Shades Of Men - The End

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Hello everyone,

It is with great pleasure that I am concluding today my own graphic novel Shades of Men.

We have reached 135 pages and it is time to end this adventure. To soften the landing this week, you get two pages instead of one!

Let's see how everything wraps up!




This is it.

The end!

I started drawing Shades Of Men in August 2012. A little less than 9 years ago.

I knew from the very start that it would take me a long time to finish as I had planned for that many pages. However, I thought it would take me 3 years to complete max. I simply tripled that.

Even tough the project did not create the following I was hoping for, the goal was to get the story out of my system and share it to the world. I can happily say that I succeeded in that regard.

Below some progress pics for these last pages:



So now, what is the plan?

Print the damn thing!

I'll be going over the stock of pages, spotting typos, and major art issues.
In that regard, I do not wish to redraw original content but might correct some of the major issues I noticed in early pages. I also wish to fix the font I used which changed along the way.

Feel free to share you thoughts before the final edit. You can read everything here or more smoothly on Inkito.

I might also translate the story into french to share with friends and family but only if I find the time.

And that's it. I'm glad I'm able to move on to various other projects without feeling guilty. I will be focusing primarily on the redesign of Inkito (@inkito) my Hive front end for story tellers. So expect more content about that.

Thank you so much for following this story for all these years. I promise I'll keep on drawing!

See you on the other side,


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Yay for finishing! Does it feel good? :D

only 9 years damn x_x

What do you mean ambulance is full just follow in the car, do they not send for additional ambulances if they need them over there? D:

Good luck with the printing :D

Any more stories in the works or just smaller projects and Inkito (which is the opposite of a small project XD) now?

Yep that feels good. I wonder what I'll do in the commute now...

Indeed, they could have called for another ambulance but I guess it would have taken too much time. They can actually take up to 15 minutes to come. I think they didn't expect so many casualties!

Just Inkito for now. The problem with me is that I never do small projects. It's a curse I think! ;-)

Can relate. All of my art projects are actually part of one giant one x_x