You could create NFT's from these, have you looked into it?

Was about saying the same thing.

No, I haven't really decided how to go about it. The only place that I am interested in is here and I think that I saw that there was also a place where you could sell'em for Hive... but then I went into a Hiatus...

On ETH is costs a lot to mint them. That's where to $$ is but there is no promise that anyone will buy even one. @isaria sells her's, and posts about them a lot.

I have been looking around. There are of course a hive NFT, but not as fancy as the Ether-stuff... After my run in with the Danish tax tossers, who hasn't made any rules yet because the whole administration has been in crisis - just got me completely tired of the value aspect of crypto. Right now I just put it all in hive-power and bide my time, while having a great time just communicating with you guys. But I will think a bit more about it. As I plan to sell real prints with signatures there is no reason I shouldn't do it in crypto... - probably nowhere near the cost to mint them, and the prices are way lower but it would be less risk.

I'm intrigued by the reflection. The orderliness of it suggests the accountant aspect, rooted in an ethereal light. Can't tell if the light is ascending or descending or just directing light mostly downwards. Is this a page from one of your books? Or a moment in your imagination, which is hardly just a moment. A whole world more like it. Dang!!!

Just a moment in my imagination - there's often a story in there and sometimes I consider expanding it, but to many stories and too little time :)

wow is a beautiful artwork, congratulations!