The End of a Creative Streak.

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The week has had its bumpy times but it's time to address the main issue. There are no rants about things that can't be solved. Life is what it is and I accept that much. Complaining from time to time is just a exercise of kiai.

That's when martial artists shout while doing some kata or other things. It is a release of energy that helps keep some measure of control and concentration while performing their routines. It is also kind of scary when you see it first hand. Could also be thought as funny. Depends on your perspective.

However, it is cathartic. For the moment, my complaining isn't getting me anywhere, so I thought it is time to settle down with doing stuff and keep pushing through the days until better times come.

Something weird happened since I went back to regular exercise last week and got a rest day today. I got all philosophical. Right now, as I'm writing this, I feel like my creative streak has come to an end. It isn't like I don't have ideas for making content. There's a lot of those lately. I just don't feel like making the effort for posts. Weird thing since my blog has come back from the murky waters of inactivity.

But I guess I was burning the candle at both ends. It was great getting all that interaction and votes and else.

Now rest is necessary. There will be another content creation challenge for October and I haven't stopped posting since August. It seems crazy. If you would have asked me about that idea, I might have said I didn't have it in me. Posting daily is a challenge even when you have the time. It is necessary to keep a measure of quality in all we do. Especially as rep keeps going higher. Mistakes should be avoided and there's more pressure. But all comes from within.

I think it is a fine exercise to try creating content when motivation and inspiration are at their lowest. I remember reading something @tarazkp wrote about that topic. I can't pinpoint the date, but it must have been a whole ago since I can't remember when.

Having to use the other resources at hand must be the way to go once the muse goes mute and we left with our ideas to fend for themselves.

It isn't easy. And it sucks. Royally.

I guess it was about time my run of cheerfulness for posts finally stopped. I saw it coming form a mile ago, but kept going since I wanted to get an idea of how much it would last. It was around a month and 3/4. It isn't a lot considering there are some titans of content creation that do a lot more than I. But there's a lot to learn and thread until I get to that point. And once I'm there, chances are it won't feel like it's enough.

The weirdest part of this whole thought process is the fact that there are things in my brain that only seem to work when my body is more active. I wonder if having normal levels of serotonin is actual bad for my creativity. I have read around some places that artists tend to crave sadness because it inspires their work. I thought that being away from fiction and poetry would keep me save form going to the dark place of inspiration for a while.

Alas, I'm here greeting darkness like an old friend rather than rejecting it. Surely it brings lessons in its tendrils. And I'm all about learning.

This gets me back to another concept of martial arts mushin . That roughly translates to beginner's mindset. It is the best way to address problems and finding solutions sometimes. If we are stiff towards this kind of issues, chances are we will break under the weight of anything.

Like the old oak. Crushed under the snow. That's part of the story behind Judo.

Having this mindset also means we are willing to learn form others. Let out ego aside and get the information we need to help is push through and keep moving forward.

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The secret of creative people is in rest, so don't get discouraged, relax, consume a lot of content that inspires and pleases you (without thinking about work or publishing, just enjoy) and then creativity will come on its own 💡💡

Creativity is a muscle that you train, write every day you can (not everything will be good) but in constancy is the key.

And I agree with what you say sometimes, you just need to see things as a beginner and see everything as if it was the first time.

Don't worry creativity will come to you when you least expect it!!!!

Thanks for the words of encouragement. They mean a lot! I guess it's just stress from other things I need to do getting on the way of content creation. Maybe today when I finally settled them, everything will be ok.

I'm meant to be doing a year's worth of posts without missing one, but currently I'm too busy and too - well, meh - to bother. I'm trying, but I have lost my creative spark. I can't be bothered doing creative writing which I love. It'll come back to me though.

Complaining never does get us anywhere. That's why I hardly rant on HIVE - sometimes I do, then I don't publish! I have one in my drafts that I was going to publish but it makes me sound privileged and grumpy and that's nto what I wanted to achieve.

You, however, have a lot to rant about, given the state of things. But yeah, sometimes you gotta turn toward what you can do rather than directed energy in a negative way.

I get kinda cranky with all the complaining. I haven't exhausted my options of doing it, but too much yelling hurts my thought process.

One step at time. A year with of posts sound like a steep mountain to climb. I kinda like the challenge but there's a lot to organize in order to have that done.

About the situation and privileges, I don't we can escale certain things when writing that kind of stuff. Someone might read mine and think it sounds like the words of a spolied brat. They might be right on their perception.

No I'm the one that sounds like a spoiled brat. We have a lot here in Australia compared to your country. You are allowed to vent. Funnt how we can feel uncomfortable with that..

I wouldn't have thought people on Australia had that thing about being somehow politically correct trying to say something. We are humans and our experiences aren't always nice. Hell, lots of it is pretty grusome. But having the chance to vent is important. We cannot make the comparison because that would be condescending. Rant away. It is your fair right.