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RE: Splinterlands airdrop 2.0(Vouchers) - More Thoughts on Chaos Legion, $DEC and $SPS

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I'm piling up sps tokens and I'll leave it liquid. If the sps price really spikes, I want to cash out a decent amount.

Right now, I'm getting like 100 sps per day, so if the price of sps fit reach like $5, I go dey package $500 per day. It's wishful thinking but you either go big or go home, you know?

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5$ is not even far fetched at all my g! I’m staking half and holding half as liquid. 3k sps per month is wild bro. Shey you no go marry me join like this😫

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Hope say your yansh soft?

🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈I did not see this

I think I'm going to go this route! I've been selling SPS daily after staking a good portion of it but I've gotten a good amount of liquid Hive to buy into the presale so I think I'll be just holding the extra liquid and see where things go! The tricky part is, what will be the price we pull the trigger? Will it be too quick or too late is the question!

Pick a tolerable range to make it easier for you. I'm using a wide net because it's free money. Anywhere between $4-8 is fair game for me. I'll sell it and won't look back.

That's a great range, I'm hoping to do something similar! With how much I've been able to make off it, it's indeed profit now which is awesome.