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In this post I will talk about some precious metal verification.
A few days ago I was watching this youtube video below

In it I saw the pinger test, its a a fairly interesting way to verify metals not perfect but again no test is truly failproof and its best to combine a few verification metals to have a higher level of certainty, I was thinking of developing some sort of system to determine the certainty but have not got around to it, its not that simple really to come up with the numbers.

I really like this ping test but I was thinking of taking it to the next level utilizing the hive blockchain and the #silvergoldstackers community.

But more on that soon for now I was looking to see if anyone designed a 3d version of the pinger you can see it and get the 3d model in the reddit post below.


I also watched another video about fakes(the one below), and in it that one the dealer shows some interesting fakes one of them is pretty cool and I sort of want one but its a real hollowed out gold coin with a tungsten puck inside and the thicker part of it actually passes the gold test on the sigma machine.

I also got one of these machines and its important to know its limitations and how to use it best, for instance if the dealer used the right wand with the machine no part of the coin would pass.

Either way its important to be careful and use various test especially when buying gold.

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I knew Silver Dragons going back some years when he started his Stacking videos, he has sure grown his channel since. I may just get one of these Pingers when I get to it, saw this low tech tool a few years ago on other YT Channels.
Before he is Silver Dragons...

He was originally known as Silver Baggins.

No way that's pretty neat I didn't know that and silver Baggins sounds way cooler in my opinion

I was also thinking back then of how to test precious metals accurately without having to resort to drilling or acid tests. And I believe the best non-intrusive way to do it is by water density test. I don't think you can counterfeit the dimension, weight and density all at once.

Sure can check out the second video , a real gold coin hollowed out and tungsten filler same dimensions and weight, but fails ping test

I didn't even know there were tools for this ^^

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Carefully search out first before making a purchase

A jeweller friend of mine recommended British Gold Sovereigns as the best gold coin to buy if you want to keep some "emergency gold"

He disliked ingots as there are too many ways to fake or adulterate them and testing is not convenient and costly and who has ready access to high tech testing kit.

The gold sovereign on the other hand can be verified in a medieval bazar. All you need is a callipers, a pan balance and one known genuine sovereign.

If the diameter matches the known sovereign exactly and the weigh balances exactly, then the coin being tested is pure, as an alloy would cause either of the parameters to vary from a genuine coin.

He recommended, no collectible coins, because there is no premium for the collectible value, and British Sovs are known and trusted worldwide

Yes, Silver Dragon. I know him!

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