Nerd By Northwest #292 – “Moral Fiber”

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Tell-tale sign you're just not cut out to be a paladin...

Nerd By Northwest #292 – “Moral Fiber”
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On the topic of Karens, a few weeks ago we came across a real charmer while waiting for our flight in Seattle. She was at the counter by the gate telling the airline employee all the special requirements she needed for the flight, and near the end she said loudly and full of outrage, "and there are three people sitting over there NOT WEARING THEIR MASKS!!!".

To her credit, the airline employee didn't engage with that last comment or hassle the people who had their masks down or off (one of whom was simply eating). So there's still a bit of hope for humanity.

But it was fascinating, and more than a bit depressing, observing how some people behave while we've been here in the USA. So much more nastiness, fear, nosiness, and attention-seeking behavior... especially here in western Washington. This lady was far from the only example I've seen during this trip, but she was the most blatant. I can't help but wonder what was going on in her mind. Was she REALLY concerned about getting sick from people sitting more than 10 meters away? Or is it because, like many, she imagines herself as a modern-day paladin and this is her crusade?

Then again, maybe she was just cranky because Santa filled her stocking full of pig crap & rotting fish... 😁

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Great way to impress with art. Rehived this one.

Thanks so much. I appreciate the interest and the re-hive!

Some people love an opportunity to judge others and recent times have provided plenty of opportunities. I do feel for any ladies called Karen though. Name-calling is such a low blow.


I've definitely picked up a vibe here in the States in some people, even amongst a few friends & family. Namely, an extreme intolerance of opposing or differing opinions combined with a tendency to say vicious things about those who are not conforming to their 'tribal ideology' (for the lack of a better term). Sometimes here in the US I feel more like an outsider than I do in Mongolia... I may look very different from the norm over there, but it's very "live and let live" and I'm not constantly judged for being different. The current state of American culture & society bums me out big time, but at least I can still make jokes about it... 😏


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Well, you know, truth be told, most people probably wouldn't appreciate the pig crap and rotting fish, but there are certainly all types of people in the world, so who knows? 😂

This reminds me of a conversation I had with my college roommate a gazillion years ago in college. There's a really long story behind it I won't bore you with, but the punch line came during dinner, when my roommate had this to say: "I had an interesting interaction this morning. I was walking out back to the car and I saw our neighbour. We made eye contact. I said 'Hi' and he said 'Hi' back. I then realised that he is, in fact, also a person."