Three Kingdoms Series (2008)

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My AI generated picture of Liu Bei

While many know the movies about Three Kingdoms, particularly one from 2009 which was also called "Three Kingdoms" and "Red Cliff" which became the most famous battle, few in the West have seen the series.

Yuan Shao swearing to put down the traitor (screenshoted from intro, hence overlay graphics)

The effects are a lot worse. However, it is praised for historical accuracy and I enjoy it.

It starts with the foundation of the 18 lord alliance under the leadership of the Yuan brothers Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu.

The lords bring up a large army but with a disjointed and hierarchic command structure, They are successful at repelling Xillian forces as Dong Zhuo tries to stop them before they launch an assault.

Cao Ren in the Eye of the Dragon of Eight Trigrams Formation (screenshoted from the intro, hence overlay graphics)

But soon after, Dong Zhuo burns down the Han capital and retreats with his Xilliang army behind fortified mountain passes. Whereas Cao Cao pursues him with cavalry but gets ambushed.

I am not sure, but this might be Bronze Bird Pavillion, not sure when I took the screenshot

In the meanwhile, lord Sun finds Imperial Seal. Disgruntled with the lack of military backup, he attempts to flee home south only to be ambushed by Liu Biao, at the request of the Yuan brothers who would like to take the Imperial Seal.

As the alliance crumbles, Dong Zhuo argues with his adopted son Lu Bu about a woman and ends up assassinated as a result.

Shu infantry with VLC's cameo

I will not go beyond this part. It is more entertaining when you don't know the history in full...

Han didn't use chairs very much

Unfortunately, I don't know if it is available on any platform. I believe it is not.

There are 95 episodes roughly 40 minutes in length each.

The whole history shows how young and brave lords turn to opportunity in chaos, yet lose their strategic capabilities and humility as they grow in power just like their initial foes were.

It is also a good learning show without any unnecessary politically-motivated rewritings of history that we see so much of in the historical genre here in the west (Cleopatra was the last victim).