Hive as a microcosm of the greater crypto space: Drawing parallels and positioning to profit

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I used to consume crypto news from YouTube, perhaps like most people do. The buzz during the bull market on those videos was always about what to buy in response to BTC price movements. Buy BNB. Buy SOL. Buy ETH… Sell AAVE.. Buy/Sell shitcoins etc.

The only useful thing I learned is to discern the major caps from the small caps, and understanding their behavior helped me to allocate my investment better. Basically, to mitigate risk, more on the relatively stable BTC, and some on Ethereum, and even less on altcoins, while keeping some gunpowder to deploy in a dip.

I would say I am a reformed crypto bro after a year in Hive: being nonchalant about the price movements of these tokens listed on coinmarketcap. Even less bothered by innovations that happens on the altcoin markets.

Instead, I am engaged in the Hive ecosystem more.

To me, Hive blockchain is probably enough cherry to bite on to catch the blockchain revolution.

Hive is the blockchain universe to me!

Mainly because I ain’t got a deep pocket to invest in so many projects outside of Hive that I can’t follow closely. Seriously, there is so much happening in Hive, the Hive playground to consume my time now. Occasionally if I find anything interesting outside of Hive, I would still scoop up some. But rarely.

If there is anything I can take away from the greater crypto market and my time getting fooled by shitcoins on YouTube, it is to draw parallel.

Here we go!

Arguably, BTC form the base layer of value storage in the crypto space. The same could be said about Hive when thinking about the Hive ecosystem. The decentralised and non-VC support nature of Hive resembles BTC. A rock solid stash of Hive, powered up, bestow stability and utility for each users and for the ecosystem. Much like what BTC does to other altcoins, or shitcoins.

Next, I begin to see Hive-Engine as being the parallel of Ethereum where projects are built on. There are some many Hive-Engine tokens now and they remind me of the projects that resides on Ethereum, such as the many ERC-20 tokens. With that, perhaps we can think of LEO potentially as a solid player like AAVE in the ERC-20 ecosystem, serving a niche function. There are other examples.

What is perhaps also noteworthy in Hive is that tokens are traded at the Hive-Engine market directly. Much like how ERC-20 tokens are traded on the Ethereum DEFI layer.

This makes me wonder… am I sufficiently invested in the Hive-Engine WORKERBEE? Presumably the token responsible for keeping Hive-Engine operational, much like the Ethereum of the greater crypto world. If Ethereum holds a special place in the crypto world, can we find the similar importance in WORKERBEE? I bought some recently to stake it. I am thinking about getting more.

To be honest, am not especially knowledgeable about WORKERBEE, so any corrections by others would be greatly appreciated.

Then there is also other second layer solution like dlux. There are also projects building on it, e.g, LARYNX. Maybe they can be viewed as the alternative BSC, SOL, ZIL chains to ETH. Worth looking at, but I would consider their potential network effects the same way things are happening to the greater crypto space.

In conclusion, if we can draw some parallel between the greater crypto market and Hive, appreciating Hive ecosystem as a microcosm could help us predict what could unfold in Hive. This can help us in our positioning of investment to profit in the future.

For example, I might aim for 20% liquid HBD, 40% Hive, 15% WORKERBEE, 10% on quality Hive-Engine tokens like LEO, and the rest on speculative tokens. If the Hive ecosystem matures and follow the path of the greater crypto market, this could be a safer yet growing kind of allocation. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility of bad actors like SBF and FTX manifesting in Hive. Be sure to guard against the evil pump and dump tokens in Hive ecosystem too!

P/S: This is not financial advice, and please do your own due diligence before investing.

If you read this far... and if you are a like-minded Hiver who is on the path to learning more about Hive and crypto investing, and if you like to be tagged when I write such posts, I welcome you to leave a comment below and let me know. We can form an alliance to support each other's growth.

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I like the loose analogy of BTC to Hive with the alts comparing to h-e tokens. Having HBD as a level 1 algorithmic stablecoin backed by HIVE and paying very competitive interest rates (currently 20%) is a bonus for Hive.

I've always used Hive as a source for occasional further investments. Using crypto tokens earned from blogging, commenting and voting to further build up HP/HBD and diversify to BTC and ETH with the rare step into something further down the alt coin chart is the safe way to be in crypto, on my opinion. They say never invest more than you can afford to lose, but if you have not pulled fiat out of your bank to obtain crypto tokens then you're really not losing anything other than tokens you earned.

One of the only alt tokens I watch is PLS (token for Pulse) which is an upcoming full-state fork of the #2 crypto Ethereum. There are several reasons to like Pulse but the big 2 are first, that full state fork. We've been through that around here. Hive was a full state fork of that other crypto we don't mention here. Every token we had on that one, we got on this Hive project. It worked out Very Well for many of us! Thousands, maybe millions of ETH wallets are about to get copies of everything in them, in their Pulse wallets, soon. That will be the "largest airdrop in history" and will bring attention to the new Pulse ecosystem.

The second thing that might bode well for PLS is that it is the second token created by its founder. He also made HEX which is up hundreds of times from its lowest point even after the recent bad bear market. It's an ERC-20 with 0 downtime since launch 2 years ago, run by a smart contract which has no keys to make any changes to it. It has higher yield than HBD, at around 38%, but like Hive it's not a stable token and I already mentioned its price appreciation.

I love Hive and it has always been my main focus. If it all went to 0, I would still value my time here, learning things and meeting cool people. I generally reinvest most of my tokens from here, back into here. But the occasional gamble could be fun, and PLS is a gamble I've looked into. Using "house money" that I already "won" here on Hive seems to fall into the category of money you can afford to lose because it's not coming from your bank account.

Thanks for your interesting article which got me thinking and inspired this long random reply! Not investment advice as I have no authority to offer any, just thoughts for entertainment purposes only! :D

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I have heard of PLS, and would take a close look again.

Your clear conviction of playing with the house money is driving home the message for me.

Crazy to think that we are living at a times that this sort of investment maneuver can be done in a few clicks in this time of blockchain revolution.


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