Announcing Pinmapple Thousand Contest Results!!!!

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Hey everyone!! The long awaited Pinmapple Thousand Contest results are out!!! It's taken us such a long time to make the announcement as we had over 90 awesome entries to the two writing contests and nearly 1900 entries to the Raffle draw. The quality of the entries were extremely high and it was very difficult to nail down the winners. We wish we could award more winners but we got there in the end.


Before we announce the winners, we'd like to thank our sponsors for their generosity and supporting the Hive travel community. They are @ausbitbank, @c0ff33a, @crimsonclad, @eturnerx, @martibis and @roelandp

And now without further ado, here are the winners........

If I had $1000 writing contest

First place

The winner is @gabrielatravels with her post Living the American Dream: All the way down to Utah! @gabrielatravels is no stranger to the travel community and consistently produces awesome content taking us to around her home country Romania. Congrats to @gabrielatravels on coming first in the contest and winning 200 Hive!

Second Place

In second place is @storiesoferne where he revisits a previous trip Travel to the Taj Mahal and Agra in India with US$1,000. @storiesoferne joined Hive only a few months ago and it's great to see more high quality content creators coming on board Hive. Congratulations on coming second and winning 150 Hive.


Third Place

In third place is @lizelle, she entered this writing contest twice and the judges really enjoyed her entry Walking in the Footsteps of my Ancestors - The Scottish Highlands. @lizelle is an all rounded content creator and often takes us on some of the most amazing places in South Africa. Congratulations on coming third and winning 100.


Honourable Mentions

We have five honourable mentions who's entries were also of very high quality, a couple of them just missed the top 3 position by a little bit. These five winners each win 50 Hive. Congratulations to....

@greddyforce for his entry "This is my entry to the Pinmapple If I had $1000 Contest" - Iceland

@discoveringarni for her entry If I Had $1000 Contest Entry: Join a Writer's Retreat in Tagaytay

@ybanezkim26 for his entry If I Had $1000, I Would Have Visited Batanes... Solo

@sharker for her entry Swimming with Whales - “If I had $1000” Writing Contest

@kayceeports2020 for her entry If I Had $1,000 (and the Confidence), I'd Pack My Bags to The Emerald Isle

User Experience writing contest

It was very interesting to read people's experience with Pinmapple and haveyoubeenhere and learn how the project has been part of your Hive journey. Quite a few of you have been here since we first started out over three year ago, so thanks for sticking with us. The judges favourite entries, in no particular order, are

@ammonite for his entry Pinmapple User Experience Writing Contest

@josejirafa for his entry My Pinmapple and Haveyoubeenhere Experience

@ladybug146 for her entry My Pinmapple and Haveyoubeenhere User Experience

Congratulation guys and gal, you have each won 100 Hive.

Raffle Draw

We recognised that not everyone creates travel content, but supports Pinmapple and haveyoubeenhere, therefore we created a raffle draw so everyone could enter. In total we had nearly 1900 valid raffle entries and we drew ten lucky winners. Here's an explanation from @martibis on how we did the draw:

For the techies under us, I wanted to explain how the raffle draws happened. Each completed action has been stored in a MySQL database, with the amount of awarded entries for that action (which could be between 0 - 6 depending on the base entries you get and the multiplier for being featured in one of the digests). So I created a UNION ALL query adding all entries, which I then ordered randomly and limited to 10 winners.

SELECT iduser FROM (SELECT * FROM contestentries WHERE entries > 0  UNION ALL SELECT * FROM contestentries WHERE entries > 1   UNION ALL SELECT * FROM contestentries WHERE entries > 2  UNION ALL SELECT * FROM contestentries WHERE entries > 3 UNION ALL SELECT * FROM contestentries WHERE entries > 4 UNION ALL SELECT * FROM contestentries WHERE entries > 5) as allentries ORDER by RAND() LIMIT 10;

All entries were verified as well to make sure there was no cheating going on.

Congratulations to the following ten lucky winners who has each won 100 Hive:


The team would like to thank everyone who took part in the Pinmapple Thousand contest and for everyone else who's been supporting us all along! We hope we can count on your continued support towards the Pinmapple 2000. Cheers!!


Congratulations on all the winners!!! It was a great challenge and a great effort from your team to organise and judge it. I enjoyed many of the entries and it was fun to get involved. Stoked I won 100 HIVE... at first I thought it read 10...that's awesome, I haven't won that much since the very early days. Thankyou..lets hope the value of HIVE goes up soon! It will with brilliant initiatives like this..

