There Was That Time.

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There was a time prior that your heart yearned
It yearned for another heart to comfort and call a home
A place with no dryness - where water is not thirsty
And a home where bread loaves are not stones
There was a time you needed comfort from others
Even an unfamiliar shoulder to lean on during trying times and struggles
There was that time you felt love was a distant dream for you
There were happy and sad moments sometimes too
Many times you faced rejection and all you saw were heartbreaks unending
Maybe you spoke to your heart to lock up and love no more
For some, they are now off this stage and some others are still in it
There was that time you had sleepless nights
Worrying over what you now eventually got
There was a time you just get to know people and a time to drift off
The time emotions changes and the time it stays the same
There was a time, and now there is still you who is constant in everything
There was a time you wish for the things you have now
Maybe for some, they haven't gotten it but wait it out
Your "There was a time" would surely come if you tarry still...

We've all had that moment before now. When we were little, we had wishes, when we were growing up, we had so many. The thing is, we have had that moment before now and it's a reminder for us to know that certain moments won't always stay forever so we have to keep fighting to get what we want and then fight to hold on to what we've got. That's how life works. It's not for pity party but for those who are willing to understand the dynamics of how life works and then show intentionality to make dreams come true.

There was a time... but there would always be "you" - instant in and out of emotions and seasons... updated...bigger and better for it. The "you" that walked into a storm won't be the same that comes out. You become better for it.

NB: All images are mine.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.


This is a really good piece... Written to upbuild and uplift others 😌🤗.

Thanks, I really felt it 😌

I'm glad you did. It means a lot. I guess it achieved the purpose of writing it. Thanks for this.

Life is in stages so we have to learn how to manage the emotions. I read your recent poem and I came back here to link up the similarities between the two. I love your style of passing the message across.

love this ..

for so many reasons!!!

but mostly because of the conversation we had that day and talking about what we are willing to do....

simply loved that time. and looking forward to Tosin's party jollof in your new home hehehe.. until next time my darling Ola Cola Zola!

hehehe maybe we even bring @tengolotodo down for that ...for a bigger dreemup!! hahaha

Ola Cola Zola... That name would always make me smile no matter what! Thank you so much, mama.

Yes, we are hosting you all next time. The Jollof Rice would be perfect with wines to down it with. I can't wait to see you again mama and hug you longer.

Ah yes jollof rice is always a winner!

hehhee yes!! I can't wait to try it...I've heard so much about it lol

It's so sweet and colourful. You will enjoy it with so many assorted compliments.

Always a winner. I'm glad you are a fan. You have yourself a date, partner.

Life is in stages so we have to learn how to manage the emotions. I read your recent poem and I came back here to link up the similarities between the two. I love your style of passing the message across.

Yes, they can be somewhat linked up. I'm glad you enjoyed both. Been a while I posted and I've been busy, moving to a new house. I am settled now and should start posting more.

Thank you so much.

That's impressive and it's been a while, no doubt. More congratulations to come and enjoy it. Keep giving us more and more.

A rich poem with amazing pictures to accompany it. This is beautiful. Life is indeed about making efforts. We have to keep going hard and hard. What we wish for we can still have them.

I'm glad the pictures is in sync with the poem. We spoke a lot that day with mama and she inspired this which is why I used the pictures of our time together. Thank you so much.

I can't get tired of watching these pictures nor tired of wishing I was there, tagging along with you guys amidst all the joys and the laughter. People come and go, but some come and make a lasting impression more than a blood brother or sister would. I love your find. This is surely a time to merry with friends who are family

It's the perfect time and they came at the right time. It was a delight to my heart and soul and I am glad they came.

Thank you so much, mama.

We've all had wishes turned into our reality, and then wished for new things, and the circle keeps happening. Life is unending and we keep becoming better versions of ourselves with each phase so far we keep learning.

Really insightful poem with a great piece underneath.

We have to become a better version of ourselves. That's how life should be. That's the best we can do for ourselves. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am honoured.

I loved this motivational piece my friend, it's like a before and after, we always want everything at once but we have to know how to carry our process, some achieve it faster than others and part of life itself, as you say we have to fight for what we want and long for, a friend once told me that when I achieved something that I try to keep and take care of it, at first I did not understand well the reference at that time, but as the saying goes, we do not know what we have until we lose it, I understood everything perfectly, thank you for this beautiful piece bro ♥

We certainly don't know until it's lost. That was spot on. You always give one of the best comments I've ever seen... thoughtful and powerful. Thank you so much. I am grateful.

A heart that yearns for love will definitely get the love at last. Am happy to see that you've found that love and you are happy again. There will trials but always remember that love conquers all.

Love conquers all. Our resilience would always conquer every situation. Life is for the strong and not the weak. Thank you very much.

It's tasty to find the music, the ink of your lyrics @olawalium

There, in those simple muscles of the heart, you got your deep love.

There was a time prior that your heart yearned
It yearned for another heart to comfort and call a home

Thank you for being happy.

I am always happy. I love being happy and thanks for seeing through that too. Deeply appreciated. Thank you so much.

I like that your wrote a poem and then explained your thoughts and feelings behind it, teaching us some lessons as you went. I might just have to copy this idea 😃😁☺️


I'm glad you enjoyed this and I'm glad you would like to do something like that too. I feel honoured. I really appreciate your kind words. Look forward to reading yours.




Life seems like a long continous waiting for something. Even when the time of waiting is fulfilled it seems a new one replaces it.

Great writing, you really get me thinking.

A new one always replace it. You got the full context of life really spot on. Thank you very much. I'm grateful for your thoughts.

This is another banger.

A lot of changes will occur in life, time will pass but something is certain which you still been you.

Its cool watching you guys together again and this time, you got there earlier. I was jealous knowing that Princess Busayo made a video call, you guys are wonderful.

hehehhee I loved seeing her beautiful face!!!! I couldn't stop smiling at @princessbusayo

but the cafe made it hard to hear her I guess this means that I will just have to meet her in person next time!! hahaha

and you too my George??? ❤️❤️❤️

@olawalium .... this poem really touched my heart...reminded me of all we talked about that day

still thinking about all of it!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

You always inspire me. There is always something about the things you say and the way you look. You ooze of inspiration and I love you, mama.

Yes, network was bad that day but glad you at least saw her hair and her face with her charming smile. Hopefully we all meet soon, with George.

Thank you, mama.

Thank you so much, brother. It was a refreshing time and moment. I wish I can go back to it.

Yes, she reached out and said she would love to speak with them. Would have called you if I know you would want that too. Don't worry, you are meeting her in person very soon.

Thank you so much, brother. Deeply appreciated.

I know how you would have wanted to the time to last longer than normal. I have a magic that can pause time so you can enjoy a moment longer so I can send it if you are meeting again in the coming week.

Happy weekend sir.

Hahahaha that would be amazing and it would come in handy. Yes, please. I want that.

Thanks, brother. Have a great week ahead.

In all there would always be you Nice pictures
Came from @dreemport

Thank you so much. Always a pleasure to have you here.

You are highly welcome 😁

What amazing flow and rhyme

Glad you liked it too. Thank you.

Look at you all just having a blast! @tengolotodo

Absolutely... It was so nice to see Tengo with mama, Sam and Pen. What a moment we are in. Such a beautiful sight.

I see...❤️

They were so much fun to meet :)

It was so refreshing to see you. You look absolutely strong and healthy. Good to see you, partner.

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Thank you.

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Deeply appreciated.

Yay! 🤗
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Wow. Thank you so much, @penderis you are a sweet soul. Deeply appreciated.

I needed this. Thank you for this piece.

Finally saw this . im envious you met Dreemie 🥰