Trip to La Sagrada Família #2 - Barcelona | Spain

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In continuation of the previous post and in order to share the largest number of photos, in this article i will share one more set of records made in La Sagrada Família temple, in a combination of records made outside and inside where it is possible to have a perception of the complexity of the architecture and genius of its author who left this masterpiece to be admired by the whole world.
Outside, it is possible to identify various religious symbolisms with sculptures and municipal details that run through all the facades of the temple, some more detailed than others, perhaps due to the various styles inherent to the various artists who have contributed over the years to advance the project, and perhaps one day it will be concluded, as it is practically impossible to visualize this work without cranes and metal structures embracing the facades present and prove the continuous projection of the work that remains unfinished.





Everyone asks when La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona will end, and it is a very difficult question to answer because it is an atoning temple, that is, built from donations, and that is why La Sagrada Familia end date it may still be quite far away.
So far only 8 of the 18 towers designed by Gaudí have been built, according to Gaudí, twelve of these towers would be dedicated to the Apostles, four to the Evangelists, one to the Virgin Mary and another to Jesus. Each of them will have a different height depending on the religious hierarchy they represent.





It is possible to access the upper part of some of the towers to contemplate the city from above and to see up close some of the magnificent details of the temple's exterior, but as i mentioned in the previous article, the line for the elevators was so long that it went around the block, and so we decided to just go inside and see the interior.
The basilica has 3 symbolic facades:
Facade of Birth dedicated to the birth of Christ, the
Facade of the Passion that symbolizes the suffering of Jesus during the Crucifixion and the Facade of Glory which is the main one and represents death, the Last Judgment, Glory and hell.






Once inside, i take the opportunity to share some records of the huge columns and majestic stained glass windows that I mentioned in the previous article.
In the next article we will go down to the cellars to see the site and all the plans and prototypes left by Gaudí and on which the construction of this unfinished project is based.

That´s all for today :)

See you soon

Thank you for watching :)

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Thanks :)

Thanks :)

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I've seen quite a few posts of La Sagrada Família on Hive already, but everyone seems to show a different side of it. Wonderful building!

Absolutely :)
I don´t have a clue how it looks nowadays, but these photos were taken 10 years ago :P

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Hi. Just gave you a follow here on Hive.
I found your Steemit post regarding your Pitivi logo submission while searching Google Images. I'm a fellow open-source evangelist, Linux user, and media creator.
I was researching for an upcoming video about Pitivi, and as a designer who also uses open-source I thought you'd be someone I'd like to follow.

And then I saw this post and became even more green with envy...
This basilica is easily one of my favorite architecture designs, and from one of the greatest architects. I too hope to see it in person someday, and visit Espania.
I was greatly fascinated by his dedication to Christ, and how he like so many other brilliant minds took examples from God, the greatest artist and engineer. But in this building that's ever so apparent with how the tops of the columns are tree branches.

I even read that he planned the structure by hanging bags of sand upside down to view the stress and bearings in a natural way.

Also, quite a fan of your design work.
-Jay, DS-Tech Media.

OMG, Pitivi Logo, i did that one a long time ago in Utopian, great times :)
Regarding This place, it is magnificent, as you say, a fantastic architecture full of symbolism and subliminal messages.
About the structure by hanging bags, i have a photo of that project, take a look ;)

Btw, thank you for your kind words ;)

Wow that is also incredible, was this on display at the basilica? From what I heard this was in his workshop which was destroyed by the Anarchists in the civil war.

Yes, this one is in workshop underground, the image you see is the reflection on the mirror from the hanging bags.. is a bit hard to see all the structure, but is there ;)

That is unbelievably cool. Thank you for sharing.