A FOCUS ON THE SORTING OPTIONS (Recent, "Trending" and now "Hot")

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We have reworked and reordered the sorting methods for topic feeds



We have also added the sorting algorithm that goes by the name of "Hot"
It is technically not new... but it's new to PeakD.

This sorting algorithm was created by developers at the company Steemit INC many years ago and we had the pages for this algorithm available on steempeak and peakd but with the re-organization of the menu we added it for quick access.

tiny post labels 6.png

Users should understand some things about these sorting methods

  • They are algorithms designed by people and they were designed a long time ago
  • The names were given by developers years before peakd existed and do not represent what we would consider a "TREND" or "HOT" ... they are just names of an algorithm.
  • More algorithms could be made... and implemented if they prove to be really solid.
  • We are looking into other sorting methods and if anyone else wants to provide APIs to test we will consider it at least on the beta site.

Yes for a couple years we resisted the usage of the term TRENDING.
We decided that as long as it was refered to as "Trending Algorithm" or the "Algorithm known as trending" that we're ok with this.. and that people recognize that we didn't name the algorithm that way and that there is no such thing as "The Trending Page" there are tens of thousands of topic pages that use the trending algorithm. But there is one particular page that happens to often be called "the trending page"... that's not really the case. It's simply a page that includes ALL TOPICS... We just call that the "ALL TOPICS" page and you can sort it like normal. Recent, Trending, hot and the special use case options Promoted and muted.

tiny post labels 7.png

The purpose of TOPICS (Tags, Keywords) are

  1. To identify a topic of your post
  2. Some people and projects use them as action type tags... where they don't identify a topic of the post but they help projects to identify those that are part of that project.

No one can really stop you from misusing topic tags... but we are just asking nicely that people use topics to actually identify the topics of their posts.

BTW did you know that only the first 5 tags are used by Hivemind? You can add 10 tags but they won't be part of topic pages. So if you're using a project tag like for hive-engine maybe consider using it after #5.

So what we're saying is please don't use #peakd unless the topic of your post is actually peakd... there is no project for that tag and there are other ways to see which posts were made with peakd.com. Same with #hive there is no reason to use that tag unless it's actually about some aspect of Hive.

tiny post labels 5.png

Wallet Page Changes - You can already see these updates on Beta
Cross-post changes - We jumped the gun a couple days ago and mistakenly posted a cross-post but beta site cross posts aren't fully functional on the main site.
Of course there will be plenty of other small upgrades including a bunch on our recent TIP feature.


The old system of promoting wasn't fully brought over to PeakD.com because our plan was to launch a much improved system. We are finalizing some work on Wallets and Cross-posts and then hope to jump into finishing promoted posts.

  • Choice of how many days to promote
  • More intuitive interface
  • More control of where to promote



Hi, PeakD is improving fast, congrats!

Of course there are still some things on my wish list, for example:

  • I am often writing long comments, thus the size of the comment window should be flexible.
  • The people I follow and my followers should be sortable alphabetically.
  • I am using several different accounts. When I started to comment with the wrong account and want to switch to the correct one, the text I already wrote gets lost ... it should be saved instead (like steemit.com does).
  • As this post is about sorting: it would be great to have the setting option that my feed only shows posts whose pending reward is less than 10 dollars! I think one of the biggest problems here is that most users vote on top of these heaps which are already big!

I’m still a fan of the potential of the cross posting system and am curious to see how it’s being reworked. Two somewhat related questions... First, do you have much contact/relationship with those who might be working on Condenser/hive.blog? I’d really like to see popular new features like tipping and cross posting established as standards across multiple platforms. And second, is there ever the potential to post to multiple communities simultaneously, such as through tags? I’m not sure how the backend is structured but assume this was avoided due to still to be released features like communities levying beneficiary reward splits. However I’d love to see it explored as an option.

The gitlab repository is open to see which users are making changes and additions. All i know for sure is @quochuy

I do contribute to the Condenser/Wallet apps. However, I recently had to slow down quite a bit due to health issues. I will still work on some bugs and features when I have time and strength.

Sorry to hear it! Of course take care of yourself first. Everything you do is much appreciated.

i use peakd a lot
there is one feature though that bugs me
i want to browse the photography feed
i click the asterisk to mark photography as my favorite feed with the Recent sorting algorithm on, not the trending sorting algorithm or whatever it is called
if i go to another feed, and then back to photography feed, the posts are still sorted using the trending algorithm
but i don't want to see the trending algorithm, i want to see the recent/created algorithm
is there a way around this?

Are you asking that it remember your most recent sorting method across all topic feeds?

when i first made photography my favorite feed, i had the sorting algorithm as recent
i want whenever i click the photography feed to get posts sorted as recent, not as trending

Hive seems to be a much cleaner running site. Good job on the updates coming. I'm still a beginner, however I;m enjoying the journey! CHEERS

So – with all of that said, you still didn't define what those algorithms actually do or how they sort things. Which is the implicit reason to read this article given its title.

Can we get a post where someone knowledgeable breaks down in reasonable terms the difference between the Trending and Hot algorithms? Because that would be super.

Dear @peakd

You've been doing quite well since the very beginning of our adventure. Personally, I enjoy using peakd to surf on posts. I'm pleased with simple but useful user interface.


We have also added the sorting algorithm that goes by the name of "Hot"
It is technically not new... but it's new to PeakD.

As a content curator, I would love to find high quality posts that are published and interact with them. My expectation will be to be helped by the system in terms of coming at the publisher.

As a content creator, my purpose is to reach as many people as possible on the topic. People should reach at one another to negotiate based on their interest.

I hope that users will keep enjoying your platform with your tiny updates. The expectation will always be somehow like the statements above.

Thanks for your precious efforts...

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Hello here. Please I need the link to join the hive discord. I'm new. I just made my first post today.

Great work 🗻 peak team's. 🍵

I think it's an excellent project.


Ooooh I was actually looking for the promoted post feature today, something I want to take advantage off.

It will be coming soon now that we're done with wallet and cross-post upgrades we will be moving to a couple new things.

You guys are doing awesome work! Keep it up 💯

Thanks for the info and improvements sir,thank you for the effort and hardwork.

This content gives clarification to all the community who still have a questions on there mind👍👍💪💪

sounds amazing

Let's go team! Translation of this post just completed!