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The 7th of November was on my list for the last few weeks as the day when using my Brave Browser would finally pay out,

In this post I'll share my experience, why I was so excited and tell you a little bit about Brave and BAT.

Getting into Crypto?

I prefer telling people try out #hive you can earn your first Crypto Tokens here and you dont need to put in any money (subtext its not a ponzi scheme).
IMO you should never have to enter your bank account details or credit card details to get started with Crypto. There are too many ways to dip your toes why get no coiners burned from the getgo?

Brave & BAT is another good entry point.

Why was I so excited about 7th November?


Multiple Income Streams & Web 3.0

Early adopters are already reaping the rewards of investments in Crypto, Mining, Staking, Voting, Curating and multiple other alternative income streams and there is a very good chance that this will become more and more mainstream.


The problem is as soon as you start telling most people about private keys, staking Crypto and the like you begin to get those funny looks.

These new concepts and economies are still difficult for most people to accept.

To promote Crypto we need to keep it familiar.


Everyone knows and accepts Advertising. It's acceptable for most and has a long history.

  • Eqyptians used Papyrus to make sales messages, artifacts have been found in the ruins of Pompeii and ancient Arabia and China has articacts dating back to the 7th and 11th century BC.
  • According to wikipedia Modern Advertisign dates back to the 19th century to a guy called Thomas J Barratt of London.

On the 7th of November I was getting paid for viewing Adds with my Brave Browser.

  • Advertising was paying my in Crypto!

My experience with Brave & BAT

I was eagerly awaiting the 7th of November because that was the day that the Brave Browser I installed said I would get my first payout in BAT or Basic Attention Token.

Basic Attention Token

BAT or Basic Attention Token is a Blockchain based Digital Advertising token that provides a way for users to get rewarded for their attention.

At its core BAT is just an Ethereum token but it is supported by an Ad Ecosystem and a Platform (The Brave Browser). You can earn bat as part of the Brave Rewards component of the Brave Platform.

I wrote about BAT in this post Basic Attention Token - Dapp Review 20 days ago.

My Experience over the last 20 Days with Brave

Brave makes one big promise

The best privacy online

I cant vouch for this but I certainly had an better online experience and noticed less adds.

Some other benefits for me over the last 20 days
BAT Savings.jpg

There are also advanced features to Brave

Brave Advanced Features.png

  • I was most eager to try Brave Rewards – a way to start earning my fair share of ad revenue from targeted adds.

So How much did I get?

BAT Payout.jpg

  • 2.50 – Not bad for 0 effort and a completely passive sort of income.

Have you discovered any other Forms of Passive Income online that would help new users start earning crypto with no learning curve?

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If you are rediscovering crypto after an absence why not make a blog on Hive using the #rediscovercrypto and share with the community what you find.


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The brave browser is a great example of how to get into crypto for free and how to use crypto to improve on an existing service.

Taking something like chrome that is used by billions of people and providing a better version while rewarding the people who use it with a share of the revenue.
That is a win win and something that everybody should be switching to.

Its cases like this which we should be looking out for as they have a clear use case and business plan that makes sense.

I'm getting the Brave rewards and it's building up gradually. I need to try extracting some to see what the costs are.

I am renting out most of my Splinterlands cards, so that is giving me passive income plus the SPS airdrop. Those are more than I make from Hive blogging and curation. I need to decide how to use the profits. Some will go into buying more $HIVE to power up.



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Nice read man. I tried brave rewards as well I started in November 8 but I only got like $0.43 as of the moment. $2.5 aint that bad man I wish I could earn the same.

The problem is as soon as you start telling most people about private keys, staking Crypto and the like you begin to get those funny looks.

This is true. People who have no idea or have some idea but haven't really tried crypto will probably have a hard time understanding things such as keys. First time I tried hive I was the same but just went with it.