Most newbies focus on Outcomes more than Process

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I might be wrong but I have been noticing this situation for a while. In fact, our society has a weird obsession for outcomes, people want to see results/ outcomes but they don't see process or progress. If you notice your surroundings carefully, you will understand easily what I am trying to discuss.

Recently, I started noticing the younger generation basically their psychology. One thing I can tell you clearly about their thoughts is that they think about the short term which also can be defined as short-cut ways. They are focused on outcomes more than progress and they are impatient. Especially, I am seeing this attitude in the 21st generation. They always put themselves into the life race, follow trends and if somehow they notice no benefits or no outcomes, they just lose their patience and do something else.

I can relate to my days... I will not say that I was not impatient but I was also focused on progress because I knew someday I will see the outcome...


We are living in the modern digital world which is a new era of revolution. We are more dependent on the digital world more than the analog world. We have options and enormous choices. Sometimes I feel because of enormous choices, the new generation feels confused, they want to grab everything and just want to see success. Their goals are more focused on the outcome. What I mean is if you don't try how do you expect outcomes.

I can give you several examples :

Suppose, an 18 years old boy is thinking about career more than study. I mean they are focused on more than money rather than focusing on their education level. There can be many reasons, some think about a career because of need and necessity. I am not comparing and talking about those. Now, you can say, education doesn't matter, practical life matters. Hmm, I agree but if you don't have a desire to learn how you can earn money.

Now, let me give you another example, many people come here on hive thinking about rewards especially newbies think that HIVE is all about rewards and their expectation is high. So, they just think of shortcut income without establishing themselves and as their thinking is for short term, so they just look for benefits and go away when they don't see desire rewards. On the other hand, some just come here for free money that's all...

Please don't take me otherwise, but I got so many dm's from newbies and I have dealt with this type of situation.


I can understand that life is all about making money, power, and positions but you have to earn it. If you want a reputation and money, definitely you have to earn it because it's not easy...

If you want a different outcome, you need to tweak your process — not give up your goal, buy another course, or get angry at people who are achieving the same goal.

I am not against anything, because I always believe I am no one to judge someone's life and perspective. Everybody has their own reasons.

Some want quick fame and some want to earn a reputation...

It's all about mentality...


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The learning process will help them to have good progress on the platform for sure. A learning heart is definitely important! !tip

Yes, the learning heart is important otherwise I guess they can't stay here for a long time...It's not impossible here to survive, newbies just need to wait and engage more...

This is an evil that the society of young people of the world lives dear friend @priyanarc I don't know what happens to them that they want easy things with the minimum effort, they are impatient and they want to see the results now.
I love the vision you have of the subject, despite being very young.
I really appreciate that you touched on this topic.
have a wonderful night dear friend

I think if we want we can spread words but also I consider consumers because the new generation is not ready for the long term.
I also analyzed their intention of becoming famous, following trends which are really frustrating because they just seek followers and believe in short time fame...


hello dear friend @priyanarc good day
You know what's worse, that the more the years go by, the boys' attitudes are getting worse.
It is not something that is going to improve, and that is because they are children of people with that new way of thinking.

I think this is because of generation and maybe I became too backdated then...

I was going to put that in my comment, that perhaps in our way of thinking they do not see as outdated

You're a knowledgeable person. You addressed some deep subjects in your article.

  • What’s your opinion about the measures of our new normal?

I am liberal seeing the current situation of our new normal life which we are also defining measurements. It's hard to explain because we were not ready for this.
I think patience is really important, I can understand money issue but hopefully, soon there will be solutions too.

Last year:

  • we didn't wear masks.
  • we didn't practice social distancing.

What's different this year?
Our leaders imposed some measures that reduce our liberties so they have the burden of proof.

What's the proof?

I agree with you, sometimes I feel it's a part of politics to create fear. But I also feel it's a pandemic created by human against nature...

Nothing stopped our leaders to reduce our freedom with zero proof so far, so

What stops them to continue reducing our freedom?

Maybe the voice of people, You can't control or snatch everything from a democratic country. People are not blind and when they will understand that there is no freedom, there will be voice...

How can we help people understand?
What do you think?

I completely agree with you.
there are so many types of people that you say. They prioritize income more than the process of moving forward.
they want to get lots of money right away.
there are many of my friends who think like that.

I introduced hives to many friends, and now most of them stop. the reason is as you say. want to directly get a lot of money. but when posting a little value, my friends stop a lot.

You're right: it's good to see beyond money, especially now when we're losing our freedom.
Nothing stopped our leaders to reduce our freedom with zero proof so far, so
What's gonna stop them to continue reducing our freedom?

i don't believe making money is enough. In vain you make money, as long as you live in a zero freedom world.
What do you think?

Some people still stuck in centralized world and they just only know real money, paper money/ FIAT. So, it's hard to explain as I have mentioned that it's hard to understand the psychology of people and mentality. You can't change the mentality suddenly...

So What's your suggestion: to give up our freedom?

No, I am not saying to give up freedom but personally I feel there should be limitations too. For example, if we discuss being free or freedom then one thing we should keep in mind that because of freedom both parties will be free, then powerful people will be freer to abuse their power and start dominating on weakness because they will say it's their freedom and they can do whatever they want. The scenario can be different and can turn into negative as well. So, we have to think about the advantages and disadvantages as well...

What can we do to prevent a negative scenario?
What do you think?

I agree with you completely, One of my friends already left and others stopped posting. They have different points of view, some think they should focus on real money business rather than giving time on crypto. Some take it as passive income and don't even care...

Nothing to say because perhaps they are right from their point of view and they only see their benefits. Where they see benefits, they just go there...

Happy Sunday friend