Beauty and Delight.



I've heard of beauty and I've seen quite a lot
I am always blown away with lady who carried themselves with so much poise
I've seen and observed quite a lot of beauties with varying forms
All unique in their own ways but nonetheless leaving me breathless
I don't want to speak of love if I've never experienced it
I can speak of love because I have and I have them all around me
I don't want to speak of beauty unless I've seen quite varying ones too
This beauty isn't just breathtaking but it's phenomenal
You can't judge her alone by her looks because she's a lot more
She's got mental strength, she's a fun spot, absolutely dashing and incredibly smart
It's rare to see a lady possess almost everything there is to see and seek
She's phenomenal and phenomenal, that's her
Her skin glows like the early morning sun in the midst of the thick winter
Her smile speaks volumes about the weather she wheathered in life
Her smiles means a lot because she isn't looking like what she's been through
I delight in her person as much as I delight in her beauty
Her eyes are inviting, her lips are calling, her walk of grace shone
And I can tell that the nature is jealous of her too
She dresses with so much confidence and it has nothing to do with how expensive
Clothing items should be worn with confidence regardless of the price tag
And this lady right here oozes of too much confidence, no wonder she slays
Always on point and I've never caught her on any off days
This is a clear definition of naturalness...oh she ooze of grace
I want to watch her smile more as I follow her everywhere with my gaze
Always happy even in the midst of uncertainties
You are one of the fairest of them all that my beautiful eyes have seen
I call her phenomenal because her overall beauty is a delight
She's a beauty and a delight to any heart that finds her




Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.


All unique in their own ways but nonetheless leaving me breathless

Hehehe, I think it's not far fetched to see guys that are always astonished and left breathless at the face of beautiful creations, indeed, God created.

Indeed, she's really beautiful and having all those other qualities you mentioned are a boost to whomever finds her.
She's blessed

God dey create abeg. She's an embodiment of beauty and class. She's warm... friendly...sweet and absolutely phenomenal. She deserved even more.

Hehehe..... I can't say otherwise 😅.

She's really really an embodiment of everything good

Emphasis on "God created."

Every guy, or rather, everyone is attracted to beautiful things and beautiful people. We all are.

Indeed, God created, and we can see an emblem of his beautiful creation, right here♥️✨

May we be lucky enough to get those by our sides

Beauty, Brain and Best character

Your pen really does speak with speed and ease.
Your attention to detail and mastery of concord is unmatched🙏

This is how every girl wants to be described by their spouse or loved one. It's simply amazing🙂
You are so talented in poems.
And if everything you portrayed in this poem is true then I want to be friends with the lady in question and takes some notes😅

You never disappoint dear. I loved reading this.

She's absolutely sensational. I feel blessed calling her my friend and you will enjoy having such a character as friend. She's hardworking...knows how to have fun and she gives her heart always to what she holds dear. She's a rare breed.

Thank you so much.

Your attention to detail and mastery of concord is unmatched

Surely, that's where it all started... The mastery of concords, hehehe.
Wahala for me wey no master am😂

This is how every girl wants to be described by their spouse or loved one

Heww, what don't ladies want again😂
It's now poetry that you people enjoy the most abi?
Let me go and get my poetic style in order first, hehehe.

Everyone loves to be spoken good about anyway... May we always radiate the good in us just the way she radiated hers that got @olawalium to speak about her

No doubt about that this lady is so beautiful ❤️
Mind you I love that dose can I have one more 😁

I would take that dose too every day. Anytime too. I bet this lady had a full dose already.

She was really appreciative of every word. She had to post it on her status despite being so long. I know she felt it too and it means a lot.

Hahaha. She's amazing. Known her for over 10 years. She has been beautiful in and out ever since day one! More doses boo.

The poem is just mesmerizing😅.
I want a dose of it too.

Yaaaaaay. I'm glad you found it so. It means a lot. I would give you some doses too.

