The periwinkle

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A sort of writing on top of @owasco's post (here it is: Oh, The Horror!!! ). Written with the greatest respect for all people (like Owasco, @steevc, @tezmel and @carolkean) who guides plants and make life better for all of us.

Oh! I love little, blue flowers. Even the garden infesting all too free growing periwinkle, whose name makes me think of useless men. My wife has this earthbound connection to that old farming culture, so I let her do the killing and weeding when she once in a while has rented some land in the outskirts of the city.

But I love weed and disorderliness. From the age of seven I lived next to a forest - it started right where the garden ended. I was unconsciously gloating when wood garlic and blackberry invaded the civilised efforts of my parents. Especially I loved the dangerous blackberry! Thorny mayhem that left us bloodied when we were playing. Seldom the berries were sweet, one was bitter, one was sour, and many of them had a strange, bland combination of it all, only coming together in jam. The beech trees, four time or more the height of our single family home, the uncontrollable hazelnut scrub. HAHA! I loved the frogs and ants that invaded the houses. Once my brother and I removed all the stones from my grandmother's fire pit to uncover the mysteries of ant life... a meticulous gardener and a Leninist - she almost killed us. I loved those hippie gardens of my childhood where you could get lost in the grass - were the family goat suddenly jumped out of nowhere, scared of our loud games - where you could see snails mate.

The polite garden owners call such hippie gardens, natural ground in Denmark, with a restrained neutral expression. But I know that they disapprove.

Still I have some sort of understanding - I know that civilisation is just something I enjoy and am given. I cannot earn money, tidy up things or do gardening. I am a sailor, a cave painter and a tramp.

A periwinkle.

Luckily my wife loves me... and has this earthbound connection to that old farming culture.



abandoned gardens
make of a cave painting man
a periwinkle

I just had to respond to this post with a haiku.

Love your play on the word periwinkle.

I love the wild woods myself, especially those that exist on the borders of human gardens and forests. I remember an abandoned garden from my pubescence, walled with high hedges, that I swore took me to another dimension every time I walked through the falling archway leading into it. Maybe that mix of human and wild is a portal to more. Because of this old garden, I try to make my gardens look like fairies tend them. Many wildflowers are left to grow (I found tiny mullein seedlings in this one just this morning that made me very happy), even poison ivy which, like the periwinkle (I will never call it vinca again after reading your post) I waged war on, only to concede defeat. It, unlike this periwinkle, found its places and stayed in them. We must have made a pact. I came to love the stuff - it's very beautiful.

I also try to make a spot look totally wild, planting all sorts of stuff I would find in the woods: bloodroot, jack in the pulpit, trillium, ferns and the like. But no lily of the valley!!! EGADS that is another weed that I rip up by the roots the moment I find it in any yard of mine.

Frogs and ants invading the house?! Off with your heads you rascals!

A Haiku poem that sums it all up! Thank you! I could have spared a few syllables it seems.

When I saw the periwinkle I thought I knew it, but as I have this Laissez-faire relationship with plants I realised that I didn't... looked it up with its Danish name and recognised it as something I have seen in parks. As I write I adore the garden as much as I adore my wife, who knows her way around simple beauty in a way that I often do not.There's to many frogs and ants in my head.

My life and passions always seems to run to Dichotomy and thus I love city and country, modern and antiquity and also wild and formal in gardens.

Our own place here would require me to embrace the wild, even if I didn't like it, as 3 acres might not sound like much, but when it's only your own 2 little hands and nary a gardener or landscaper to be had, you embrace the wild.

For me I Love a neat box border trimmed at it's attempt to rail in Nature but surrounding a wild melange of color in wildflowers. There is something in Life in that scene to me, every day people try and bend and shape the Nature of the day into a thing, but nature will out...of course we too ARE nature and chaos is in our Nature.

I've so many happy memories of glutting oneself on wild soft fruits as well. Tho I DO have a little hedge of THORNLESS blackberries , see we do sometimes win out over Nature, and the berries are very sweet. But the sweetest berry is on the thorniest raspberry I have, so there you go.

I could talk about Nature and gardens all day and never tire of it. I loved this post @katharsisdrill

I would say so for my own life also, whereas I guess a text will often lead you to one place or another. It is all true, but not excluding me from also having had a lot of good times lately with the tomatoes and chillis on the balcony. The nature of nature is that it is everything, and only puritans can't see this. They want to have the sober, clean on one side and rubbish on the other. But our round faces and square minds are not like that.

I like some wildness in our garden, but I do battle some plants that are in the wrong places (by my opinion). It's an endless war. Not sure if we have periwinkles. I'm no expert on plant names.

Next door has gone totally wild as nobody is doing anything with it and the brambles come over the fence as the ivy destroys the fence. We need to have words with the owners about that.


Actually I adore the effort and the passion of it - and, yes, those neighbours need a talking to :)

Blackberry bushes, or more like thorny brambles, have taken over about a 1/5 or our yard. They just creeped their way across the grass unbeknownst to me until recently. Such a hearty weed lol

Every good yard has a bit of bramble, segments of which come in very handy to ward off pesky digging animals in containers and freshly planted veggies beds. I was actually wondering how I was going to garden my tiny space without bramble canes, until I pruned the roses and found my substitute.

Do any of them produce berries? I'm going to miss all the wild berries I used to get in my last yard.

Try brush hogging them a few times a year. They might decide your acreage is inhospitable.

They do produce berries but it never seemed worth while to pick them. There were so few previous years, they are small and have a core that makes them unpleasant to eat and they are usually full of bugs.

come in very handy to ward off pesky digging animals

This part made me laugh because for a while, through winter, I had a wild board living under the bush. He dug up the entire yard 🤣

I did a post on it a while back. You don't have to read it or vote on it or anything, just look at the photos of the churned grass lol.

Blackberry is the toughest opponent of gardening!

I'm just now starting to realize that. Haha

Farming is a good that should never be forsaken

I know. We couldn't live without it :)

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Nope, I left those behind long time ago. I am only on decentralised network :) And I am from Denmark. Small country in the North.

Denmark is a cool place...I’ll love to visit sometime 🕺🏻

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Blackberries seem to be a universal plague all over. My garden becomes danger town when they start growing!

They do indeed. I have often found myself quite alone in my love for it. The blackberry jam though... I can share my love for that

I love the fruits just hate those pesky horrifyingly thorny canes that seem to grow many feet overnight!!

Yep. Creeping along the ground looking for some fence or tree they can invade.

They like to hang down from trees in my garden like stabby tentacles of doom!

Вълнуващо сърцето ти чувство

Had to look at Google translate - Yes, I believe so :)

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