Exploring "Grote Markt and St.-Bavokerk" in Haarlem, Netherlands - Part 1

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I can't exactly remember when I visited Haarlem but definitely it was before I visited Zaandam, the city of the Netherlands. Despite all of my obsessive thoughts and feelings, I go out, take a walk and explore the city. I am not a tourist so I just go to a city, walk around, buy drinks, and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. It helps me calm my mind and keeps me away from having destructive thoughts. Besides, the way I live now is way more different than my usual lifestyle and it bothers me a lot. Besides my doctors always suggest going out and enjoying my time. Definitely, it helps and the things I liked to do before, exploring cities was one of them.

Anyway, let's talk a little bit about this charming, full of history and the medieval city of Haarlem. This city not only holds the prominent history of Dutch culture but also is a city of museums, enclosed courtyards, and a cathedral. Not only Haarlem is a nice city for tourists but also a beautiful city where you can live peacefully. I am not a very historical-minded person and that's why I often struggle to write about a city's history. This post won't be enough to explain my whole exploration so I am going to write only a part of my walk today. Besides, I also have taken thousands of photos finally of the city and will definitely share them with you soon; part to part.


It was a sunny Wednesday and as I don't work now, so I can go out whenever I want to. As you know, a sunny spring day means you definitely have to go out for freshness and relaxation. Haarlem city was never on my list but due to my health condition, I didn't want to go far away from the city where I am currently staying. I feel risky often and not ready for any kind of unusual challenges. So, after Amsterdam, I found that Haarlem is the nearest city that is worthy to spend a beautiful spring Wednesday.




It takes around 40 minutes to reach Haarlem from my place, it depends on which train you are traveling. I normally avoid Amsterdam Central Station but if I see the distance, I don't hesitate to go there. Besides, whenever I learned that Haarlem is a less crowded city than Amsterdam and a city famous for architecture, I couldn't keep myself from visiting Haarlem. My initial plan was to stay in Haarlem for 2 hours but I have spent around 5 hours there. Why, you will know slowly as I am going to show you the locations and architectural buildings I have seen.

After reaching Haarlem station, I was scared and confused a little bit. I was thinking what if I get lost and cannot come back safely; but seeing a nice amount of tourist groups around me, I push myself to walk and start exploring the city with the help of Google Maps.

20230425_142855.jpgIn front of the train station, the bus station was also located and after crossing the bus station, I ended up in a big square. Then I started checking the map and started to walk finally following a big street surrounded by beautiful medieval architectural buildings.


While walking I felt energetic because I was kind of relating myself to my past; when I used to walk like this in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Obviously, the cityscape was completely different but somehow I was feeling that pleasure and energy. I don't know from where I had got that inspiration or motivation, I asked my doctor and she has given me a smile.

The street was busy, but it didn't bother me. Normally when I go to Amsterdam or big cities, I feel anxious but in Haarlem, I didn't feel that. I noticed people in Haarlem are more friendly and not robotic. They live life, do daily activities and I think that impression helped me to explore the city for 4-5 hours. Of course, tourists were there but not like Amsterdam. As I said, I had chosen a less crowded city for a walk.


20230425_143001.jpg20230425_143005.jpgI stopped on a bridge of the river called Spaarne to smoke. Well, I thought it was a canal as I have seen all over the Netherlands but it was a river.

Surprisingly I look down and saw this beautiful outdoor restaurant area where people were enjoying food and amazing riverside scenery. Well, I couldn't figure out the location of the restaurant though.

One of the characteristics of Haarlem I figured under the bridge :D.


One thing I understood while walking on the street is that the city is very alive, and lively. Cafes were open, people were relaxing while having drinks, and kids were walking around with their families. A lot of antique shops, pawn shops, and souvenir shops were around. I saw antique watches, crockeries, and paintings as well.



After 25 minutes of walking, finally, I reached Grote Markt. Grote Markt is the center of Haarlem where beautiful architectural buildings, museums, city hall, and St.-Bavokerk (De Grote of Sint Bavokerk te Haarlem) are located.

The Grote or St.-Bavokerk is a Gothic-style architecture medieval cruciform church situated in the middle of the city center. Because of its impressive Gothic-style architecture, many people around the world come to Haarlem. The church contains beautiful Renaissance artworks and is UNESCO-protected. But unfortunately, I didn't go inside.



I was astonished by the details of this church, I would say this church is worth seeing.


As you can see, I have taken a lot of photos. After my mental breakdown, somehow I lost interest in taking photos but it was in Haarlem where I had found back my old energy again for a while.


"Stadhuis Haarlem", Medieval Townhall in Haarlem


Archaeological Museum Haarlem, the entrance is free. Located near St.-Bavokerk


I enjoyed Kermis in Haarlem city center...


Beautiful exterior of a building- function: shop


"Grote Markt" Haarlem

My walk and exploration are not finished yet but I have to finish the post here. Until next time...



