Doge Tips for everyone ... using PeakD

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Basically I realized I haven't posted a ton and I want to do something fun and personally give out some tips... to anyone.


  • Been working hard on some PeakD developments
  • I was also in mexico for a couple photoshoots
  • And before that traveling with my sister @sjarvie5 during christmas and she's doing a killer job documenting those trips.


But with the whole GameStop and AMC and even a bit of DOGE excitement I thought i'd jump in a bit.

And seeing as I bought like $100-200 of swap.doge a while back for the express purpose of tipping and now all of a sudden worth $1200 i think i should use it.


The tipping protocol can be used by any front end... but is one of the only ones that has implemented it so far.

You can tip HIVE / HBD but also you can do a few Hive-Engine swap coins like Doge / BTC / LTC

It's fast, easy and perhaps even a bit fun?


As long as I have time and until it becomes too much of a chore I'll give out tips to any comment on here.

  • Say whatever you want I'll tip it.
  • Say something cool I'll tip it more.
  • Tell me how to make PeakD better and that makes my life better and I'll tip even more.
  • Tell me you'll use the DOGE to tip others and thus help introduce you and others to tipping and then I'll have the @peakd account tip you even more because they have more than my account.

It's not like you're gonna be rich... but hey it's a nice day to just play with tips.

  • I've been looking for something fun to be able to tip with :)
  • PeakD should replace Reddit...let's make that happen!
  • You will make PeakD better. How? Buy doing what you are doing now :) Great Job.
  • Hell yeah Imma gonna use DOGE to tip like a madman 😁

Some tips sent your way

Thank you very mucho!

What's good champ. Hope you had a great time in Mexico and hopefully share some pics with us. I have some some things overdue regarding peakD and translations maybe but I always use the site and I'm proud to have contributed even if it's little to this enterprise.

I wouldn't change anything but would add instead. What about putting a markdown option where users may find formats that are already made for post's stylishing

PeakD not only has helped me to post in an easier and faster manner but it also is like a new second home since I click on the site almost the whole day.

Of course I would tip. I've been alongside others, promoting tirelessly Hive on Twitter. I would tip there and of course in here to people who make comments in my posts.

Keep up the good fight bro.

We sent ~100 since you said you'd perhaps use them to tip others.

Thanks champ!

Aww thanks it was a great trip! Cool that you are sharing the DOGE love and getting a few people to think about tipping. Haven't done too much of it myself. I will have to think of a way. I usually vote at 100% when I really like the post. I could start tipping instead. And of course PeakD and it's founders are awesome and always looking for way to improve the site, community and therefore the experience! Thanks.

Looking forward to any updates to peak monster rentals to make it easier to find and post cards for renting.

Best quote I’ve heard recently: Your actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you’re saying.

Looking forward to learning how tipping works with the doge I receive and tipping some others with swap doge on peakd

We sent ~100 since you said you'd perhaps use them to tip others.

A little feature request I've mentioned before: when I hover over your avatar just below the title of the post, I get a tooltip with a preview of your profile. Would be really nice to get such a tooltip preview when I hover over your username also, and when I hover over any username mentioned anywhere in the post or in the comments.

Otherwise, really looking forward to more communities features from the roadmap.

We appreciate the feedback

I'm still HODLING the line :D


Hey, I would use the doge to tip people who publish their art in the small nestedneons community!

We sent ~100 since you said you'd perhaps use them to tip others.

Thanks so much!

I almost have 0.10000 DOGE from a few small drips, and other sources I don't really understand. So far I have not thought of things to change/update/improve on PeakD, but I've been a bit slow on posting, and with the auto node switch very few glitches have been seen by me.

This is awesome. Don’t worry about the tip. Love peak d but it’s not loading new posts for me right now. I’ve logged out and back in already and cleared cookies.

Likely you're on the node anyx which we should probably remove. You should consider the default node which is now automated to choose the best functioning node.

And we're gonna tip you anyway

Switched and it’s working now. Thanks for the tip.

I've never used I always prefer as well as I don't like I don't know this type of interface I don't like it so I use alternative front-end and we know peakd is the best

has several tools including posting gifs and memes

awaiting news from the card rental system peakmonsters 🤩

thanks for the work on peakd and peakmonsters

Always leading the pack on UI usability.
I mostly power up my Hive or buy some HE-Tokens, but would like to try the DOGE tipping.

I’m confused over the Doge frenzy. I wrote it off long ago thinking it was literally intended to be play money for reddit tipping and the like.

I’ve heard there’s no limit to what can be mined so I don’t understand how it can hold value. I still want some, but I’d gladly forego the tip for a better understanding of wtf is going on. 😁

Haha I'll look forward to a response to this as well from someone who understands DOGE much better than myself... i haven't looked much into it just know it's decently fast and has low fees and their community is excitable, they are also a community that seemed prone to tipping. So we figured it would be a good one to add for tips along with BTC and LTC

I'm new to peakd, but I'm always posting information and my experiences on a blockchain card game. Peakd is the future with its integration with post crypto and rewards. I would love a tip. I would use Doge very well hehehehe.

I've seen other platforms experiment with tipping (Vimeo tried a tip jar, and the Clubhouse founders say it's going to be their next feature). These platforms aren't using it P2P, which I think is what makes it an exciting feature on @peakd. It is much more akin to dropping some coins in an open guitar case on the street, and payment processors don't get to cut into it. Compound that with something like Brave Browser, and you can "tip" the platform BAT for the time you spend on there as well. The platform gets some crypto, and the creators that add value have the ability to earn even after the 7 day monetization period. This is how the attention economy gets monetized without ads, I love the direction of PeadD! I'm going to add tipping to @dlux-io front end so I can tip users that make dApps / VR!

well here is some swap.doge tokens so you can play around with tipping

Amazing thank you!

Hello, you are very generous, I knew PeakD because I play Splinterlands, it is an incredible tool and a great help.
Doge Coin is our favorite dog and I always use it to convert into other coins and reduce some fees. God bless

I bought 380 dogecoin at 0.002$ each and was happy to see the rise

I am sad I sold the other 2000 dogecoin I had half a year ago.

$HIVE and $LEO are my main bags, but I saw a good opportunity, bought some $DOGE, and made a quick profit. I invested around 500 HIVE and got 1033 HIVE back! You can read my experience in my last blog post.


screenshot from my post

Good idea to tip with DOGE. I think I saw you give tips with this coin in the past. If I have a chance, I will tip with it too.

We sent ~100 since you said you'd perhaps use them to tip others.

Thank you! I will use them for that!

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i only bought doge to test out the tipping on peakd. tipped most away and had 600 left. now i think that 600 payed those tipping tests :D