It's a gamble series: insurance/Reblog lottery

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Welcome to the It's a gamble series, you may be wondering what's up with the AI generated chick ... sex sells silly 🤣 so feel free to get you simp on and leave me some nice upvotes.

Last week I mentioned that I will be slowing down a bit on the gambling and I been keeping that energy.

Just a little gambling here and there I can't leave potentially free money on the table so I had to take advantage of the Fanduel free 5 bonus Friday.

I took that bonus 5 and yet again gambled a bit to bring it up to 10 so I can withdraw.


So as I mentioned above I have not been gambling too much, it was getting a little out of hand and I was playing on kryptogamers through the day, a few minutes here and there but it adds up, so I have been taking it easy and I will keep this up the only acceptation is going to be ...



My degenerate ways have secured me a silver tier on kryptogamers giving me the ability to insure 1 bet a month up to 100 hive, what that means is I can bet a 100 hive and even if I lose I get all the hive back.


Reblog lottery

We got 33 participants for our reblog lottery this time around.

@bitandi @blitzzzz @bntcamelo @bulliontools @daddydog @dgi @edeyglezsosa @ericburgoyne @ferod23 @florakese @guurry123 @henruc @hjrrodriguez @jenam @jhonnygo @jorgebgt @kungfukid @ladymisa @maurojd @middle-earthling @miriammarga @mirroredspork @monsterbuster @necho41 @olaf.gui @rebe.torres12 @rosauradels @stekene @trumpman @ugomarcel @vrezyy @ydm6669 and @yova

and the winner this time around is....

easy gif1699323608064.gif

@trumpman! Congratulations enjoy your 10% profit share on this post and 5 HBI units , more about HBI here


The reblog lottery continues so be sure to reblog this post to qualify, for a 10% profit share on my next post and 5 HBI units.

This is all done automatically and I apply the winner to be a beneficiary for the post.

Only reblogs before tomorrow 8pm Eastern Standard Time qualify for the lottery.

I am a financial advisor ! If you can't take personal responsibility for you investing, I hate to brake it to ya, but you ain't nothing but a sucka, you supposed to lose your shit.

@bitcoinman's bits of wisdom

  • Invest only what you can afford to lose and be mindful of the potential risks.
  • Unless you can accept delivery stay away from futures and stick to physical.
  • Leverage is a great tool for losing money fast.
  • Numismatics for the lows stick to smart stacking baby.
  • Be cautious of new schemes in crypto, like ICOs, DeFi, and NFTs, do your research before investing.

You can find out more about the #silvergoldstackers community in this post here

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Profit share

10% of this post earnings go to @trumpman for being our reblog lottery winner.

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That's it for today's post thanks for stopping by your support is truly appreciated.


love those HSBI count me in @ericburgoyne


aunque pierdas hive recuperas ? wow se ve bueno ese beneficio :p

Say what ? 🤣

ha ha ha sorry i forget translate :p

Does the insured bet count toward your level progress?

It does but you need a fair bit to even get your first one at silver tier

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