STREET ART #80 - Work done by graffiti artist BURNON (Aalborg, Denmark)

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Last time I was in Aalborg, I found a selection of work done by Claus Frederiksen aka BURNON who is a Danish graffiti artist from Aalborg. This selection of work done by him are all, except for one,(the last one) found in Karolinelund. This park has turned into a popular place for artists. The walls both inside and outside are completely covered. Burnon is also one of the local artists who seems to like the park. I think I may have overlooked some in the park. When I checked Instagram, there are several more done by him.

He works both as a tattoo artist and as a graffiti artist. Often his themes depicts the harsh realities of life, but he makes beautiful portraits.

Aalborg has a large amount of street art. Based on what my family (who lives in Aalborg) says, the vast majority of residents are very happy with the street art. There have been many international artists in the city . It would be nice to see more work from local artists. When I look at Burnon's Instagram, he has so many beautiful paintings in Aalborg. It seems he is very active. Hope to be able to visit Aalborg soon to discover more work from him.

For more art from Burnon, check:

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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Beautiful realistic portraits done by BURNON. Thank you for introducing me to this artist. There is talent all over the world, great to discover it on Hive.

@tipu curate

He was new to me too, but when I saw all these portraits in the park and my sister told me he is from Aalborg, I checked him out on Instagram. He is really amazing.

Great selection of Street Art done by BURNON...

Thanks for sharing these pics, The StreetArt Community.

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