Nerd By Northwest #291 – “Paladin School Dropout”

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We discover more about Sir Marko's blemished past...

Nerd By Northwest #291 – “Paladin School Dropout”
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And with that last line, there goes my comic's "PG" rating... 😏

But anyway, on the subject of paladins... I myself haven't played a paladin in AGES. Was never much interested in them, either as a truly virtuous holy warrior or one of those good yet flawed heroes along the lines of Batman. But one angle I DID find appealing for the class is as parody or comic relief, and so Lady Karen of Wokemoor was born!

Now since our heroes already have more than enough adventurers in the party (especially with the recent addition of Pickles the goblin artificer), I felt it was time to create a set of adventuring rivals for our heroes. Lady Karen isn't the only character I've wanted to introduce, and this gives me a chance to bring in others on a semi-regular basis... much like I did with Magnus the Magnificent. Also this gives Dan (who as DM seldom gets to appear in the D&D story arcs) a chance to be seen more often. It's just my way of telling the dungeon masters out there "thank you for your service"... 😉

Lastly, I'll be taking a break for the holidays. But I'll be back in mid-January with more comics!

(P.S. - To read more about Sir Marko's sordid background & history as a paladin trainee wash-out, check out Sir Marko's character profile here.)

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PG rating is over rated... (Pun intended)

I am so happy to see Karen back.


Yup, I'm not even remotely done with Lady Karen of Wokemoor yet... 😁

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

of Wokemoor !LUV

Merry Christmas!

As an occasional DM, let me offer you a !BEER! I think I staked enough for this now...

Thanks! Merry Christmas and thank you for your DM service... 😁

Have a great Christmas. I'm not sure Hive cares too much about content ratings :)


I suppose my apprehension has less to do with an arbitrary rating and more to do with me not wanting to explain the joke to my children... 😏

Anyway, thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

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