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Author: @teknon

Nimona || Definitely Worth The Title

Fun part is when he meets his self acclaimed sidekick, Nimona. She is a round character and lets the viewer in on everything surrounding her life from her history, thoughts, emotions and personality traits. As a round character, she's prone to weaknesses which is when she's being tagged a "monster" when all she's been trying to do is fit in with the rest of the people. Lest I forget, she's a shape-shifter with a good sense of humor. She does shape-shifting better than Maui. Hehehehe


Author: @viviehardika

Cigarette Girl Series Review

This storyline goes back and forth, so it makes me just as curious as Lebas. The visualization of each player is very beautiful, especially Jeng Yah or Dasiyah who are very consistent with their typical Javanese clothes and make-up as Javanese java.


Author: @luzscarllet18

Gran Turismo "From Gamer to Racer" (2023) || My Opinion

During a conversation he tells him that he should get those ideas out of his head, since being a car driver is an unattainable dream because of the cost he must invest and that he should choose a career according to his reality, since if he does not abandon that idea he will end up like him being a mediocre worker in a train station; Jann when he sees his father's attitude can't believe that his father doesn't support him, he is filled with anger and tells him that being a car driver is his biggest dream since he was a child and that he will not abandon that idea, but rather he will fight to achieve it even over him.


Author: @eliudgnzlz

The Covenant

To give you the reason why I was interested in this movie, it was because I started to look up that it came out in 2023 and when I saw the cover of this film and saw Jake Gyllenhaal, I thought "it must be good", because it is the memory I have of other movies I have seen of him (I don't remember which ones). The truth, as I said before, it was very good, the story was interesting to me, because it is not the typical war one, where they have to go to kill an enemy, in that they end up with half the country... and they do everything possible to find him, it is much deeper than that.


Author: @maitt87

Consecration ǁ Opinion

As a fervent fan of horror and suspense films, I ventured out to see Consecration (or El Sacramento del Diablo in Latin America) recently in the theater. Although I am usually disappointed with the endings of this genre, I am always willing to give a chance to any film that promises intrigue.


Author: @jessicaossom

Stranger Things Season 1: A Rollercoaster of Bizarre Delights

The story kind of creeps up on you slowly at first, lulling you into a false sense of normalcy in this sleepy Indiana town where some boys are just biking around and playing D&D. It makes you think you're in for a nostalgic sci-fi throwback. But then, BAM things swerve into crazy town with these ultra-intense scenes that make you leap out of your seat, wondering what the heck is happening.


Author: @chenee

"My Little Bride" by Ho-joon Kim Review: One of the Sweetest Movie I have Ever Seen

When I started watching the movie I immediately noticed that the male protagonist is "handsome" and what could be the best way to have a cute couple than to have a "cute" female protagonist? Their first is kind of funny because the male protagonist is being some playboy things until he gets up with the female protagonist (see image below).



The Creator - Humanity versus AI!

Artificial intelligences are already among us in many aspects of our lives and we probably don't even know it. In countries like South Korea and Japan there are already robots that serve you coffee or attend a store, recently we saw how the union of screenwriters and actors went on strike precisely because they were opposed to the use of these elements when making movies and television; that is, these intelligences are not the future, they are the mere present because every day that passes they are more among us. This is why I decided to give The Creator a chance, a film that talks about what could be the future in the short term as far as the use of AIs is concerned.


Author: @adalathu

Murders and Temporal Paradoxes | Review of "Happy Death Day 2U"

It has always been said that second parts are never good, and while this is often a reality, there are a few sequels that are not so bad, and some are even just as good as the original. In the "not so bad" category is the sequel to Happy Death Day, which, despite changing a bit the essence of the first one, as horror is slightly left aside, while science fiction and comedy take the lead, still fulfils its mission to entertain.


Author: @zorili91

Ender's Game/mi criterio

When everything is concluded is when Ender is informed that he has been a hero because he was not in a test program but in a real attack, where he not only defeated but completely eliminated the planet of the insectors.


Author: @marybellrg

A Daily Dose of Sunshine: Mental Health for Life | Series Review

And certainly as human beings, in these circumstances, we leave much to be desired. Especially when it is someone else who is affected and not us. The subject of mental illness has taken off at a time when our main component in daily life is stress and therefore, its organic consequences, among them, the deterioration of our mental health.


Author: @afterglow

"Alita: Battle Angel" by Robert Rodriguez: A Movie that Leaves You Wanting More

The movie's narrative focuses on the story of a female cyborg set in the cyberpunk world of Zalem and Iron City. Since it is cyberpunk you can see a lot of its elements like lowlife and high tech fused in each and every scene of the movie with some surprises and twists.


Author: @zeegirl

Ella The Enchanted

To say, when I first saw the godmother, she should look tiny and kind of beautiful. You know, everyone does look beautiful in my eyes (P.S. Not all). That fateful day, the godmother was flying over the town and came to the castle where the baby was born, disturbed by the sound of a baby crying. Several attempts to calm the crying child were all to no avail. Frustrated, she cast a spell upon the child, decreeing that she would follow every command given to her throughout her life. In an instant, the destiny of the young one was altered. After casting her enchantment, the fairy fluttered away to her mystical world, never to return.


Author: @yanimedina

Guardians of the Galaxy Special: Happy Holidays(2022)/ Especial Guardianes de la galaxia: Felices fiestas (2022)

Regarding the soundtrack there are two musicals with appropriate tempos at the beginning in Spanish and the other song in English both are appreciated with good tones. In the celebration of the Christmas party for Peter are very nice decorations, lights and all the Christmas details must have been a lot of money the Christmas expenses between so many lights, the snowflake machine, everything was beautiful.



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