A historical journey to the Lycian ancient city of Phaselis

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Dear readers, I am on an adventure again. We set off from Antalya to visit an ancient city. After traveling exactly 58 km, we saw the phaselis sign on the left. We started to move forward on the forest-covered road. A small hut with iron doors welcomed us. The entrance fee was 15 dollars, but we did not pay because we had museum cards.




Let me tell you a little about this beautiful and magnificent Lycian ancient city of Phaselis. It is a city on a peninsula extending into the Mediterranean. It is said that it was founded by colonists from Rhodes in the 7th century. I love historical research. I really cannot understand how they built such beautiful structures without electronic devices and work machines.








Did you know that the ancient city of Phaselis is a city rich in trade with three ports? Fishing and corn trade were done. These ports were controlled by 3 brothers. Each of them was responsible for a port. Its harbours, agoras and ship depictions on city coins emphasize Phaselis' identity as a commercial port.







Phaselis was sometimes shown as the city of the Lycian and sometimes Pamphylia region. It was ruled by the Persians in the 5th century. Mausolos, the Satrap of Kayra in the 4th century. And eventually it came under the rule of Pericles, the King of the neighboring city Lmyra. It is a city that welcomed Alexander the Great with a golden crown in 333 BC. For a certain period of time, the neighboring city Olympos was attacked by pirates. Roman Emperor Hadrian visits the city and takes it under his protection. The beginning of construction and prosperity that will last for 300 years begins in the city.




After earthquakes and disintegration after the Seljuk siege in 1158 in the 8th century. It was completely abandoned in the 13th century and there are many Roman and Byzantine ruins to this day. Everything was so beautiful that I could smell that history while walking around. Everywhere smelled of history. I was excited to see this magnificent city. It is a city covered with forests and has a magnificent beach. It is formed by the flow of the river covered with reeds on its right side. There was a pond that looked like a lake and ducks were swimming in it. A peaceful place covered with wonderful mountains.





As I walked into the city, I was enjoying the smell of the forest and the sea. There was a long road ahead of me. There was a Roman Bath, a big bath and a small bath. After crossing the long and flashy road, there was a theater on my left. After climbing the wooden green stairs, I was very happy to see the wonderful structure. It made me very happy to come here and feel our history. I think humans cannot live without history. I took exciting photos and it is even more exciting to share them with you. I am reliving the beautiful moments I had.










I continue to explore. I came across signs with everything that happened here written on them. Tiyatto, acropolis, tetragonal agora, central harbour, Domitianus agora, southern harbour. Everywhere is so beautiful that I almost get lost in history. The buildings were destroyed, but they were still very beautiful. I really don't understand how they placed the huge stones on top of each other without heavy equipment. When I reached the end of the road, I saw a magnificent view. This is Hadrian's Gate. There were huge stones on top of each other on my left side. I sat on the beach, next to the sound of the waves, and inhaled the smell of history. We had to leave now because they were closing the doors at 17:00 and reminded all people that they had to leave by passing through Anos. But I never wanted to leave here. The magnificent harmony of the forest and the sea, the sunset is an exciting view. I really have no idea how to explain these feelings of being in a city that has been around for centuries. I hope you can see these places one day.










Thank you very much for visiting my page, I hope I was able to convey these beautiful moments to you. Many exciting adventures await me, I will show you all of them as much as I can. I wish everyone a good day, stay happy and healthy, enjoy your life. Never stop reading me!


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Looks like really worth visiting! It seems that there weren't a lot a lot of people though?...
Thanks for the follow and the kind upvote! !PIZZA !WEED

Yes, it is a place worth visiting. Definitely needs to be visited. Everywhere smells of history. Since it was late, there weren't many people. have a nice day Yes, it is a place worth visiting. Definitely needs to be visited. Everywhere smells of history. Since it was late, there weren't many people. have a nice day

One day I'll visit Turkey. I've been only in Istambul, on an excursion trip when I was living and working in Burgas, Bulgaria. !HUG

You should definitely visit. because there are many places to see and visit. Have a nice day, follow me

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It looks really great 😉

Reading your post, dear friend @dewamke44, gave me real pleasure. I felt your emotions and history as if I myself had been there with you and touched those ancient times with my soul.
You convey your emotions very beautifully and artistically. Your photos reflect your thoughts and experiences! I look forward to the next story.

Your words make me proud and inspire me. It is my happiness if I could convey such beautiful feelings to you. dear @olga.maslievich lady good day

Wow, what an incredible journey! It's fascinating to think about the rich history and the thriving trade that once flourished in this picturesque location. Your appreciation for the details, from the reed-covered river to the structures that have withstood the test of time, brings the history to life. Thanks for sharing 🙏🏻

Yes, I love history very much. Researching is very exciting. Thank you for your thoughts @bugavi, it's great that you love history. have a nice day

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