A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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You have till March 28, 2024. Entries posted later will be upvoted but can not win.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We all have heard this saying and have come across pictures that evoked all kinds of reactions in us. In this contest, we are presenting a photo/picture to write about.



The picture is generated by @wakeupkitty on behalf of pic1000

  • Describe what you see
  • Describe what you feel
  • Write a story or poem or about what you think is going
  • Use #pic1000
  • Leave the link to your entry in the comment section (preferable peakd this saves us a lot of extra work)

Of course, we expect original work.

If the story that pours out of you after seeing the visual prompt is not obviously connected to the photo, please include a short paragraph how the prompt led you to the story.


Write as much or as little to say what you want to say. You are invited to craft a longer story but we don't want to ask for a certain wordcount.

Prizes till June 30th, 2024

• Each participant will receive an upvote.
Four participants will be rewarded with 1 HSBI.
The three winners will receive 1 HSBI/ Hive from our sponsor @justclickindiva Thank you very much for your support and generosity!

The encouragement and 1 HSBI to the #1 will be paid by @freewritehouse

#1 - 2 HSBI / Hive
#2 - 1 HSBI / Hive
#3 - 1 HSBI / Hive
Encouragement prize: 1 HSBI
The winners will be announced in the comment section of the next contest.

We expect all entries to be written by you and that you read, comment and upvote at least 3 of your fellow writers!

Looking for sponsors of the contest.
If you are interested leave a comment please.

You have 6 days from publishing this post to submit your entry.

I will not search for entries!
Please leave the entire link (preferably peakd) to your post in the comments to be eligible for prizes.

If you do not write in English add an English translation.

Tell a friend!

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Hello everyone! Here's my story for this prompt--


The winning entries of last week are poems:

#1 Solace on the rock by @samiwrites

#2 A call from the abyss by @edith4angelseu

#3 An adventurous risk by @pearlie123

#4 The Encouragement Prize is for @valblesza

#1 and #4 receive HSBI transferred by @freewritehouse. Our great sponsor @justclickindiva will take care of the other rewards.

Thank you all for sharing your entries and giving me a great reading time.

Happy writing & a creative, healthy week/end to all.

Greetings @wakeupkitty

Hello @freewritehouse. Excellent choices of stories for last week's PIC1000 Challenge.

Congratulations to: @samiwrites, @edith4angelseu, @pearlie123, and @valblesza for your lovely stories for the PIC1000 challenge ending 3/21/24. Please forgive my mistake on the memo portion of the transfers.






Take care everyone and have a good start to your weekend.

Felicidades a los ganadores mi entrada a esta semana EL ALMA ERRANTE /THE WANDERING SOUL https://peakd.com/hive-161155/@carmin311073/el-alma-errante-the-wandering-soul

Thank you @wakeupkitty et @justclickindiva ! Congratulations to the winners
Screenshot 2024-03-24 18.39.05.png

I'm grateful.. thank you.🙏🙏🙏🙂

Thank you for encouraging me, I'm grateful

Thank you so much I really appreciate you.🙏🙂

Thank you so much that I made it to the stop, I'm so happy, congratulations to I and my fellow winners

Congratulations to the winners.

Hello @freewritehouse and @wakeupkitty. I wanted to leave here the link to my story for the picture prompt above joining in the PIC1000 Challenge. It was a pleasure.


Good luck to all the participants. Take care everyone and have a good rest of your week.

Deɑtɧ Wɑɳɗeɾs

Hello, my dear virtual friends, echoing every week with our meetings hosted by @freewritehouse. Congratulations to the winners of the week ending @samiwrites, @edith4angelseu, @pearlie123, and @valblesza. A new week, a new opportunity. Above is the link to my entry for this new look, new challenge…

Thank you so much, I'm so happy that I made it to the top. I didn't know that I can ever be such a good write. I'm so excited, know that I stood out tall in the weed competition, I really appreciate all the organizer of the FreeWriters cordinators.

Wow, an enticing sci-fi or dystopian mystery on the horizon @wakeupkitty. Can't wait to see how they stories develop. Thanks so much for generating this image.

Take care and have a good weekend.

I hope you join too. I love this one...part of a series I generated on behave of a dream. I didn't use it yet so I am looking forward to reading the entries too.

I'll see. Been under the weather for the past two weeks taking antibiotics, so not feeling 100% just yet. Just resting for the majority of my day.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you very much.
I remain @edith-4angelseu.

Mi entrada de esta semana:EL ALMA ERRANTE /THE WANDERING SOUL https://peakd.com/hive-161155/@carmin311073/el-alma-errante-the-wandering-soul

Congratulations to the winners of last prompt.

My entry for this week's prompt:

Looks interesting, congratulations to the winners🥂

Immediately I saw the picture, I mouthed "spooky stories!". Let's have them please, I'm ready to read as many as I can. 😁

Congrats to aĺl the wonderful winners. Here is my entry to the post. https://peakd.com/pic1000/@shamis/just-a-glance-

Here's my entry: https://ecency.com/hive-161155/@samiwrites/the-sorrowed-mind

Thanks again and congratulations to us all.

This is my contribution, I hope you like it, waiting for your comments and suggestions.