Yes dear...Zapfic Monday

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'I am a hero, a warrior," he exclaimed. "A worthy opponent for any man."
Whereupon his wife's dulcet tones cut short his reverie. "Wilbur," she screeched, "get down here now and take out the trash." Wilbur took off his Metaverse headset.

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My entry to the #ZapFicMonday contest organized by
The prompt is opponent
The image is my own


Oh! it looks like you really was out of words... had to save them for 3 years to get back here ☘️

Hahaha, I must admit I'm a very slow writer.

I did a double take! So glad to see you around, @deirdyweirdy. Hoping you'll stick around. Also, thought that said "charcuter" first. I figured that's a badass writing program.

Nah Hun, you have it all wrong. That's just a character counter. I'm the badass writing programme:)

That went without saying :)

Well, Ms. Weirdy... Seeing that you're still alive, made me happier than usual for having logged onto my account after many a day😎 I HAVE missed your presence.

Last I remember you either moved or were about to relocate to a more rural piece of land and grow some food (Or something like that?) Learning that you were locked up in an Asylum, explains it all. I've been able to evade capture and hear that the White Coats are still searching for me with nets in hand...

Ah Mr. angryman, so glad to see you're still at large. I got lost on the way from Steem to Hive and ended up in bedlam. Listen, the white coat thing is fake news, they're multi-coloured dream coats and the nets...well, actually I'll say no more. Just be careful out there. It's not that I'm paranoid, it's just that they're ALL after me.

You're not paranoid @deirdyweirdy... I've seen them crouched behind corners and bushes waiting to pounce upon you...!!! I think they're some of those Scottish Rite fellas from Albania...!?!?!?!?😵

Lol that was really funny @deirdyweirdy, thanks for a good laugh, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Made in Canva


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@deirdyweirdy! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @thisisawesome. (8/30)

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Confirmation that one is indeed alive is comforting. With the craziness swirling all around me, I sometimes think I've died and gone to hell.

Good to see you around these parts. Thought you had moved on

Thanks Empress. I can say only that asylums can be difficult places from which to extricate oneself.

the daily fight to get the trash out every day...

So true! I wish men would just learn their place.

Ah me aul bleed n flower is back in business.

Ah sure I had to come back and jazz things up around here. Sure isn't it awful quiet?

Love it! The master of zapfics is BAAACK! Where have you been?! I have missed you!
@carolkean! Another of our favorites has returned to us!!!

Ah, thanks for that! I somehow didn't make it over to Hive. I moved house during the great migration from Steemit. and what with having no internet for a month I just lost the blogging habit. I'm living in the country now growing my own veg and keeping chickens. Who'd've guessed that such small birds could produce such tremendous piles of excrement?

Ah! I understand losing the blogging habit. I was worried about you though! I stalked you for a bit, and found you continued to do the freewritehouse encouragement program, so I knew you were still breathing, at least for a while there.

Those piles of fecal material make the best fertilizer for your veggies, but I'm sure you know that already. I also moved, and have a tiny yard now, no room for chickens, but now and then I think about getting quails for eggs and fertilizer. Anyway, welcome back!!! I am very happy to 'see' you again.