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Thanks for being a recent commenter!

I found this super cool NFT giveaway that you may be interested in. I would wish you all luck, but it’s actually a really nice art piece so I’m really hoping I win... just saying lol

That's a nice piece indeed!
Thank you for the mention!

Thanks a lot!


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I wish you good luck as well. I'm so glad that you like it 😌

Well friend you indeed made a good choice! I really appreciate the mention. I wish you good luck! 😉🤞

Stunning piece, i love the step by step!!♥️🤞

Thank you very much 😊

For the NFT and for the give-away ...

@tipu curate

❤️😍 love the art and the colors @ungranulises

Thanks a lot 😊
I also love the sunset/sunrise colours, they make a good, natural combination.

Since I always win in giveaways I am quite confident this time as well!
If you wouldnt have tagged @nathanmars then I would have tagged him :)
So now I am tagging @athomewithcraig because I know he likes to win, who doesn´t?
Very cool artwork and its nice sharing your steps!


Sounds like you are lucky person 😊
I can't imagine hive give away without nathanmars, cause so far, he is the most active person I know in the community. :)

Thats absolutely true, I will have to give him a bit more support on twitter I just did not have the time the past few days...

I conform with the fact that I can't catch up with Twitter. The information flow is too hefty for me 😄

Yes it can be overwhelmingly mindblowing, flooding all senses :)

I like that curve lines on background :)

I realised that I use them often in my creations 😄

@d-vine something for your collection

A little late yet from the heart ...

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