Let Me Introduce Myself As The One And Only Eugene Metz

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I am Eugene Metz from the lovely Republic of the Philippines. Bored to death by the inactivity that is happening or not happening right now. Luckily, I have 100% of my time in my hands as there is nothing better to do than watching Video Streaming Marathons or is it episodes. Right now I had the best chance to compose my thoughts. But I am not confident enough to disclose some episodes of my own life. Maybe it is paranoia but luckily I discovered Leo Finance. Weku failed me even though I am not really into it. But right at this very moment when there is plenty to write about. I am more than elated.


Maybe, I can say that it goes without yapping that I am pretty much partial to decentralized blogging. I started with Weku as I mentioned in my post and then I also tried my luck with Whaleshares but I lost my password and all my important keys. Well that sounds more like losing my car keys. But come to think of it. It is as equally as important as my car keys and I am quite sure that you will be flabbergasted once you lose your Hive keys and passwords. Yes it is as if saying that my dog ate my home work. It is my responsibility to keep my keys safe at all times but one year later I found all my keys without looking for it. Is this the Twilight Zone or what? Weku says goodbye. The last time I was here I remembered being or having a Steemit wallet but now it is also my Hive wallet. And also my Leo Coins wallet and Wrapped Leo Coins wallet and finally my Hive Engine tokens wallet. This is so much to process. Too much information so to speak.

As you can see I bought a couple of thousand Whaleshares and Weku tokens. The blockchain just exposed my crypto related activities and I cannot hide it.

I bought and staked a couple of Leo Coins using a couple of my leftover Bitshares. Once you retrieve all of your important keys you are good to go. If you don't have it you are just the boy who cried wolf.

There are a lot of good things to talk about right but I will reserve this for later posts. For now let us cut this writing journey for a split second and live post after post. Hope that you all liked some blockchain disclosures concerning me. Here is to hoping for a nice welcome from both Leo Finance and Hive community. Have a nice day or night wherever you are.

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