We had to celebrate our Pinmapple Thousand with a big bang and couldn't have had such a big prize pool without our sponsors, especially @roelandp who fronted 1000 Hive!!!

And congrats @riverflows


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Hoooooly...cow!!! Guyyyys!!!! Jeesus... I don't even know what to say, really! You just made my day..and last months which really suck in my life! 😫
Thank you a bunches, and I wish I could hug you all right now!! Thank you and congratulations to all the winners ❤️

I am glad we could make your day and last months a little bit better! 😁

You did it! And it means a lot to me, thank you!! :D

Congrats Gabriela!!! Well deserved, I am so happy for you :)

Thank you so much, dear friend, it's still unbelievable <3

Well deserved wins! Congrats!

Thank you so much! Hugs!!!

A big congratulations to @gabrielatravels who really lives up to her name, Utah is an amazing dream! A hearty congratulations all the other winners and an BEEEG thank you to dear Mr @pinmapple and all the hard working HaveYouBeenHere curators for the third place AND to the sponsors for the Hive! This was such a fun contest and really gave us the opportunity to 'live out' our travel dreams, who knows, I may still get to walk in the footsteps of my ancestors! Thank you to all the contestants as well for taking part in this awesome challenge!
This was a brilliant challenge to end this horrid year where we were so restricted in moving around, you all rock!

it was wonderful following you to retrace your ancestors footsteps @lizelle, hopefully your dream will come true one day. Congrats!!!!


That dream has been 'penned' so to speak, will have to make it become a reality, who knows;)
We first need to get this Covid under control!
Thank you again, it was a real surprise as there were so many great entries!

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Oh, Lizelle! Thank you so much my dear! It's really emotional seeing the nice wishes coming from you! Thanks so much and congratulations to you as well!

And thank you for taking part @deeandmathews, we were stoked by so much support.


You're welcome!

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Thanks a bunches dear! Congratulations to everyone!

Congratulations @storiesoferne, @gabrielatravels, @lizelle, and all of the winners for the beautifully written posts and creative entries. It was nice to think about where we'd travel and what we would do given this opportunity. I had a great time writing this. Cheers!

Thank you so much! These guys really figured out how to make hive a better and more interesting place for us, the travellers, and it's by far the most amazing contest I took part in! :)

Congrats @discoveringarni, hopefully one day you can make it to your writing course


Thank you so much 😀 May 2021 make that happen 🙏

Thank you so much Arni! Congratulations to you too for being one of the contest winners! Cheers! 🍷😊

Congratulations to us! 😂
Good thing I was able to join the contest before I was "hired" to be part of pinmapple team. I think this is my last contest at pinmapple. Next time, I'll be the judge, which means no winning for me. 🙈

Congratulations Kim and cheers to us 🍷

Oh 😮 I didn't realize that until now. Yes, that is a great decision you joined.



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Congratulations as well to you Kim! Many thanks for everything! 😊

Thank you! Of course, anything I can do for the community.

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Thank you!! :D

We're stoked to see so many people take part, truly reflects the quality of the travel community on Hive


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Hey @pinmapple team thank you very much for hosting that contest with so many generous rewards. I wish you would have 1000th edition more offten :)
Mainly as I read so many amazing articles and got a lot of new travel ideas out of it. I think, I never saw that amount of quality on one place. Just take a look at the winning posts and I could name at least 5 additional from my head which would deserve a space among winners so your selection had to be really tought.

Thank you for hosting and gaving us iniciative to make quality work and show extra effort.

And thank you for the reward! I should rename myself to lucky-andy ;)

Keep up your great work and see you soon!

You're absolutely right lucky-andy 😆, we wish we could have awarded more winners, there's were so many great entries.

We have to thank everyone for taking part and contributing, the credit goes to all you guys.


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Congrats to all the winners! That's a lot of entries. Thanks for hosting the contest and all the prize pool contributors and for selecting me as one of your winners. It was nice to see all the refreshing stories.

Thank you and congratulations to you as well! :D

Thank you! Merry Christmas!

Happy and Safe Holidays, my dear!

