Trip to La Sagrada Família #3 - Barcelona | Spain

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And for the third and last article dedicated to La Sagrada Família, we will finally go down to the cellars where all the models, drawings, plans and documentation left by António Gaudí are exhibited and on which all those responsible for continuing this unfinished project have been based.





The space itself is nothing extraordinary with regard to the quality and complexity of architecture with which we are presented in the upper spaces, here in the basement the story is different, it gives that feeling of discovering the magic that is hidden behind the scenes by behind a great show, here the essence is to see up close the whole creative process that is behind what we see up there, what is presented in tourist postcards, the majestic structure that is raised on the horizon when we see the city of Barcelo from a higher plane.






Here, in this dark place, arranged in the form of a museum, is the work that gave rise to all this splendor, here we can live up close and even imagine that whole process of trial, error and improvement, we can see documents that establish and allow us to understand the connection between the structural form and the inherent symbolism, the power and influence of the mystical and kabal aspect and the way everything was interconnected and incorporated to give shape to what is gradually being built year after year.








I confess that I was fascinated to walk these narrow corridors full of very valuable files and today I am sure that I would not have traded a descent to the cellars for a climb to the towers even if they paid me.
Still, I believe that much remains to be seen and today, after 10 years, I rely on these photographic records to recall what I saw there, but I know, I feel that I have to return there, because from there I know that the creative inspiration that I have been missing will come from. and it has faded along an increasingly hurried routine.







I feel that I need to travel again to places like these, where we are presented and allowed to have access to such valuable and inspiring files.
Once again I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, but I hope to return there and on that day I will have in mind the need to make records worth sharing.

That´s all for today :)

See you soon

Thank you for watching :)

All images are my property | Images © 2020 @aleister


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