CTTPodcast Ep. 99 - 2024 - How we will Demonstrate Parallel Economy in Action

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The CTT Podcast is hosted by @starkerz and @theycallmedan, co-founders of @threespeak.

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Tlav doesn't interact with his commenters.

I don't see a reason to support this, either.
He clearly isn't interested in being one of the community, just a reaper of the pool, at this point.
If he set his rewards to burn his downvote problems would likely go away.

At some point we are gonna have to remediate the reputation we have for the whales taking 'all the rewards'.
Of course they don't take all the rewards, just the majority of them, but that isn't what plenty of people that have been driven off by this 'feature' are telling people that ask them about the hive.
Otherwise, we risk the rubes coming in, becoming jaded, and leaving, as they have for the last soon to be 8 years.

We need another 'whale experiment', imo.
500mv would do wonders to reinvigorating the minnows and redfish.
Instead of pennies a post, they will get dimes.
IF people that powerdown and dump everything are quickly addressed, we can empower the savers amongst us.

IF satoshi had kept all the btc for himself, they would have no value.
Maybe hive going to pennies as an access token for the second layers is the plan?