PeakLock and Others Improvements

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A new release of is now available. This release include some improvements for PeakLock to make it easier to use and some other changes and updates across the website.

The new release is now live at


1. New PeakLock version

With this update PeakLock should be easier to use and the account will be kept unlocked for a longer period. Also the 'active' key is not stored anymore in the 'locker', but can be used when needed to sign transactions.


NOTE: Unfortunately this new version is not compatible with the previous version, so to use it you have to setup your accounts and login again.

2. Better Notifications

Starting with this release we are going to constantly improve the small notifications displayed at the bottom of the screen.

A first result of the new and improved system is this small popup that you will see when there are rewards to claim:


The threshold to trigger the popup is configurable so you can adjust it to fit your preference (or disable it completely).

3. Witness can now set an Owner Account

This will make easier for witnesses to specify an 'owner'. As you can see in the following image we used this new feature to 'link' the @steempeak witness to the @peakd project:


4. New API Node and better Node details

The new API node is now available thanks to @pharesim and you can select it in your Settings. You can read more about the new node and the hardware setup here.

Also with this release we included some additional details on the API nodes configuration. You can check those details when you select a node:


5. New Nodes Benchmark page

This new page is still in beta, but will help users to select the best API node for them. You can give it a try here:

This page is not intended to be a full benchmark of the available nodes and should be used just to find the best node for each user. Keep in mind that the speed of each node can change based on your geographic location, network and account.

6. Short community links

This is a small update, but it's now possible to use shorter link for communities:

The above link will automatically redirect to the corresponding community page.

7. More embeds and better previews

With this release we added the option to embed videos. Also there are some fixes for DTube and we have improved the preview of YouTube videos when a post is shared on other websites.

8. Some minor bug fixes and minor improvements

As always some minor fixes and improvements across the website ;)

Support the @peakd / @steempeak projects

Now is probably a nice time to remind you of the ways you can support the development of @peakd.


We have a proposal on the Decentralized Hive Fund. You can review the proposal here.
If you agree to the proposal and you think the points mentioned add value to the Hive Blockchain consider supporting it using the above links or directly with this link.

We also run a witness server to help produce the blocks for the Hive Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on the witness page:

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to confirm the transaction with your Active Key at least

The PeakD Team

About us:
Join us on Discord:


Awesome Updates. I love the Update at the API Settings Page to get more Details about the API-Node. Also the tiny Popup Notification for the Rewards is cute!

I'm just finished the Translation of the Post for the German Language.

Deutsche Übersetzung des Beitrags:

Awesome update, I was trying to comment on something earlier and it gave me a PeakLock error because I didn't update it yet. I logged out and back in and saw it all gone so I figured there must have been a change.

Really liking the 7 day window instead of 24 hour hour. I do understand that having the Active key in there may not be ideal so it made sense to remove it.

Also really liking the new API info, I have to take a look at the different API's to see what may be geographically better for me but the extra information is great to see!

Thanks glad you like the peaklock changes. Also did you do the API benchmark test... it's pretty interesting. I (@jarvie) get a different result than @asgarth gets because of where we live. Maybe switching some day can be nice and automated... for now this can help each user have the fastest experience presently possible.

As for Peaklock:
Not sure how often some users use their active key anyway. Too high of a risk for the value it likely brought. Also many advanced users doing lots of active key activities are likely using Hive Keychain.

Thanks, I will have to try the benchmark test. Any time I can get a better connection to the nodes is great.

It makes sense that if you're heavily using active key stuff to use the Keychain, I personally don't need to so I'm glad minimum access is achieved with this.

I love the streamlined Peaklock unlock. The simple click to claim rewards notification is great too!

Yeah we worked a bunch to simplify the screens and change the wording to make things easier and clearer. We'll be slowly looking at other screens and menus in the future to simplify other things as well.

As always, great features you're all doing. The dapp that I always use in blogging and commenting. Thanks for the hardworkk, keep up the good work. Look forward for another amazing update you will do.. thanks by the way..

Loving these updates! Thank you for implementing VIMM embeds ❤️

wow. It is the first time that I log on this platform ... visually it is very cool ... I will try making a post. without a doubt everything looks great.

Welcome let us know if anything is confusing or are having any issues that you didn't have somewhere else.

I like the update makes it easier this way. I was wondering why I was getting errors.