This is a beautiful poem, is she your wife? She looks very beautiful and the poem says it all.

The poem speaks more than just the physical beauty, you are a genius. I am sure that she will blush while reading this

Yes, she's more than just the physical beauty. She's beautiful in and out and she's someone I've known for years. She's just too awesome. No...she's not my wife. She's a very good friend.

If she doesn't blush, we all blushed on her behalf😅
The poem is just too good.

Hahaha I'm glad you enjoyed it too. Yes, she really enjoyed it too. She wouldn't stop gushing about it. Haha.

Your pen bleeds in lots of comfort and affection for a human other than you. Beautifully written as always.

Thank you so much, Bal. I deeply appreciate your appreciation of this. I am encouraged and it means a lot.

It does, I can see it in how you carved each word making them turn out uniquely on their own. Thank ya for this beaut.

Totally agree with you, she is undoubtedly a very elegant woman, her appearance is simple but distinguished, if the eyes are the mirror of the soul, this woman has a very beautiful soul

She's very simple and classy. She is elegant and beautiful, no doubt. She's a beautiful soul...a wonderful friend and a classy human.

So poetically spoken!
You guys are just oozing with literary talent

Hahaha. Thank you, Zita. You are far too kind. Deeply appreciate you.

Beautiful there is not much to comment in this case because you said it practically everything in this poem, and this woman that you present us is very elegant as France, her cunning and intelligence make anyone fall in love, very nice writing friend and excellent photographs of her, hug ♥

Very elegant as France hahaha. I absolutely love that. Thank you so much, my friend. I really appreciate having you here.

We say that a lot in my country when a person or some specific place imposes presence and she imposes only with the photographs and the writing that you presented us in this post, hug friend, the appreciation is mutual ♥

There isn't much truly. The poem already described her in beautiful words.

All we can do is just confirm these words.

About the photographs, we can all confirm that the shots were amazing. And the dressing complimented everything 💯✨

She is a beauty to behold. She looks so good. Dashing. Sweet. Calm. Loving. I can go on and on. She is classy and a fashionable person too. A lot can be said on this classy lady. I love her smile and happiness.

Hahahaha you spoke my mind and described her even more and better too. Thank you so much. She's breath-taking.

Wow! Someone who reads this for the first time might think you're the one who wrote the post😂

"Classy, fashionable, loving, calm, sweet" Hmmm🙃.

Don't mind me though. She's actually everything you described and more. About the fashion aspect, I give her accolades for it👌✨

You just said you can go on and I was thinking it's over only to see more and more and more 😅😅😅😅.

I understand anyway, she really worths the whole accolades she's receiving

Looks like you have a crush on our lady😅

🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂 I've been thinking about it too.

True words, your poets drops as rain and touches every home.

"she wore her dress with confidence am has nothing to do with how expensive is the tag price"

Glad you love that part. Spoke my heart there and it was right. She's just that kind of person. Thank you.

The fittings of dresses doesn't necessarily equates the cost of those dresses...... It's all about finding heat suits you regardless of the price and putting them on.

Now, your natural beauty will make whatever you put on glow.

This is an amazing poem. I enjoyed how "beauty" was described from the outside to the inside. Not just emphasizing on the outward appearance, But also exploring the inner part of beauty; an aspect most people fail to recognize/realize as "beauty"

By the way, she's quite beautiful ✨ And the poem is quite enticing, no wonder she posted it on various platforms.

Lovely ♥️


People rarely appreciate the inner beauty and this is why some relationships don't work out.

They tend to focus more on the outside beauty but believe me, when you find someone who's an embodiment of both outside and inner beauty, I think you've landed to your grace mine 😂

Yay! 🤗
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Wow. Thank you

Hehe... I got wind up here again. 🤭🤭

Ha!!!!! Ola. What am I reading? Wait ooo. Wetin I de see like so???? Lips are calling? E say? Madam still de house ooo.
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