League of Movies (Fourth Edition | Week 03): Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Hello Hivers, very quickly we are in the third week of the fourth edition of League Of Movies created by @wiseagent, in this opportunity the theme which will be based on our posts is: "Oh, no... They did it!", the challenge is to write about a sequence of some movie that you did not want to happen and you were surprised in a very bad way, I think that in these last years, there is a lot of material where to take to participate and that's why this week I invite to @joseda32 and @danielapevs, I remind you that you must follow the rules of participation in the next link League of Movies.

"Hi! My last name is (what?)...My last name is (who?)....My last name is Skywalker..."

Since I was a child when I saw the original trilogy of "Star Wars" with my older brother and my parents, I knew that this story is very important the family lineage, it is important the father figure that guides in some way the future of each character, for better or for worse, from the story that told "Obi-Wan Kenobi" to "Luke Skywalker" about his father, the revelation of what really happened to his father and the secret of not being the last of the "Skywalkers", This fascinated me a lot and clearly not only me but a lot of people for many years and this made me think that "The Force" was a synonym of the surname "Skywalker" even though there are two very powerful characters in the use of The Force like "Master Yoda" and "The Emperor/Palpatine/Darth Sidious", not that it has a minor importance, but the main reference will always be the characters that carry the surname of the Jedi that brought the balance to The Force.


I love the original trilogy, I accept the pre-schools and I have always said that Episode III is one of the movies that I like the most, but nothing can be perfect and since the sale of "Lucasfilm" to Disney, it was forced to keep exploiting the most important surname in the galaxy, I'm not going to lie to you either by saying that I wasn't excited to see another Star Wars movie in the cinema and I was hoping to see something new, but this was not the case because everything was very much linked to the original trilogy and that happened in Episode VII, they gave the necessary nostalgia to make a very entertaining film, but falling into the same thing that happened with Episode I where it follows that same line of telling the same thing that was seen in Episode IV, now in Episode VIII it took a little bit of freedom and this made that toxic fandom attack in a merciless way this film which is not perfect, but with many original things that had to be taken with a lot of respect to start giving a closure to the "Skywalker Saga" and start something new, but no, Disney and the producers of this film left for sure and when they hired J. J. Abrams again, they thought they would have the necessary formula using nostalgia, excess of jokes and so on to make the fandom happy, but the ideas taken were worse than any villain in this story.


And this is why I take the last episode to participate in this week's theme in the league, as I explained, family lineage is something with a lot of weight in this saga and I think for many that the best character that this last trilogy has, "Rey", did not have a last name or a direct connection with any original character was something they could not understand or accept. Who are Rey's parents?" "Is Rey Luke's daughter?" "Is Rey Leia's daughter?" "Is Rey a clone of Anakin?" "Is Rey the daughter of Obi-Wan?" or my theory/question "Is Rey a clone of The Emperor?", for three episodes these questions overshadowed the other stories or rather, writers took advantage of these questions to cover up such poor performance by creating many characters. I'm always impressed that this drew so much attention to people, it's as if it was mandatory that the main character was part of an important lineage and not that she was a nobody that only The Force manifested in her as it had been referred to in Episode VIII.


Many people think that the Skywalker Saga must have a great revelation and I think that it already had it a long time ago, a revelation so important that I would like to have a time machine, to travel to the premiere of "The Empire Strikes Back" and see the reaction of the people when they know who really is "Darth Vader", but that doesn't mean that in the other stories they should be the same, a copy, I don't know why they made that decision for these last three movies (actually Ep. VIII and IX) to make them so equal to the original saga affecting not only Episode IX but the other two taking away a lot of importance to what should have been epic. I remember that I wasn't surprised, or angry when I saw the origin of Rey, I just laughed, I laughed a lot, the soda came out of my mouth, I just thought that I couldn't believe what they had done, since it was the worst idea, the worst one and that was the one they took, I thought that it was so easy to say that Rey was created by "Midichlorians " just like it happened to Anakin, in case they were going to copy everything, then it was better that they copied that. This was a big disappointment, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, with one of the worst scripts and with the characters as obnoxious as Jar Jar Binks, the only thing I rescue is Rey, she had all the material to be someone that not only the girls could relate to, but to many who may not feel important and so they can get excellent things or learn to use powers that have always been inside you, but giving her a last name was the worst idea they had and I can say that they took a lot of importance away from her and it's a real shame. I don't know what will happen in the future, I know that the next movies will have no relation with the surname "Skywalker" and I think it's very safe that the character of "Rey" will not appear again, I just hope they leave behind the nostalgia and create new original stories within a vast galaxy far, far away.


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It's the only one I haven't seen yet. I always put it off for another day. I'm not a super Star Wars fan, but I like the original trilogy, those movies moved me, they were special. Then the trilogy of eposiods I, II and III were a big disappointment to me.
I liked Ray's character in the new trilogy, but I couldn't stand Dam Drive as Kylo Ren in episode VII. I hope I have enough encouragement to see the closing of the story.

I can recommend that you avoid watching Episode 9, but if you want to see how a production company or a giant like Disney wants to please a sector of "fans" and forget about doing something of quality, then make the necessary time and watch a movie with the script with less logic. A total disappointment

I feel lonely with this film, interested, but only slightly. Maybe Solo is better than this. You gave a good review. Thanks

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Solo, I thought it was a good film, it's not the best but it's entertaining, perhaps if in making a film it was made in a tv series, it would surely be much better.

Episode 9 is not a good film, it is not well written and has very few good things, the nostalgic fan service, but it is very little because everything else is very bad.

Thank you very much for comments.

I'm not a fan of this saga and I was extremely disappointed with this movie... Imagine who really follows and is a fan of Star Wars since the beginning? What a disappointment!

Good luck in the contest, @nameless16.

It is the only word that defines this last and pitiful trilogy, disappointing, it is a real pity that they discard a good character as Rey, to copy what has already been done.

Thank you very much.

This trilogy was... A mess! To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the first installment, I thought it was too much like episode IV, but it was nice enough. I didn't hate the second one, as it did bring a lot of new things and I was interested to how the story would unfold.

However, Disney did try their best to please the fans, I do not think it was a good idea as it was a fight they would never win, making the fans happy meant that most of the plot development of the second film was as if it didn't exist.

This trilogy was very weak as they did not have a plan, they should've had one so that this mess of colliding ideas between directors wouldn't have happened. But yes, this is what we got.

Let's hope for the best for the future of Star Wars and they learn a lot from this messy experience.