Congrats @ladybug146, all the judges enjoyed reading the user experience stories very much, and we're so pleased that Pinmapple is part of your Hive journey


It's most of my hive journey! I'm sure your project has impacted many in different positive ways. I'm sure it's good to hear first hand how your hard work is helping growth in one way or another. We are all learning together and that's pretty neat. Thanks for the engage and merry Christmas!

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And congrats to you as well!!!


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Hey, that's a pleasant surprise.

But first of all, big congrats to the winners of the contest. You rock!

As for the lottery - my way of saying thank you will be to finally do the multiple point posting thingy on your app 😀👍

Keep on pushing.

congrats to you as well @ervin-lemark, you're also a winner!!

if you have any problems with using the multiple point posting thingy 😆 just give us a shout on our discord


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Thanks @dandays, it was a tough few days nailing down the winners. And by the way, it was the 1000th edition of the Travel Digest. We have over 55 thousand pins on the map!!!


Thanks for the correction, I knew it was something like that... need a good woman to straighten me out--'Guilty!'

While I got you. Should we expect results from the 300 word write up soon or did I miss that one? Thank you.

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Congrats to all and Thanks a lot for the 100 Hive surprise 🙂

Congrats on winning the raffle, we hope we have bought a little early Christmas surprise to a few people


Oh, no doubt about it! Thanks so much for the present and Happy Holidays to everybody!

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Thank you so much to everyone. Christmas has come early for me. Pinampple has added so much to my experience of Hive and congrats on 1000.

Well deserved entry! Congrats!

Thank you very much and sorry for the delayed reply.
Happy Christmas

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Same here! These guys are amazing! Congratulations on your win :)

We're so glad to be part of your Hive journey and thanks for sharing your work and travels on Pinmapple

congratulation to all

Thanks! Congratulations to everybody! :)

Thanks for supporting everyone

Wow congratulations to all the winners! And a huge thank you to all the sponsors and curators! Looking forward to more contests in the future!

You're welcome, we hope to see you posting more often from the haveyoubeenhere community. Apart from support from thecallmedan and blocktrades, we're also part of the OCD Community Incubation Program and that potentially gives users more support, no other travel community can match that level of support on Hive

Thank you pinmapple and team for the contest and prizes, congratulations to all the participants and winners. See you at the next one.

You're welcome @erikah and congrats on winning the raffle!

Wo ho.. Thank you so much!

My tremendous gratitude and appreciation to Pinmapple, Haveyoubeenhere community, organizing team, and our beloved sponsors on the success of this marvelous contest! Thank you for all the inspiring and phenomenal work you’re doing on the Hive!

Congratulations as well to all our contest winners! Indeed, traveling will always be a rewarding passion worth pursuing and will forever remain as one of life’s greatest legacies. Let’s keep exploring! 😊

Congrats @storiesoferne, it's so great so see more and more new faces posting from the community and Hive, that's what makes platform stronger every day

Hey! Congrats to all the winners! It was a good challenge for me to write a post about my travel dream. Although there are so many dreams that I could write a book :)) May all dreams come true and Pinmapple continues to grow further :)

We hope your dream will come true one day @sharker

Oh, thanks a lot! I hope so too)

Congratulations to everyone! I find it really amazing how much influence this community has in the HIVE. And a big thanks to pinmapple and haveyoubeen here community for being ever supportive of travel blogging. More power!

I had no doubt that you'll win. Thumbnail pa lang pamatay na. 😂 Congrats dong!

Congrats @josejirafa, hopefully we'll see more from your when you have time to share your travels with us

Wow, that came as a surprise now! Thanks for choosing me in the honorable mentions.
Many great posts here, I had fun writing mine!

Congratulations :)

Having fun is what matter most sometimes, but winning makes it that much better!!!😁

Congratulations everyone and well done to producing awesome content!

Thanks @melbourneswest for supporting the travel community

Anytime. Its a great community!

Congratulations to all the winners , I bet they have made some amazing content

They certainly have, made the judges life very difficult!

1900 entries to the Raffle draw

That's a good participation, congrats to all the winners.

And thank you for supporting everyone.


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Congrats to all the winners and mentions!!

Thanks for your entry @millycf1976 and supporting Pinmapple

My pleasure😊 You're welcome!

Awesome, I am truly honored, although regret not finding more time to submit entries in other categories. All in all I would say this was a major success, and I think there was a lot of support and engagement. !tan

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We hope the raffle win will contribute a little to your wedding celebrations. Double congrats!

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