart of God 9 all cross into the the 7th gate. (Like in 2001 they go into a strange dimensional space) They become part of the hive mind of the alien.
She assumes the form of Zsa Zsa Gabor Talleah as Queen of Outer Space and rushes toward earth.
Her spirit fills the atmosphere of earth changing it into the gases of Venus.
A battle against a poisoned atmosphere takes place. The carbon converter systems are reprogrammed to counter the gasses and bacteria of Venus.
The earth sends an expert in exotic life forms to negotiate with her. Talleah is not impressed as the human tries to communicate. But Dr. Loba Philips learns how to diagnose the bacteria in the atmosphere.
They are sick from radiation from the earth.
Dr. Loba tells Talleah how to only attack the uranium mining and nuclear production systems. They collaborate together to enlist the bacteria and viruses that live inside the gas vents of earth that are related to the bacterium and virus life on Venus.
This army of very small life attack and the nuclear facilities. (Lots of nuclear weapons and power plants dissolving into magma.)
Talleah pulls back her hand as the radiation is diminished.
Both Venus and Earth are saved.

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Thank you for the entry :)

Romance Novel?

"Our heroine, Astra Takach, an elite crypto investigator, discovers a tear in the fabric of a long-forgotten blockchain. Peering further, they find themselves transported into the Hive itself and guided by a hunky and sensual digital apparition. Will this ghost of technologies-past lead Astra to the answer she is looking for beyond the seventh gate? Or will Astra be seduced into the seventh heaven of technical ecstasy?"

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😛 this is pretty good!

Also it was 69 words, well played haha!
Screen Shot 20200916 at 3.02.59 PM.png

LMAO! Oh my. Wish I could say that was intentional, though I will accept any gifts the universe offers.

all characters are fictional
sorry for my broken very eastern european english
and I know it's way too long

The 7th Gate

Art whale Blaycoin could not stop himself from buying cryptoart. One night just before sunrise he bought rare nft from an unknown artist from Eastern Europe. The nft was named 'The 7th Gate'. And he opened the unlockable of the 7th Gate.

As it appears the artist minted his grandmothers' cursed jewelry and put to unlockable something that too horrible to describe and cursed too. When Blaycoin opened it, indescribable power connected through minted grandmothers' family jewelry to blockchain and starts to eat all hive power in his wallet.

He didn't notice that and go to sleep for his usual five hours of sleep. In that time, unknown power started to merge itself with all NFTs in the wallet and created himself a new cyber ghost skeleton glitched body.

When Blaycoin waked up he found out that he has only one token in his wallet. And it was non fungible. This token already started to eat the whole blockchain. Blaycoin realized that this is a threat not only to the art world but to all hopes for future financial freedom from corrupted fiat banks.

Blaycoin writes to his friend Juliasaliensgodqueen in discord. Together they decided to run faq bot to burn this token whatever the consequences.

After a few days of nervous waiting for conversions, all the nfts got back to the art whale Blaycoin. Blaycoin and Juliasaliensgodqueen received a few thousand bitcoins that cyber ghost mined accidentally. With that money, they continued to support other artists except those who do not answer to DM.

The end.

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I love it, thanks for the entry!

It looks like a (way cooler) version of an old 1980's sci-fi book cover. So cool! I'm going to think of some ideas if I can.

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I fell into a rabbit hole of looking at old sci fi book covers yesterday lol! I'm a big SciFi fan they have some of the best art 👍

I would like to participate, but I'm not a good writer :(

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You don't need to be a good writer if it's a good concept :)

For a long-form writer this is a real temptation to do too much ... FABULOUS art, @juliakponsford and @clayboyn ... may I do a post-length response (around a full page)?

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Go for it!

It looks very interesting !!

Super fun!

Plot for the 7th Gate :

A Human helper robot begins to experience memories of a past life, a past life in which it was a super intelligent cat.

I think there is a lot of potential in that story... lol.

Beware the Neon Skeleton beyond the 7th Gate

Those words rang through her ears now. She stood before the 7th gate. An unassuming set of pneumatic doors made of brushed stainless steel. She closed her eyes and tried to relax her diaphragm to exhale, conscious that she had been holding her breath for some time. Before she could do that her mind flashed back to the 5th gate. Where her friend had willingly given himself to the nano-swarm. Not out of sacrifice, but to join it willingly. The nano-swarm was said to be one of the most exhilarating experience one could have. A million hits of Dragon-Jebba without the fatal overdose.

Beware the Neon Skeleton beyond the 7th Gate.

The girls head fell forward and a small smile spread across her lips. It was Zekk that had said those words. Now he was slowly being disassembled by the swarm. Cell by cell. Sure, it's an ecstatic trip, but it's one way. He wasn't dead, of course. He was now part of the hive, where he would live for all eternity, one with the nano-swarm. His family can even contact him on the holosphere! She exhaled slowly.

"But why Zakk. What did you see in the swarm that I didn't?" She whispered to herself, head still bowed, eyes still closed.

The hiss of pneumatics operating before her was startling, but she didn't flinch. She could see the glow of bright lights through her clenched eyelids. She knew what it was.

"Come in my child," a distorted, wavering voice said to her. "And see it for yourself.

In a dystopian future where only pain and mizery are real, an alien from a far galaxy called The Hive wants to make a difference, saving all human form from extintion using the magic oracles of the ancient blockchain technologies to fight the dark forces that mutilate the present and the past. Will she be able to do it? Or she will she die trying do fight the evil that consumes it all in the infamous 7th gate?