Comedy Open Mic Round 5: Winners Announcement

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Round 6 Has Already Began With 40 HBD In Rewards


The quality of posts in this community has been great and it gets better each week. Each round ends with me having a difficult time picking the winners. It's a problem I welcome having, so thank you for posting in this community and showing it support. So, without further delay.

Here Are The Winners of Round 5

Jester Award (20 Hive): @deeanndmathews - Comedy Open Mic Round 5: How To Have the Summer Olympics In Your Own Back Yard
The Bromedian Award: - (4 $BRO from @brofund): @rubido - Getting Medieval
The Joker Award (10 Hive): @hugetiny - Who is the Doctor Who "Looks Like" Kevin Spacey?
Honorable Comedians: 2 Hive each

@rayt2 - What A Fool I Am- No It's Not Funny

@oldsoulnewb - The Great Modem Reset

@por500bolos - Hey! should I mint this Piece Of Art as a highly must have NFT? ¿Would you buy it?

@blanchy - Special Investigation : Fear Grows As LeoFinance Developers Are Thought To Be Stuck in some Kind of Conference Call Space Prison.

@zeraton - Meet Jessica, my A.I Girlfriend: A ComedyOpenMic Contest entry.

Special Valentine Rewards

@lisfabian (4 HBD) - Things that happen dragicomedy of love [En - Es]

@diebitch (2 HBD) - How Valentine's day came about - Fake News

@jessicaossom (2 HBD) - Valentine's Day

@lordtimoty (2 HBD) - Comedy Open Mic Round 5: #valentinescomedy

Your rewards should arrive shortly from the @com-fund and @thisismylife

Round 6 is up and running

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Make sure to check out @improv's latest Punday Monday and comment your best toys pun for a chance to win 1 SBI and 2 HBD. The last round's winner is @doctorcrypto.

The rewards from this post will go to @com-fund so they could be used to fund future contests.


The prizes of round 5 have been sent to the following people:


Hopefully, we see you during round 6.

Congratulations to fellow winners @rubido and @hugetiny, and also to honorable mentions and Valentine specialists @rayt2, @oldsoulnewb, @blanchy, @zeraton, @lisfabian, @diebitch, @jessicaossom, @lordtimoty

There IS, however an error in the post among the honorable mentions: I am not the author of "Hey, Should I Mint This Piece Of Art?" Another winner needs their proper credit!

DAMN IT! @por500bolos did receive his rewards, though. We'll make sure whoever made that mistake is fired. Wait! That's me!

Uh oh ... when you have to fire yourself ... but then hire your replacement ... never mind. It will save you an interview to just stay put ... all that running back and forth around the desk to ask and answer questions ... nah ...

Plus I am an asshole as both interviewer and interviewee, so the process will just make me angry more and more.

So you are unemployable ... but you'd have to fire yourself ... don't do it. You may not be able to get your job back because you don't need to hire you!

Congratulations ma'am

Felicitaciones a los ganadores y un exitoso regreso divirtiéndonos a todos @comedyopenmic especialmente a mí @lisfabian

Congrats to the winners. Thanks for the prize.

Niiice cheers love me some Brofi, thanks for the mention it's always appreciated 👍

You already have them in your wallet, enjoy the daily dividends :)

I certainly will, been meaning to stack up so every bit helps ! Thanks again😁

Smart move :) Enjoy the BROmedian title hehe

@comedyopenmic Thank you, Wow, is that me? No that's not funny 😂

@paulavg and @fantom22 check this post for humor and fun, all the best!

Oh wow, that's cool. Thanks!
Congratulations to:
who somehow are able to create comedy that's not about ventriloquism. I still haven't cracked that nut.

 last year (edited) 

Thank you very much, I am very excited, I have many happy anecdotes, things that have happened to me and I can't stop laughing. And we know that when we learn to laugh at ourselves we never stop.

I am motivated to learn this language and even improve my own and not have to pass my publications to be corrected. I also copy and paste since I don't know much about this language. A big hug I have many anecdotes in drafts. I also have 18 days without internet, my neighbors lend me their passwords to publish hahahahahaha the drama has arrived. I'm excited...thanks for appreciating my effort. I want to write a lot more, so you know I'm happyzzzz.

Muchísimas gracias, estoy muy emocionada, tengo muchas anécdotas felices, cosas que me han pasado y no para de reír. Y a sabemos que cuando aprendemos a reír de nosotros no paramos jamás.

Estoy motivada para aprender este idioma y hasta mejorar el mío y no tener que pasar mis publicaciones para que me las corrijan. También copio y pego ya que de este idioma no se mucho. Un gran abrazo tengo muchas anécdotas en borradores. También tengo 18 días sin internet, mis vecinos me prestan sus claves para publicar jahajahaja ya llegó el drama . Estoy emocionada...gracias por valorar mi esfuerzo. Quiero escribir mucho más, para que sepan que estoy felizzzzz.

I leave our project in this place so that everyone is encouraged to participate

Thank goodness you all survived the calamity! I'm so glad to see you kept the contest going through the Great Reset, it's these little bits of normalcy that help us feel like the world is still the same.