Postcard Beauty of Singapore- Fort Canning

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There was one place rumored to be a hidden gem within the lush greenery of Fort Canning area that I missed visiting when I was in Singapore. It piqued my curiosity since I saw it from my friend's Facebook and I decided to come here on my first day back to Singapore last month.


Located in the heart of Singapore's bustling metropolis, this beautiful place takes visitors on a journey through time and nature. The Fort Canning is an enchanting pathway enclosed by lush greenery and ancient trees transporting us into a different world that when I was here and I didn't think that this scene is in this busy country.




Fort Canning remained the headquarters of the British military operations until the outbreak of Second World War in 1941. During the Japanese invasion of Singapore in Feb 1942, the hill also housed Singapore's largest underground military operations complex. credit

This oasis amidst Singapore's bustling cityscape holds a significant part of the nation and today, it's a very popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

I took train to Dhoby Gaut MRT station on this day. Then I walked for a few minutes to find this Tree Tunnel. With its captivating view, it comes as no surprise that many visitors flock to this site solely to capture the perfect snapshot. There were many people dressing nicely and waiting to take pictures of themselves with the view. It was 33 degrees but I felt very hot like 38 or 40 degrees outside because it was so humid here.

I missed the hot temperature compared to Melbourne but the humanity and the heat combined I'm not sure which I prefer now haha. However, it was great to be back :) However, I didn't want to wear pretty dress nor queue under the hot weather for photograph, lol. I just took some pictures and walked quickly up to the top.

Following the path to the hill on the right, I found myself standing at the edge of a forest peering at the city and my curiosity grew with every step. Such a beautiful park with abundance of sprawling greenery, it's no wonder that Singapore has earned its reputation as one of the greenest and cleanest countries in Asia.




Such a tranquil and picturesque area. Although very hot, I had to stop and enjoyed this utterly magical tropical scenery. Such a difference my world that I had been just a day before.


Here you can check out the map and read the brief about the attraction's history and some other details of the area.

I ventured deeper into this enchanting area and here I entered into a place where the traffic and urban chaos fades away where history and nature intermingle seamlessly.

Here I reached the Fort Gate area. As I read from information board, this gate was the entrance of a British-built fort completed on this hill in 1860. Fort Canning was built to protect Singapore from seaborne attacks and a second of the fort purpose was to provide refuge for Singapore's European population in the event of local unrest.





Hidden in the park stands a fort gate with weathered wall, and trees have grown around it marked by the passage of time.



It is as if Mother Nature herself has decided to reclaim this beautiful piece of history,


It's somewhere really different from the bustling and hustling life of Singapore. I can't help but ponder the intriguing stories and secrets that this place must hold.


Fort Canning is free for all to explore, and it's absolutely worth a visit. It's a wonderful place to walk to enjoy nature, tranquility and enrich Singapore's vibrant past.


I hope you enjoy this beautiful site of Singapore and thank you for reading🙂


You definitely found a gem of a hidden place at Fort Canning, Singapore. Glad you went back and created this terrific photo-filled post for us. Fort Channing looks like the "love child" created by a union between a rain forest and an ancient ruin!😊

Your suitcase certainly doesn't collect any dust while it's not being used, does it?!

Travel onward and please keep sharing with us on Hive! @trangbaby✈🌏🧳


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Why did the elevator move into the apartment building?
He wanted to take up residence.

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Awe so kind of you Nina, so rewarding to have such a positive feedback knowing that my post being read but also importantly being enjoyed. Thanks so much Nina, I really appreciate your feedback :) For now my suitcase are collecting a little dust, watch this space haha ❤🥰

That's incredible, and I'd never heard of this before.
In places like this, don't you just wish the walls could talk. I'm sure they'd have some amazing stories to tell.

Fabulous post, fabulous photos and always a treat when you name appears in my feed.

Hope you're healthy and happy and have had a great weekend :-)

How nice !!! Your kindness is greatly appreciated :) I'm glad you enjoyed the place making my work all worthwhile :)

don't you just wish the walls could talk.

I'm prefer not hehee as some maybe review dark stories left untold and part of the beauty is mystery :)

Thanks so much for always being nice :)

I cannot believe you have any skeletons in your closet!
...but if you do, I love gossip lol ;-)

Hahaha skeletons just my suitcase 😅😅

How are you dear friend @trangbaby good morning
What a beautiful place to visit and learn about the history of this fort, I love the natural trails, and the well-preserved period architecture.
Beautiful photographs, I appreciate that you have shared these beautiful images and the visiting experience
enjoy the weekend

I'm glad you like it. Forrt Canning is is a great place to admire nature and learn Singapore past. Your kind words are appreciated @jlufer and wish you a wonderful week ahead 😊

Fort Canning is a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing this and for walking us through in this historical place. It holds a special part in the history knowing it was then a headquarter. Thank you for this tour! Stay safe.😊

I'm glad you enjoy the tour :) This place is special. Thank you for reading my post and your kind words :)

Have a great day!

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and for giving us a glimpse of your trip. Singapore is one of my dream travel destinations. I hope to visit this place someday and be able to take photos of that Tree Tunnel. 😊🙏

Singapore is a beautiful country so clean, pretty and luxurious :) I'm sure you will enjoy it and the Tree Tunnel is worth checking :) Thanks for visiting my blog, really appreciated it 😊

You're welcome! Manifesting a trip to Singapore someday! 🙏✨ Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful experiences.

Wow the place is beautiful. A relaxing walk into the free space with nature around us is worth it. Thank you for sharing great info about the place 😊

You're very welcome, yes it's great place to enjoy all the nature has to offer and learn about the history of the nation :) Thanks so much for popping by and have a great week ahead 🥰

The serene ambiance of Fort Canning, nestled in Singapore's urban landscape, creates a captivating contrast that captivates visitors.🙂

Yes very captivating most like Singapore's urban landscape as you mentioned 🙂

In 1985, I visited Singapore during Christmas. Wasn't there very long. There for work. Didn't take in a lot of sites. Wished I had. It looks very well kept after all these years. Enjoyed your article.

Through back to years ago when I lived in Singapore, X-mas seasons were well decorated amd quiet special to the local people. Wow 1985 was a long time before and there are many changes in all those years. One thing is that Singapore has been done a great job keeping spotless and cared for. :)

Glad you enjoyed the post and I hope you have time to get back and check it out. Thanks for stopping by :)

Wow, this place seems to have a lot of charm. Thank you for sharing with us a little bit of your tour ☺️

There are so much more to see in this small nation and this charm is one of them :)

Thank you for sharing your adventure with us, and your photos are topnotch.

I'm glad you think so and thanks for your heartwarming words ❤

You're welcome 🤗

Wow, the place is beautiful, it's surreal. I like the nature vibes, thanks for sharing the photos❤️

Yes, it's a beautiful place and worth a visit 😊 thanks for stopping by :)

Welcome, share more beautiful places and photos next time🌸
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I know a woman who owns a taser.
She is stunning.

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This place is very different at Night. I went during the night festival a couple of times.
I think the night festival is going on these two weekends but too bad I have to miss it this time.

I would visit it at night if I were still in Singapore. Would be nice to go out during night tune. It was hot when I was there in July.

Thanks for the visit @ace108

You're welcome.

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