Day Out Biking from Kasol to Tosh at the foothills of the Himalayas

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It has been a very long time indeed since i got on a bike, so i was very much looking forward to getting on my rented Enfield Bullet for a very relaxed ride through the valleys of Kasol and Tosh. I was just a little bit hesitant getting on as this was an almost brand new bike, just run in and chugging just like an Enfield should. This bike is the mountain king of India, one of the most revered and loved bikes.. and one day on the road and it was very clear why!


This bike can go all day through just about any terrain without breaking a sweat. Its engine is a powerful beast that has its unique chugging like sounds that are oh so familiar sounds of all India. When you ride an Enfield you feel like a king because the bike is that much of an iconic machine.. not that it could in anyway compete with any of the super-bikes on the market, but no one would want to drive a super-bike around here. The Enfield lets you sit up straight whilst enjoying incredible suspension and the most comfortable seat they know how to make.


I rode super slow the whole way, cruising very gently on a perfect day, the temperature was just right and the roads were mostly clear. Most of the roads were very narrow, winding through beautiful and often breathtaking panoramas, and those snow capped peaks just looked delightful. I haven’t seen them before in India, and despite the snow in the horizon, it was around 28 degrees Celsius outside. Going slow on these roads is a great idea for many reasons. i had some soothing liquid drum and bass playing, with goggle maps navigator in the background.. that makes navigation a breeze, and i fully appreciate how the system nicely fades down the music whenever a direction comes so you don’t miss it.. Not that there were very many turns, it was more or less the same road all the way, along the parvathi river and winding the steep mountain roads. There are no side safety barricades on these roads, and often you are driving very close to the edge with gravel and dirt all over.. on a bike that is one to be careful of as its pretty easy to go skidding when you turn on a loose surface.. but when going slow its all good, and i think my average speed was just 35mph! lol.



It can be fun to open the engine up and power through some of these roads, but this is no European highway, and there was an extra mellow mood in the air, if you know what i mean. The culture here is so different, so relaxed, and very very simple. Its almost a culture shock after so many weeks in Thailand staying in stunning hotels, these villages are like they were 100s of years ago.. almost unchanged if it weren’t for the huge tourist trails that filter through .. but these villages are the same, with ancient architecture and people going about their daily lives as they always have done.




I reached Kasol in what felt like a blink of the eye... time passed effortlessly and i felt free, just free, in a way i never do on foot or by bicycle.. there is something about a motorbike that feels like a breaking through to freedom. I think i was born to ride, and i can remember so many long journeys way back with sometimes 14 hours on the bike driving almost hypnotised by the never-ending roads and beautiful scenery.

A small school!

I stopped at Tosh and had a little walk around and found a nice spot for lunch. I had a small picnic prepared, my favourite tahini which i had with some aloo parotha (stuffed potato flat bread).. they go so well together, and i ate well and finished just before a herd of donkeys surrounded me ready to poo and pee all over the place. Looks like this nice flat plateau is also where they keep the donkeys, so i packed my things and continued my way back home.

The ride home was perfect, and went even faster than going there.. I stopped just a few times, once at a peculiar cafe in a stream on the edge of a small waterfall. It looked a bit odd having the tables and chairs in the water, and you had to watch where you put your feet or they would get nice and wet and cold! If you drop something its also probably going to get taken downstream with the current. Nevertheless, i had a nice little chai and was amused at this seemingly silly cafe in the stream. Clearly there’s a lot of smoking going on around here :)



In what felt like 20 minutes and i was back! It all went so fast, and all went so perfectly. Tomorrow is my last day in this area before i had back down the mountain and finally back to my base and current home in the South Of India. Its going to be hot down there, damn hot, so im slightly questioning my plans to return home, but it feels like its time.. I mean, how bad can 40 degrees be, right? Lol! Its bad!

Thanks for stopping by! If you've ever ridden a bike somewhere interesting let me know in the comments..

I leave you with a few more nice pics!


















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I came from list nerd and wow it wasn't a disappointment and i wish i was there :)

Keep on the amazing journey

good ol listners! thanks for the comment.. glad you enjoyed!

Must have been a great ride. I wish I could ride a motorcycle, well I can I just have no permit for it. But probably better like this since I tend do go fast and that would probably kill me :D

yeah it was sweet.. one short ride more today.. and yeah, indias good like that.. dont need permits or even a license! however one can still get killed :)

one always can get killed 😇
thankful for every day I am alive.
have fun with the ride and stay safe, enjoy.

Wow this trip sounds amazing! Makes me want to get a bike license and go on a road trip, sounds so freeing. Beautiful pictures :)

do it :) yeah road trips are special .. its been a long time!

It looks like you had a lovely ride! I love all that mountain scenery, and the chill in the water cafe cracked me up! Also you introduced me to something new (something you excel at lol!), aloo parotha (stuffed potato flat bread), I am going on a mission for a recipe right now lol! Thanks Alex😊


thank you.. yep it was a great day out.. and yeah that cafe is so silly.. really dont wanna drop your phone in that place :)

and stuffed potato parathas are SO good.. one of my favourites.. basically make mashed potato with some masalla and then put a small amount in the middle of a chapati, close it up and roll gently.. THen fry in oil and its ready!

That are some great views on the ride!

lovely report of a lovely day so it seems. I never sat on a bike like that before, only scooters, and I doubt if I could enjoy riding one of these (or even sit at the back without stressing) I think I'm way too OCD for that nowadays haha, and would be afraid to fall/get into an accident ..

I do remember how great it felt in my younger years to drive around on a scooter during the summer months though. But in the mountain would be a first for me ;)

Thanks for sharing this post on Listnerds <3

thanks! yeah i was a bit nervous as i hadnt ridden in so long. but as soon as you get going its bliss.. also driving at 30mph makes it much less daunting i can assure you :) yeah if u ever get a chance to ride in mountains its the best.. long straight road are less fun.. :)

I remember having one of those in India for a bit....the brakes were errr squishy at best !

oh nice you have been! yeah they used to be.. the news bikes are definitely getting better.. mine even had an ABS light!

Oh nice, I remember putting on the brakes a long time before wanting to stop!

Seems like you enjoyed your tour on a hired bullet @eco-alex, yep most of us call Royal Enfield bullet for a long time. Its 350 CC engine gives you a super power on the roads and its grip is perfect. My dad owned one but then it was not available new to us but auctioned by army Indian army when not in their use.
I can also see that you had a blast on your day trip on this lovely rout.

thanka man! yes it was perfect really.. id like to keep this bike really! such a cool machine wow

It sure looks like a cold place!

It is awesome, each and every adventure you're living, you deserve it. Enjoy yourself.

My best wishes goes to you.

- EvM

its funny because its nice and warm, but just up there in the peaks of the mountains i guess its much colder. BIking in the cold isnt as much fun for sure.. thanks @elyelma elyelma

Noooo it isn't fun at all, as the hands get really cold 🥶❄️ I hope you are having a great time these days.

Looking forward reading about your adventures 😊

- EvM

Nature so beautiful, this is really nice and loving... I can't imagine how cool this place will be, I wish I could be there to enjoy this beautiful nature. You've got a good bike too. Everything made easy

Absolutely beautiful scenery and you had a wonderful day for your ride. I wish I could have been with you. Thanks for sharing.

cheers! yes and, this whole trip ends tomorrow as i fly back home to the south of india. .. its been a blast.. the mountains and bike were the highlight for sure!