A picture is worth a thousand words:achieving a set aim

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Going through the picture provided, i remembered a scenario that happened with my younger sister when she was at the age of four (4). One afternoon when she returned from school, she told our father she wants a bicycle as a fourth birthday present, we all looked shocked because she didn't know how to ride a bicycle therefore we wondered where she got the idea from. She said she saw a little girl on a bicycle on her way from school that makes her think she can own one too and lucky for her, our parents promised to get her a bicycle.

On her fourth birthday, her surprise birthday gift arrived and it was the bicycle she had been hammering into our ears even before her birthday. She was extremely happy and despite the fact that she didn't know how to ride she jumped for joy. Day after day she practiced and in no time she became a professional in riding her bicycle, on a Saturday morning she decided to have fun and ride her bicycle round the compound and after a while we noticed she paused and was trying her best to thighten the left pedal of the bicycle.

We kept on watching her as she was struggling with the pedal, suddenly she stood up and rushed inside and before we could ask she rushed out with a screwdriver in her hand. We all look amaze and was waiting to see what she wanted to do, without the technical know-how of the use of a screwdriver she resumed her pedal repair and was forcing the screwdriver in to tighten the loosen part of the bicycle. After a while she smiled and say "i've done it" her elder brother stood up to check what she did and he exclaimed "wow", not perfectly but she fixed it to the level her strenght could carry her.


I saw self confidence ,the act of independence, determination in the young child to be able to stand on his /her own and create solution to any problem he/ she might encounter in life.


Self- determination is everything and being independent is the way to survive in life and to attain greater heights.

Thanks for your time on my blog.


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Great story. She proved what even little children are capable to do and can fix.

Thanks for joining pic1000. 👍

She was happy to get a tricycle as her birthday gift, little wonder she pedalled with all her energy

She proved she can maintain it