Awesome update especially the rewards notifications.

instead of integrating their own translator, external ones stopped connecting, as on steemіt. Without translation the site is meaningless:(

@ili0braz can you explain this a bit better and provide some additional details?

Google translation stopped working, I tried a dozen alternative extensions, everyone does not translate

with steempeak everything is OK, although I would like an integrated translation of how this is done on Facebook or Twitter

Ok, thanks for the clarification. I'll see if it can be integrated.

but for now return the opportunity to google translate:)

Oh yeah! =) getting super nice... please clarify if this is just on #HIVE?

This is just for peakd on hive.

Nice... thanks.

awesome updates! thanks :)

Wow amazing ♥️♥️😍

Was a little surprise when I could not unlock my Peaklock, this post clarifies.

Great updates! Keep them coming!

Yes complete new system... thanks for understanding.

Wonderful updates.

You guys are taking Hive to the next level! :)

Love the new changes. It feels more and more like a high-end front end.

Could you let us know which is the best place to report the few kinks we discover in the process? Maybe create a well documented post on the community might be one place to start?

this, or for smaller things discord support channel

Thanks. I am already in the discord so that might be a nice place to start.

super updates boom boom

Hi @peakd friend. Greetings from Venezuela. I just did the Spanish translation of the post.

The improvements are great, very early in the morning Venezuela time I could see the great changes.

Awesome the update but can't seem to login to Peakd neither using HiveSigner of Peaklock 🤷‍
Makes me sad ☹️

Peaklock works for sure, just did the new login on mobile... What browser are you using?

Yeah what @ash said. What's the browser? Happen to be using an iphone?

I'm using Firefox on Windows7 hehe

I could log some hours ago, but then again noticed it logged me out and had same problem few minutes after.... And stranger yet I just tried and could login succesfully... Let's see if this time I remains logged in

Still having the same issue :(
Could it be something specific with Firefox?

It's a no-go with Firefox on Linux. Chromium on Linux works.

I know it's a security risk but I did prefer the active key option for transactions. It's safer than having to input your active Everytime you want to transfer hive.

Is there any plan to create a mobile app?

There is a plan for mobile app. Part of our previous post looking for developers

Unlocking with the peaklock pin does not work at the moment.

What browser are you using? We are seeing a few people on iPhone having issues.

You setup a new peaklock account login?

Brave, yes had to logout and login again, setup a new peaklock account, now it works again.

Am having the same problem.

had to logout and login again after the update, hope it works now.

Did that too. Same result; redirected to login.

hi! awesome update! just wondering - what's the idea behind the removal of active key for peaklock - I used to claim free accounts a lock quicker when active key was entered. thanks.

7 days seems a bit long. I didn't have a problem with the 24hr unlock.

We coupled that with a lock at anytime feature presently available in the switch account feature. Also logging out essentially works as a lock as well

I'd prefer not to have to manually lock it. Although, it's only storing posting key now, isn't it? In that case it probably doesn't matter so much. So how do we do transactions with the active key now? We don't have to enter each time do we??

Now only the posting key is stored. PeakLock has been created as a 'mobile' first solution. So the changes behind this release are mostly focused on making it easier for mobile users.

The active key is required on each transaction ...but a password manager will be an easy solution in this case.

That said we are still collecting feedback and trying to make it better finding the perfect balance between all the possibile solutions. If you still think there is something that should be changed just let us know ;)

Why not have the active key stored like in the first version? What's the downside compared to say keychain which stores the active key? It's encrypted, so should be safe. I'll be honest, though, I'm only using it until Keychain becomes available on the google store.

The point is that also in the first version to use the active key the pin code was required. So a manual input was required. And for some users is easier to just fill the field from the password manager than to write the pin code.

It's not for me. My password manager has a (undisclosed large number) letter password. A 5 digit pin key is much easier.

Regarding active key use, I just transferred some HIVE and had to enter my active key. Is the transaction singed on my machine such that the active key isn't sent over the net? I'd hope so.

Yep, this is not changed. Keys are never sent over the network.

Also took note of the feedback. I'll talk to @jarvie so we can define if we need to do some adjustments ;)

Can I use Peak Lock on the Esteem app?

Sorry new here.

Peaklock is for ...which also works as a mobile website

Another amazing improvement! Wishing you guys the best.

That is why it was not working ...i get it now

Let me know if you are able to login or if you still have troubles ;)

Thank you very much!

Let's go champs! Just hpped in! Ready to roll!