The Comedy Open Mic Contest Round 3 Announcement

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Join the Comedy Open Mic Community

What is COM?

Comedy Open Mic is a community where you share your comedy posts. Can be routines, rants, stories, pet peeves, talking about parts of your day, whatever it may be, just make sure it is humourous.

While at COM, we understand that comedy is subjective, we also know that effort isn't. This community isn't made for low-effort posts. Make sure that your content is original and not lazy.

Introducing the Community Team

In our attempt to look like a normal community we now have a team.

@comedyopenmic: That's the community account. Make sure to give it a follow as soon it should be the account that posts these announcements.

Our Admins

Here is the list of people you could bribe to win.

@amirtheawesome1: He hasn't made a funny post since 2018, so you know he's good at judging how funny you are.

@dandays: He is smart, elegant, and funny. Also, he asked me to tell three false descriptions about him in his introduction.

@brandt: He has created 30 new personalities and accounts since the last post

@cmplxty: His greatest appeal is that he is not Dan, Brandt, or me.

@improv - He's mainly here to hang out and have pun.

@thisismylife - She joined recently and I don't have a comment to add here.

The Rules

  • Use the tag #comedyopenmic and #comtest in your entry and comment a link to your entry on this post.
  • Entries must be in English.
  • Your entry must be posted here originally if you cross-post.
  • You must be subscribed to the community
  • There's no limit set to the number of entries.


Jester Award: 15 HBD
The Bromedian Award: 2 $BRO Tokens - Coming from our sponsors @brofund and @raymondspeaks
The Joker Award: 10 HBD

Lucky Clown: 5 HBD - Winners of one of the previous can still win this. All the participants will be put into a randomized draw, the winner gets the prize.

Honorable Comedians: 10 HBD - 10 HBD Will be distributed among those who had great entries but didn't manage to win any of the above awards.

There will be more surprise prizes.

Other Activities

We will give our dear members more activities in the COMmunity. More things will be added in the future, but for now, make sure to check out and participate in @improv's weekly Punday Monday. You can check out the latest one here. We have added 5 HBD to an already impressive prize pool.

The Entries

Winners of the last round will be announced in a few days. Be patient as this is a manual process.

Here are the entries from round 2

Please make sure to interact and support these awesome people.

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@insaneworks - COM entry: Michelangelo's stuff... No autocorrect no, bad autocorrect! Miscellaneous things
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@strangeverest - My second entry to comedy open mic contest.
@bulldog-joy - Theoretically, it has a bit of a coffee aftertaste!
@buttcoins - COMFORT LEVELS
@oldsoulnewb - Hey baby, I'm into crypto...
@hugetiny - Help Me Find My Soulmate!

To Help the Community Grow

Please interact with other posts and consider reblogging this post for visibility. It would mean a lot if the contest entrants and members, in general, do that.

Round 3 starts now

The contest will run for 7 days until a new round is announced.

The rewards from this post will be used to fund future contests. Please consider subscribing to the Comedy Open Mic Community and reblogging this post. Thank you.


ha,ha,ha,ha it's good that they accept bribes freely. Hey I will use the translator DeepL. Because if I write in English they won't understand anything. I'll try to participate, I already reblogged the post and subscribed to the community

Pick whatever way you go with, very few here have English as first language anyway, including me.

Hope to see more of you around here, thank you for the reblog.

Pretty dark, I admit, but it’s funny to me!


Il throw my name in the hat.
There was trepidation at Hive headquarters (Yes I know we are decentra...

I figured I'd give some comedy a try. Here is my entry.

I can't believe I'm still having fun with this! I just couldn't wait to leave my entry here!

Hey, wadup @amirtheawesome1 and @comedyopenmic admins, I see you guys have begun using the #pob on these posts, that's cool. I'm an official pob & vyb curator, I and the other curators would like to sponsor COM.

You would give out the POB rewards these announcement posts make wouldn't you? Because that's the way we plan on sponsoring, through upvotes. Let me know if that is fine with you.

Also, I don't know how much you know about 'VYB', it is a community within a community, so a community within the POB community. It has it's own token but it's token acts a little different from the POB token, though, it's token comes 100% powered up.

Since our upvotes also give the VYB tokens we are sponsoring with that too if it's okay by you, just make sure to include the #vyb on your posts.

As I said before, the vyb tokens come 100% staked, how would you go about distributing it to winners? Might be a little stressful powering down and then powering up the winners' accounts with it (because the philosophy of the vyb tokens is to always come staked we're including the proposal that it be sent powered up to the winners rather than liquid), what do you say?

Finally, since this is comedyopenmic and funny is the currency, I wouldn't like to leave without saying something funny, so here I go:

Something funny

Yea, I said it. Phew! I can now leave with my balls held high.

images (6) (1).jpeg

We could talk over further on discord if you'd like. My username is AmirTheAwesome1#5402. But for now, you will see this in the new round announcement anyway, we will switch to a contest every two weeks. But either way, whatever we get will get into the contest, what remains is the logistics.

We could talk over further on discord if you'd like. My username is AmirTheAwesome1#5402. But for now, you will see this in the new round announcement anyway, we will switch to a contest every two weeks. But either way, whatever we get will get into the contest, what remains is the logistics.


Sending them directly to the winners makes more sense to be honest. I am very HE dumb, which is why I go to @thisismylife for these things usually.

Okay, I get you. Is there more we need to talk about? You would simply get our support from now on in form of upvotes as long as you remember to use the tags to enable this. Then you would share the rewards however you deem fit.

For the vyb tokens, could @thisismylife help you with the powering up and down? I feel I cannot but insist on the philosophy of the powerup philosophy of the token.

May I ask how long is a VYB power-down exactly? I'd say build the stake for a month (?) then initiate a power-down and use the tokens that come back from that powerdown. Rinse, repeat. Maybe leave a bit of the token for curation rewards to build faster and be able to give out more later this year?

Would that work @nevies? I can help him, no problem.

The power down takes a month. Your idea about leaving it for curation is great too. Why don't you guys chose one of these options and let me know?

 last year (edited) 

I mean we can do both, can't we? Once the contest includes the VYB prize, we set a certain amount, so after a few times, we can just power down what's needed and save the rest for a few months, until it's a bit steady to maybe do a bonus prize (we are planning on special editions, so extra tokens from curation would be used for that). It depends a bit on how much is earned from the sponsorship, we won't change the amount of VYB tokens (prize) each round, so if it's a bit more one time, these are curation rewards. Of course, we can review it every few months.

Edit: we discussed and think that a monthly VYB award is best. We will pick one from both rounds each month and give away a special VYB prize.

Ah, that's great! Lovely to see you guys on board for sponsorship @nevies!

Thanks @thisismylife, who wouldn't love the COM?😀

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

This is beautiful.. I hope to get some good laughs from these highlighted posts.

Holla! This be's my entry.