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In this post I share a nice Montreal Olympic 1976 sterling 5 dollar coin.
its a 1975 coin so not really sure what the deal is, I am guessing they released them a bit early to build up hype for the games.

I picked it up at a gold buying place, He had a bit of silver and I picked up a few items this being one of them.

The stakitus is getting out of hand here I am getting Deja vu and feel like I already posted this coin, I did have a look through the blog and didn't seem to find it so maybe its just another coin from this series, by now I got a few.


Coin specifications right below


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and the winner this time around is....

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@stevenseagull ! Congratulations enjoy your 10% profit share on this post and 5 HBI units , more about HBI here


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That's a pretty sterling coin! Great pick up. Back when the queen was still good looking!

Lol I hear that Elizabeth was not like wine 🤣

How pretty... Elizabeth is nice in that coin!

Very cool! I prefer the coins with this more flattering portrait of the queen.

Them years did her dirty 🤣

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