Has the voting pattern changed on Hive after HF25?

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Good morning to everyone . HF25 went smoothly on June 30 2021 and there were many things people were looking forward to after the HF .

One among many was - it will encourage the engagement due to change in the curation reward curve.

Through this post I will try to present some data which might help you get some insights regarding the voting .

Let's start of with some basic info

Number of curators daily


Well if you observe this , nothing has changed to be honest . Although there is a small increase in the last couple of days it is not a big increase .

On an average there are 10.5k curators curating daily on Hive .

Number of unique authors curated daily


This shows a whole different picture . The couple of days after the HF the number of unique authors curated were more than before but soon after the HF25 , there is a huge increase ( coincidence? I hope not ) but then again if you observe it is back to the old pattern itself .

Comments upvoted ( based on weight )

Note: Weight of 10k = 100% upvote .


Before HF and After HF there isn't a huge increase to be honest . Yeah couple of days after HF25 it was a bit more than before HF25 but is the difference huge ? No .

Note: Only upvotes are taken to calculate this and not downvotes .

Posts upvoted ( based on weight )


Well no observable difference here too . It is the same before and after HF25.

Note: Only upvotes are taken to calculate this and not downvotes .

Posts & comments ( based on weights)


Well you can see here that comments are not very huge when compared to posts based on weights .

Pie chart for the same


Yeah this sums it up . Comment percentage ( based on weight ) is ridiculously small when compared to posts .

Posts & comments ( based on unique curators )


What does this tell us ?

There are around 10k unique curators curating posts and around 1k curators curating comments everyday .

Note those users who curate both posts and comments will appear in both bars .

Weekly upvotes ( posts and comments )

Finally let's see if there is difference in weekly upvotes ( baesd on curators )before and after HF.


Nope , everything looks the same to me .

Well seems like the curation pattern hasn't changed in a big way after the HF25 like it did for HBD savings .

That's it from me today . Will come back tomorrow with another post .

Regards ,
MR .

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Another thing I wanted to look at :)

Great info from you.... a bit surprised that there are no significant changes, maybe just in the number of accounts curating ... the spikes after the hf are probably becouse of the "back curation"

Another interesting data points to look at would be

  • number of votes per day
  • voting time (after the post)

Great :) I will definitely post about that in coming days .

I was also surprised and agree with the post HF spike.
Maybe we just need to wait a bit longer.

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Yes, a bit more time is needed for things to settle and users to change habits :)

Good work..I am sure upvote on comments will raise with the time, just we have to change our old mentality

People need to write comments first to see upvoted comments. There are still many posts without comments. And do not forget the payout threshold ($0.02) either. Anything below the payout threshold will not be paid out.

True . A lot of efforts is being made to encourage engagement , changing the curation pattern will definitely help increase the engagement .

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@amr008, you've been given LUV from @toofasteddie.

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I haven't changed what I do at all since HF25 but I'm delighted to find that my rewards have gone up. Primarily because I am now earning better from upvoting comments I think. Or maybe not. Maybe it's because of the 24 hour window. Or a little of both. 😂

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all that did not snipe and time their votes are benefiting in curation rewards. and if you voted for comments often you get few % more for sure.

I was casual on my voting but had 2 vote trails and voted for comments often and got from 9% to 11,5%.

before the HF there was a bigger difference in favor to auto snipe voting, now looks better


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It would be great to see if average earnings has increased . I will look into it :) THanks for giving me the idea .

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THanks for giving me the idea

You're most welcome. 😁


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There's probably a lag in adopting new curation habits. I for one changed my curation habits almost completely on posts. For comments, not so much, because I voted on them before as well, even though it was counterproductive.

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I see . What do you mean by changing habits on posts though ? You used to follow trail and now you vote manually ?

Thanks for the input :)

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I still follow two curation trails, but leo.voter doesn't seem to vote as often, so I compensate by voting manually more. And of course I use the entire first 24 hours to vote, without the pressure to vote early or before others do.

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Because we need an other change. If it will be the later we upvote, the more we will get it will be better. If the earlier upvoters getting more, of course curators will just upvote after seconds. They just moved from upvoting after 3 minutes or 5, to 3 seconds or 5. So, they don't have any motivation to look at older posts and they will keep their automation on.

Yeah guess you are right . I wish we can move from autovoting to manual voting though .

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Now to do some crunching on vote timing :)

Hehe okay definitely , I will post about that soon .

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as long as there are voting trails, the result changes little. Many curators continue to vote for the same people, I'm not sure that HF 25 has brought about improvements in this regard.

I agree with you on how it has instead drawn attention to HBD, finally

Very true . Totally agree with that .

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It would be cool if people who are following large voting trails, because they don't want to curate began to follow other curators for a better distribution of rewards.

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Investors don't care about voting for worthy posts, they just want to get HIVE from curation.

They usually hook up to the most well-known trails and then do nothing else. That's all

Can that not have anything to do with the fact that if you use Hive.vote for curation trails, then it doesn't activate on comments?

Definitely it does but as many people were talking about upvoting comments after HF25 , this data clearly tells they aren't doing that .

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True. But do you have a comparison from before the HF??
I personally experience more upvote on my comments in generel! It might be 2% or something, but its more :P

Interesting and a little surprising that there was no change.

That spike in curators immediately after the HF was undoubtedly due to the SNAFU that allowed people to earn outlandish curation rewards... I know some people out there were getting upwards of 10x their normal curation earnings for 3-4 days, so I'm sure a lot of people flocked in to take advantage of that.

On the receiving end, I'd say my very small account (Hive) is getting about 20-30% higher curation rewards for the same daily effort... but I was never one to try to "time" my votes... I just upvote content when I find it.


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Its nice to see that there isn't much change in terms of votes but I was hoping to see more people upvoting comments. Then again, it only really affects those that can push the comment over the dust threshold.

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I agree . AS many have commented on this post , I guess it takes time to change old habits hehe .

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One thing to remember about the vote, The first seven days of the hard fork were glitch days, so people could go and vote on day 6 and 7 content and get a very nice reward. The results of this voting likely did not settle out until the 14 of July. So to get a real comparison you should look at June 15-29 and July 15-29. Pre-hard fork and post-hard fork curation glitch.


As can be seen I was earning about 2 hive a day curation, hard fork hits and the curation vote glitch, then I decide to see what would happen with the glitch voting, 7+ hive, and then post July 14, beginning to settle in at about 3.5 hive a day.

So while the vote pattern may not have changed very much the reward pattern certainly has, or at least in my case it has.

Thank you for this . I will try and do a post on rewards ( in detail ) in coming days .

You are absolutely right on this .

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I am just happy that my average has gone from 2 hive a day to almost 3.5 hive a day just for voting on things I like.

Well this is quite depressing but it might take time to change old Hive users’ habits.
Let’s not lose hope 😉

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Hehe true , I guess it is too early to say anything yet.

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Humans are creatures of habit, I think it will change things, but only over time.

If you currently vote for people, you will likely continue, but new users will never have a motive to chase curation rewards by voting up the same people.

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Yeah, there are no changes I've noticed asides from the HBD interest only coming through savings.

Thanks, MR.

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It seems the changes are going to take time to take effect in the minds of the curators. Most of the HIVE accounts in existence are currently inactive and HIVE has a lot of room to grow. I still think the changes will bring good things for the future.

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The change to curation was mostly intended to make voting equitable for manual voters vs bots (in terms of curation rewards). From the comments, it looks like this goal was achieved :-)

True :)

I will try to post about average voting time by taking last 4 months data . Let's see before the HF and after the HF difference .

Do you think it will give us a good insight ?