Letter to Charming - Original poem

in Freewriters11 months ago (edited)


Dear Lil,

If my heart could talk,
would have lots of stories to tell
but none of them would be
as good as ours!

Turning from an insomniac
into an aphrodisiac;
my pulse goes high,
I lit up, victims of love,
reborn over and over.

Let me be a snuggler
by default,
sakado on your skin,
falling under your spell.

Step by step
day by day,
you are sinking deeper
and deeper into my soul.

I hope you're here to stay
cause I'm too scared
I'd have to let you
leave one day!

You are love and beauty ,
happiness that wears a smile,
all packaged with
the kindest eyes I've ever met!

You dried my tears and showed me
how what real love feels like.
Now, all I want is to look at you
and be a moon on your orbit.

You dressed me up with your skin perfume
and gave me wings with just a look,
painting my world in colours
when all I saw was gray.

You woke me up from slumber,
without the slightest effort
broke a spell, and casted others;
I never felt this way before.

I’m head over heels
and wanna scream it
out loud to the world:
I've found my soulmate !

I float, I breath, I sleep and love,
I count the days until we'll meet again;
with you, it's Christmas on Wednesdays
and New Year on Saturdays.


Image by Jeff Dbury from Pixabay