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Thanks @bhattg and @indiaunited for curating my post!
Appreciate it as always 😊

Awesome experience!

Yeah it really is!

I'm excited about returning to Koh Samui next year already since I just got news that a close friend of mine is going to have their wedding ceremony there 😁

Wow looks like the perfect holiday!

Yeah it really is my friend!

Hope you guys get to experience it for yourself as well 😁

Koh Samui is still my favorite place that I've visited in Thailand. Seems like you guy had an amazing time there. Gonna have to try that flyboarding myself next time I visit.

Hello my dear friend! Haven't hear from you for a really long time, hope everything is going great for you 😊

Oh nice, glad you visited Koh Samui as well, it is such an amazing place! Definitely one of my favorite place is Thailand as well. Just got news from a close friend of mine that they will be having their wedding over in Koh Samui next year so I am really looking forward to visiting it again for the 3rd year running! 😁

Yeah please try the Flyboard, its a whole lot of fun! Though be prepared to have some bodyaches the next day from all the crashing in the waters 😅

Same here buddy! Everything is going great although I need to go on a trip to the islands too soon haha.

It really is an amazing place that I could just stay in forever. That's awesome that you already have plans to go back 😄

Yes I can imagine myself falling down quite a lot with that 😂 Still looks like great fun though.

Do share with me your experience if you ever get to try it! Would love to do it again next year since I barely got the hang of it right when the time is up for the session 😅

Yeah heading back next year would mean that it is the 3rd year running for me going back to Koh Samui, which is great! Not complaining at all ✌️

Are you base in Thailand? I saw some of your older posts, they were from Thailand.

I will definitely share it here when I try it out. 😄 time probably passes really quick with that. Same with all those water activities really.

Been about a year since I was there now. Hopefully I'll get to go again soon. Yes I am based in Thailand now. 😄

Yeah that is true, the only one that seems like you could play forever would probably be the Stand-Up-Paddle (SUP). You can rent it for an hour session or so!

Oh that's great, based there for work or? Thailand is a place I frequent, maybe could catch you someday, haha! 😅

Never tried SUP either actually. Did some kayaking in Phuket and damn what a workout that is haha.

Yes I will be here at least until the end of the year. Haha sure thing man! 😄 I'll be around.

wah bro you really living the life O.O. You said you don't like taking pictures last time. Now you started taking photos ah

Well yeah the only time I really snap photos are during my travels.

Yup you only got 1 life, live it 😁

O.O I thought u just started cuz of the blogging

Nah, I try to make more effort in doing so but still not one that would whip out my phone especially when I'm out. I like to live in the moment more than capturing the moments in my phone.


What code did the Vikings use for telegraphs?
Norse Code.

Credit: reddit
@ak08, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of blitzzzz


Thank you bro, appreciate it as always 😊

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