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Ancient Gods - Page 107 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

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Introduction to this weeks page

For the whole period where I have written and drawn Phill from GCHQ I have had endless problems with my health. I have become what you in Britain call a sad git. Now after one of those three month hiatus I am finally ready to post the last three pages of the second album (I plan to make three albums).

This page takes up after the strange and surprising cliffhanger of page 106 where Gwendolyn Knight, the self-appointed high priestess of the small cult of the three, evil Celtic Gods, revealed that she really do have some pretty vivid supernatural powers.

The entities named in the page are:

The fair folk - fairies

Broonies - A Scottish version of the Brownie, old house gods that I fancy because they remind me of the Scandinavian nisse/tompte.

The Morrígan are old war and fate Gods of Ireland associated with the crow. Sometimes they are seen three women. The crow (and one of these three battle Goddesses) is called Badb in Old Gaelic - a name that was also the nickname of Gwendolyns mother, Barbara.

Nicnevin - A Scottish Witch and faerie Queen.

Cernunnos - The horned God. Found in very old Thracian Celtic and Gallic imagery, so compared to the above more folklorist creatures the antlered man is documented a very old God (the other could very well be even older, but we don’t know as they are from a oral tradition). The name is found on a pillar in France, and the God is obviously connected to the woodlands. Today he is important to a lot of modern anachronistic so called pagan religions like for example the Wicca religion.

Taranis - Also a very old Celtic God known from the Gundestrup Caldron and from Gaul. A thunder God with a wheel and a thunderbolt as his attributes.

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I have become what you in Britain call a sad git.

Being ill would not give you this kind of name. Hope you are on the road to recovery..., it's not that COVID thing is it?

PS.. there's a lot of naked people in your latest episode... I mean more than the general amounts.

No, I know that illness in itself does not make you a sad git, but after a while when self pity and childishness kick in it does. But it is not Covid this time - injury and infection in the foot plain and simple. I already had covid actually - in November and December. I didn't get ill at all and probably wouldn't had noticed if not for the test - just a sore back and slight fatigue. My youngest daughter brought it home from school and we succeeded in just me and her being ill - my wife and eldest daughter was spared. But as the whole family had to quarantine for three and a half week it was very annoying - I think you can go back and see that i didn't post much back then either.

Those nude people are generally Gods. When I let the heathen past wreck revenge on modern day UK they do it in the nude to spite those post Victorian prudes that has taken their country and filled it with supermarkets and roundabouts. This time it is even worse as it is Americans that are being attacked so an extra amount of pagan nudity was needed.

Reminds me of a horror film I saw a few years back, I think it was called the camping trip or something. Basically about a group of friends trying to move past the grief and guilt of their best friend being murdered and then they end up being pursued by one of Loki's offspring

Yes, better not annoy those folklore creatures. Was it Norwegian? The Norwegians have made some good horror films these last years.

You definitely want that lot on your side. I think most people would just freak out on seeing them.

Hope your health issues improve. Thanks for keeping this story going all these years.


I am better now and my old protestant work morale is also back, so I will do my best to lead the story all the way to its end - which will be in the next album :)

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