Phill from GCHQ - page 94 - Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia - Page 94 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

Previous page: Phill from GCHQ - page 93 - The Funeral

Complete index can be seen here (but all the link lead to Steemit which I will have to fix!): Phill from GCHQ - index

Introduction to this weeks page

This page, like the one that came before it, concerns itself with a huge sub-plot of the Phill from GCHQ story - Among other things it involves the life of MI6 operative Eleanor Knight, the childhood of Gwendolyn and the relationship between Eileen (a former MI5 recruiter and handler) and her former recruit Judith Gunn (an MI6 agent of the double-o sort).

I tend to love back stories myself and as Phill from GCHQ is made without any other limitations than my own ideas of what a story should be like I have had a lot of digressions and back stories - we are definitely not finished yet, because there is a whole story about what happened between Eileen and Judith. It will have to wait for the third and last album though.

Happy reading.


Thanks to some very dedicated and helpful people the comic about Phill from GCHQ can also be read in other languages. New pages are published on their respective Steemit pages. Please follow them and support their work!

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Cool stuff. Loving the artwork.

Looks like a typo in the post text 'Eleanor Knigt'.


My peakd is not really working. Seems they have some problems. I have had a hard time commenting lately and often gives up. But thanks. I am rather happy with this one too.

I'll fix the typo...

It's worth trying different nodes. You can now select to have peakd switch nodes automatically. I am still not sure how this affected by Keychain as that lets you select a node too. It mostly works for me, but after commenting it does not refresh properly. The hardfork was a while ago now, but they are still sorting things out.

Will there be something special for page 100?

OK, auto-node actually helped. That's great.

I will probably do a small celebration on page 100, but on page 109 the second album will be finished so that will be the real milestone. When printing you you have sheets that is 70x100 cm and if you fold it you will get 16 pages. For that reason in the old times comics was always 46 pages plus a title page and a colophon page - or (like Tintin) 62 pages + title and colophon. The second album will be 64 pages so 16 pages more than the first and it will lead up to a major stand off between the CIA and Phill on New Years Eeve 2016/17!

This looks really great! I've only read this one page, but I immediately made a connection with the field of psychology, and its diagnoses of cray cray for anyone who cannot conform within a very narrow band of "acceptable" behavior. A whole lot of that acceptable behavior now seems cray cray to me. Might not be your intention, but that is what your work put into this reader's head. Excellent. I'll be headed over to read the rest.

It is at least one of my intentions. In fiction you can always turn things up side down, but I do like to also keep things in an ambiguous state. I am sure Gwendolyn would be hospitalised if only the British society knew that she existed. I studied drawings of Schizophrenic artists before making the page and they often have a lot of eyes staring at you from the paper or canvas. If you embark on the grand tour and read the whole comic, you will see that Phill, the main character, ends up in a small group living as far away from the mainstream as you can do, and that they are the sanest people in the whole comic.

OOOhh! I love that! The first thing I thought of when I saw this page was a tarot card, the seven of cups.

Is it possible to buy hardcopy of this comic? I'm trying to unplug.

I hadn't thought about the tarot, actually. I have gone into deep research of the Celt though and mostly built the rituals and magic on the sources and archaeological evidence of the Roman age. There is also a fascinating Irish Celtic mythos, but I have tried to use as little of that as possible. I used God's names from that period though.

It is indeed possible to buy a copy of the first 48 pages. I made a Kickstarter in the spring and is selling it from my website. You can see here:

order #1263 is mine all mine!

I'll pack it up and send it immediately. Which name should I use when signing, owasco or your real name?

I like Owasco. My name is Stacey btw, def preferred to that other one on my credit card.

Owasco it is :)

Nice, it reminds me of the new TV Show on Netflix: Utopia.

I tried to find it on my mother's Netflix. But I have looked it up and it's Amazon it seems. But now I've seen the trailer and looks interesting. My comic is more about surveillance, outsiders and the UK, but it might have similarities anyway.

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