A Day of Adventure and Fun at Fantacy World - The New Indoor Play Zone.

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When you have kids, finding exciting places for them to play and have fun is always a top priority. Recently, my family and I discovered a new gem in our growing town – Fantasy World, an indoor play zone at the RAMC Shopping Complex, located in Rangpur - Bangladesh. Our visit to this play zone was a delightful adventure, filled with laughter and excitement.

Let me share my experience!

As we stepped into Fantasy World, the children's eyes lit up with anticipation. My son had been eager to visit this place for weeks, and today was the day. What added to the excitement was that my niece and nephew joined us, making it a real family outing.



One of the first things we noticed was the affordability. The entry fee for Fantasy World was just $0.25 per person. Yes, you read that correctly, twenty-five cents. This budget-friendly cost instantly brought smiles to our faces. The management had made sure to keep it accessible for everyone, and we couldn't have been happier.


The play zone, while not sprawling, was cleverly designed to maximize the available space. A variety of rides and activities were spread throughout, catering to different age groups. It was apparent that the owners had tried to pack as much fun as possible into this indoor space.



For a small additional fee, you could access the ball pit and a few other rides. While my son and his cousins were thrilled to dive into the ball pit, I couldn't help but wish it were a bit more extensive. Nevertheless, for just one dollar, it was a minor quibble. The kids were having a blast, and that was what mattered most.



Fantasy World offers virtual reality (VR) experiences as well. The VR car ride, which costs $3 per person, was particularly intriguing. I didn't try it myself, but judging by the expressions of those who did, it was a heart-pounding adventure that was well worth the price. Other games and activities were available for $2-$3, making it an affordable way to experience a variety of adventures in a single visit.




As I observed the children giggling, playing, and making new friends, I couldn't help but feel that this was money well spent. Fantasy World had created an environment where young ones could explore and unleash their imaginations, all while staying safe and entertained.




While Fantasy World is relatively new, I have high hopes for its future. The place has already brought immense joy to families in our town, and as it continues to grow, I believe it will only get better. The affordability, coupled with the diverse range of activities, makes it an attractive destination for families looking for an enjoyable day out.

After a few hours of play, we decided to explore the rest of the mall. We enjoyed small snacks and strolled through the shops, taking in the lively atmosphere. It was a perfect ending to our day of adventure.

This visit was a reminder of how our town is evolving into a more metropolitan area, with new and exciting places to explore. Yet, amidst the progress, I still find myself occasionally yearning for the simplicity of our old city.

However, our day was an extraordinary one. It was a day of shared joy, bonding, and cherished memories. My son, niece, and nephew returned home tired but with beaming smiles, and that made it all worth it. The affordability of the play zone, the variety of experiences, and the promise of more to come make Fantasy World a family favorite.

We will undoubtedly be returning for more adventures in the future. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for something fun for their kids at an affordable price.

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Such places are very special for children and all the swings are very good and their tickets are not too much that parents can afford and children are very happy to visit such a place.

I agree, it's an affordable fun place.

If we bring children, of course they will be very happy with a place like that...

I believe so. Thanks :)

Almost similar kind of thing exist near my place of mine area and every arrangement were for the kids entertainment. I hardly visit there because they are no kid it in my family. I hope you also enjoyed there 😅.

It sounds like a fun place that you are talking about. My son, niece, and nephew had a great time there. 😄

I think the person who started the Fantasy World is very smart. The initial entry fee is very cheap, so a lot of people would want to take their kids there. They then entice the kids with the ball pit which costs an additional fee. There are also additional entertainment options like the VR ride, that has a separate cost. In terms of video games, the base game has a lot of DLCs [Downloadable Content]. It is good that your son, niece, and nephew had fun.

You're absolutely right; the pricing strategy at Fantasy World is quite clever, making it an attractive option for families. The kids had a great time there.

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Looks so fancy. Never been to such when I was a kid.

This is a day full of fun 😊. Stuff like this, children really love it

That's very right. Thanks.