I am @priyanarc.... An architect, a dreamer, and a passionate writer who loves to write about life. I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way I can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

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All images used are captured by the author...


Wow, Im really jealus for netherlands it looks amazing.... The pictures you shared of Grote Markt and St. Bavokerk are absolutely stunning, and it seems like you had a wonderful time exploring the city. I dont know how but even the air looks fresh.😯😯
The bike roads look amazing, and I wish we had such beautiful bike lanes in Istanbul as well. 🙄🤔 Your post has definitely inspired me to add Haarlem to my travel bucket list. Thank you for sharing your experience! 🤗🤗🙏🙏

Architecture often attracts me and I always find inspiration whenever I see different buildings which have historical meaning. Istanbul is busy as far as I know but here bike lanes are more prominent. Amsterdam is different though. Thank you for stopping by...

I love Holland, it feels a little bit like home to me..
I've been to Amsterdam, which needs a revisit, but there are so many more places I still need to explore. This is one of them.
Thank you for this wonderful post! 😃

Holland is really nice and has a lot of locations to explore. I would suggest you make a plan before coming to Holland and you will definitely enjoy your moments here...

I can assure you that you will enjoy your day trip to Haarlem.

I love the architecture in Netherlands

Me too and don't forget about the canals and windmills... :D

👌 Keep them coming. Great post, beautiful city, and positive vibes.

Have an amazing weekend 😀

Beautiful city, with enjoyable walks and amazing architecture. Moreover a less crowded city...Happy Weekend...

I enjoyed your post. You are doing great! ❤️

Ya, slowly slowly I am going towards the light and going back to the normal life...

I'm so pleased for you. Just take your time. X

I just hope I only go forward now, not backward...

Through your photos, it's sure that Haarlem is a great place to spend in that beautiful weather. I don't know that it's still spring over there. I like the architect of the buildings, it's great idea to build them in the same architect and the colors are great too.

We are having spring over here and this is one part of Haarlem, I will share other locations soon, one post won't explain this cultural city. I don't know if these buildings were designed by the same architect but to preserve the history and Dutch architecture, all building designs were the same except the church. Thank you for reading my post...

Happy weekend...

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Thank you so much...

The structure of European building is always amazed me. I really wish to visit many countries in Europe one day. It's like a piece of heaven which fell to the Earth. Wonderful.

Great Post, Thanks for sharing

Yes, I agree. Europe is rich in architecture and culture and a perfect continent to explore. There are so many locations I want to visit but very expensive though... :D

Time well spent, my friend. This exploration of places is giving you great benefits. I love it when you said, you found your old energy back! Keep going! 💪

Beautiful photography as usual, of these impressive medieval architectural buildings that are obviously well preserved. Awesome Netherlands! Thanks for sharing all these infos and photos. I wish someday, I'll see Netherlands, too. 😉

you found your old energy back

Yes for a while and I am happy about it.

If you ever plan to explore Europe, keep Netherlands in mind... :D

Very happy for you, too dear friend. 😊

Of course, Netherlands will be on top of my list...

Hello, good photos. Personally I like places that have a long history.

I think it's good that you go out to see other places from time to time, I think that helps calm your mind and maintain a healthy interest in this world.

It amuses me a little to think that the tour groups were helpful in getting to the site :)

I am glad to read that visiting the city helped you remember your pleasant walks from previous years, I would really like this feeling to give you continuous improvement.

!GIF wish you all the best

I think it's good that you go out to see other places from time to time, I think that helps calm your mind and maintain a healthy interest in this world.

It started with a short walk around with a cup of coffee and slowly I started going to less crowded and interesting locations. I avoid crowded trains as well and often try to avoid crowds. I also choose a silent zone on the train so that I keep calm.

tour groups were helpful in getting to the site

I just followed them blindly :D hahaha...

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Haarlem is so beautiful! I love those old buildings, they have a great heritage.

I am glad that you continue with your recovery, finding yourself at ease again and going out to enjoy such a spectacular spring day.

I can’t wait for seeing the next part! Sending a big !HUG , dear. ❤️🤗

Dear @priyanarc, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @palomap3.

I am glad that you continue with your recovery, finding yourself at ease again and going out to enjoy such a spectacular spring day.

I was also not expecting that I would love to be in such cities but eventually, I felt good and that's what matters the most to me. I hope such explorations will help me calm down, recover and find myself again...

I will share more about Haarlem soon... There are so many unique things to share...

I'm sure you're going to share many, many beautiful things. You needed to stop to listen to you and assume everything you've been through in a short time. Now you will start building again on better foundations. 😘❤️

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Fantastic to see all this beautiful architecture of Haarlem Priyan, and even better that you felt safe in this place and could enjoy it, that is really great to hear, have an awesome Sunday ahead.


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Que hermosa ciudad!