Motherhood is a Special Role

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I love this community because it is about people who play a special role in life no matter if you have children of yout own or not. Women can choose to be a mother for all the children of thee world. Our maternal feelings are nested in our hearts. Sometimes many women say not to this kind of feelings, but the majority love being mothers to the point that they can assume the role even with strangers.

When I decided to have a family I didn't have idea of how many children I was going to have. I was blessed with 5 children, all boys. I never asked for a girl because inside me I knew they were going to be males, and my husband knew it too, so that we didn't waste time asking for a baby girl.

To have 5 boys was a real challenge, and I think it would be the same challenge if it had being 5 girls. The sex doesn't matter in raising children because you have to spend time and energy, to develop creativity and to be ready to search for knowledge if it is necessary, no matter the sex of the children.

It is important to be sure that you want to have children, and at the same time you have to be emotionally prepared to accept the consecuences of being a mother. The only person you choose to love in the world is your couple, but children can be a surprise. Children can be noisy, naughty, can have physical problems, defects, bad behavior. Life is not perfect, so that we have to make room for the abnormalities that can appear in that process of being a mother.

Motherhood is beautiful, when I had my first baby I didn't have time to cry of emotion because delivery got complicated and I had too much pain, but after the second day I started to enjoy the emoition of being a mother. My second birth I cried a lot because my baby died, in the third my baby got sick, the forth baby was a very difficult delivery and I had more than 3 months to recover from it, and the last baby was another difficult delivery, he had to be placed in an incubator, and I had to go to the clinic everyday to feed him until he got better.

I loved this role of being a mother and though I had to go through many painful situations I was willing to pay the price. The rest of the story was beautiful. They were healthy children, clever and very quiet. I was sad I could't have more because I wanted to have a total of 6. I was willing to face all the difficulties that presented.

Mothers love their children, no matter how difficult life is and usually they pay the price to keep them protected, and they are willing to face all the circunstancies that will bring happiness to them.

All the photos were taken in 1982. This photos are of my first son.