Witch one...

Well, I can see that my last post is three month old - the last page in the second album of Phill. Then I sort of disappeared.

The thing is that I (again) have been ill, and that I recently about a month ago was a bit handicapped, and had a hard time using my right hand. So this one page comic is made solely with my left hand!


I am getting better again and am consulting a rheumatologist who says I can get back to normal. But in this process I have realised that I am terribly unambidextrous. It has been a bit of a fight, but also interesting. After more than six month of being hindered by some sort of gout, I have at least learned some new motor skills and I have also been reading a lot… among the reading you will find the Quran which inspired this comic page.

Even though the concept of monotheism was old at the time it seems to have been new and wondrous to Muhammad, and it is a hardcore version that is presented in the Quran. So I sort of invented my own God for the purpose of this page. It took many hours to complete this page with the awkward hand.

Well, I have been working when I was not hindered these last three month and I also have comics and artwork that I can post, some of it (a comic) I even let my wife help out with so it will (due to her... colourful personality) be under some not safe for work, minors, and sensitive persons warning and under the Dark Katharsisdrill umbrella.

I have also helped my brother @evilhippie with his Kickstarter, but I will write about that another day. (I made the film together with my daughter @scarlet-rain.)

Thank you @steevc and @slobberchops for asking to my condition and whereabouts and... well, much appreciated.


Welcome back! I've been worried about you! I see there was some reason to be. (I tried emailing you, and asked around some.) I hope you are very much on the mend. It must be awful to not be able to draw, which, as I understand it, has been a main occupation of yours since you were very young. This looks really good! Left hand or no.

I look forward to your adding Islam to your stories. While I believe in as many gods as @steevc does, there is much to be learned from an exploration of Islam.

Thank you, @owasco! Things have been a little frustrating I must admit, but I am slowly getting better. I have been working, but slowly.

As for the Quran... it is a very special book - being inside the head of the prophet is so much different than having some educated Greeks write testimonials 100 years after (like the new testament). Special and also a bit problematic even compared to other religious books. That is at least my impression having read a bit more than halfway through it :)

It's good to see a new post from you. I'm sure it has been a frustrating time if you could not do your usual drawing or some other activities. Still it seems you can draw better with your 'weaker' hand than most of us could do at our best and of course the ideas are a bit part of it.

I happen to believe in one less god than the monotheists. Multi-god theologies seem to have been popular in various cultures and they do seem to make for more interesting stories. Have you seen the art @atheistrepublic come up with? I think they enjoy upsetting the believers, but then a lot of religion is pretty crazy.

Hope to see much more from you soon, but getting better is the priority.

Be well.


Well, I haven't been in that sparkling mood that I normally am. Not being able to work is annoying to say the least. But then the left hand got some practice and I learned something about myself... Not all bad.

As for God and Gods I am not much of a religious person myself. I seldom find the origins of malicious behaviour in the religion itself, although it obviously is one of the best excuses. People are greedy for power, that is the worst trait of our species. I haven't seen @atheistrepublic's art until now :) But as you know I do not shy away from enjoying provocative things.

I have a lot of projects that I would like to fire up, but right now I just take it one thing at a time.

Thanks, mate.

I'd be frustrated if I couldn't play music. I have an issue with my right hand that may not improve, but I'll keep playing whilst I can.

The @evilhippie project looks cool. Not my thing, but I hope it goes well. I still have my Phill characters on my desk and they make me smile.






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It's nice to read your blog post once again. Welcome back and please do get well soon.

Thank you :) Nice to hear from you too.

Considering you are using the 'wrong hand' I see little difference in the art. Welcome back.

Nah, it is not half bad actually, a bit more shaky, but that adds some artiness to it. Biggest problem is that it takes 10 times as long to make it.

Welcome back.

Hey, welcome back! I always enjoy your work. Even left handed your work is still superb!

It doesn't sound like you'll "feel better soon," but I do hope you're able to keep your spirits up. Good to see you again!

Thanks! I am happy if I can work :)

Where there's a will, there's a way. Well done on the page - and I just checked out @evilhippie Kickstarter. Those 3D miniatures look great!

Isn't this awesome? 🔥

I am glad to hear that you are alright, safe and sound

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