Wealth Tips - Overnight Successes

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The Keys

There are many proverbial "keys" to success as it were. Here are some that come to mind. You could say that location would be one if you are talking about a business or a piece of property. Timing is always a good one for trading. Vision for ideas or concepts. Planning is good projects or applications. Tenacity is needed for overcoming obstacles or dealing with experimental failure on the road to success. There are many others that could be considered "key" and others that may be subcategories of the above. Let's look at one hypothetical and a couple of real experiences.

Planning to be an overnight success

What if you want to be doctor?

You know you are competent in reading and thinking, plus you like health and medicine. Some of the things that you will do to achieve that end will involve taking out loans and becoming accepted to the right school. You will be Studying, practicing, taking tests, for many years. Depending on the goal,there will be varying requirements for residency and finally a job offer.

It is rare to see a doctor who makes little or no money after all that preparation. You will probably be able to nail down a day or month when you know you have turned the corner and are taking in enough money to live and start paying back all the people and banks that helped you along the way. That day or month would be your "overnight" part of the success story.

It is just assumed that a med-student is going to be a success. Barring any severe screw-ups along the way, most end up being successful. To say they are an overnight success, would be a jump for most. But once that corner is turned, the money is there and the time to break even is calculable given the right job.

I have had my share of successes and none came by surprise!

The Bike Shop

There came a time when I got enough requests to repair vehicles that I thought it was time to charge for it. The road to success was quickened by staying out of debt first of all. I did not need anything new to get started.

I found a gas station that had a bit of a warehouse in back. There was a blast door that separated the mini-mart from area in back which had an air compressor and some old oil drums in it. I used my vision and laid out an offer in my head. "If I were the owner of this place, I would love to have a tenant that would not interfere with my gas business, yet would be paying me per month to rent the unseen part of the property." I said to myself. I practiced selling it to the owner in my head.

I took some time to track this owner down. I stopped in and got some gas every time I passed the place. I asked if the owner was there every time I stopped there and dealt with rejection as he never was. A few smiles and friendly greetings later, I leaned his name and the days and times of day he might be found stopping in. In passing I heard that the owner, Rick, drives a late model, red Corvette also.

As time went on, all I needed do was look for his car as I passed by the place. When I saw that specific set of wheels, I pulled in and struck up a conversation, and made my pitch, "It's simple. I need a place to work and I am willing to pay you a set monthly rent plus commission on every dime of labor that I bill. How does twenty five percent sound to you?"

He thought about it and called me back a few times to discuss possible glitches and contingencies. As it turns out, I would have the only key to the back door and the overhead door would be pad locked from both sides, only able to be used while both businesses were open.

The going rate for that size shop was $4,000 per month, I had offered $1,500 and estimated ten thousand in billed labor as easily attainable monthly guesstimate, his share being $2,500 ($4,000 total). His percentage would also decrease as my billing went over ten grand to be fair.

If I only did a couple of jobs per month, I would pay about thirty percent the going rate for the place. It was right on Route 66. If I became a smash hit, the price would not become exorbitant.


Signed and sealed, I had a key the next day. My first few jobs had covered rent. Though I did mostly bikes, Rick had me doing all the work on his Vette over the next ten years. Many of my customers had really hot cars as well. Most of Route 66 runs through states with snowy months you know.

I was an overnight success before I hit the six month mark with only fifteen hundred out of pocket and a call to the insurance company to cover my shop for fire, theft, and liability. I grossed a million and half out of that place the second year.

I saved money on a place to work, but I always bought the best quality parts and did every job right the first time. I never wanted more money than my time was worth and the success really came by word of mouth.

Are you starting to see that successes rarely come over the course of a literal moonlit night or even in a month?

Making Sense and Making Cents

Another example is one of perception, faith and common sense, which may not be so common after all. I am talking about another time when I spent about $1,500 to get started.

I built an internet server of sorts and ran it for well over a year (tenacity) with little or nothing to show for my efforts. The electric bill was between $1,400 and $1,500 every month at my home while it was running. I was clearing about ten cents per day operating the server.

This was a new technology that I thought would do well.

It did not do well, but I kept checking to make sure others could connect to my server without fail and eventually I made about $300 running that one. *

Most people who asked how it was going questioned me on how much I spent on electric and how much I earned running it. They got the above information, did a lot of pointing and laughing. Word got around that I was an idiot.

Financially, this one was under water meaning it had more expenses than profit. It was making cents but not making sense.

Hive and Lots More Laughs

In the midst of a deep valley, the kind where there is blood in the streets, I threw $19,000 into Hive after signing up as EZRider - Thank you all for your very nice comments and your support when I post. But back then, my friends heard me speak about Hive. They laughed and said I was crazy. "It's failing" they said.

Funny how most of my starts are between ten and twenty thousand as an initial investment. My first few posts here were on investments that I hold and how they are doing. I cannot hear the laughter when I write but I know what had been said on other social media sites like YouTube. Doge is not looked at as a serious coin. I can only assume many were laughing that I included that coin when talking about holdings.

Doge was one of many I had purchases very early on and I only entered that position with a hundred dollars. After that, I pulled out tens of thousands as it peaked, then dropped back down. I stopped jettisoning Doge when it hit thirty five cents. I still hold about a hundred thousand Doge if I remember right. I do not care if it is a meme coin. I had planned to lose a hundred dollars when I went in and ended up gaining more than I could imagine. I may have funded my Hive account with Doge.

I think it has potential now as well. The only is because it is accepted hundreds of sites. When I go to buys things, I would rather not wait the extra hour for confirmations on bitcoin. Smaller lesser used coins make sense. I think there is a certain value in having a coin listed on most sites as a payment method. What I have left, and there is quite a bit left, is all free coinage. If I lose the rest of my Doge for some reason, I would not care. I am good either way.

Things are not always as they seem

The worst of these few examples I give in this post was the one that I worked on the longest with no reward and negative income. But I felt it would change the world.

I was grossing ten cents per day - that is $3.00 per month

When it went to $100 - every day was worth $10, every month $300

At $20,000 - every day was worth $2,000, every month $60,000

At $70,000 - every day was worth $7000, every month $210,000

...and it was all retroactive!

*the three hundred I had mentioned above would be $21 million total. It was only valued at $300 for the first couple years. Sadly, I held well under a hundred bitcoin before it ever went over ten thousand. Ask and I will write a post on that.

Bitcoin just made sense to me right out of the gate. It got to the point when all those who laughed at me sheepishly ate crow as they greeted me in the streets. I became a bit recluse for some time. I met people only on my terms.

It usually takes some imagination, careful planning, time, and tenacity in order to get to the point where a burst of success is perceived as an overnight success by others.

In the case of the internet server (the bitcoin mining rig), it took faith that my better judgement was correct. First impressions are usually right. Mine were. What seemed to be an overnight windfall, was actually a long trip with lots of self doubt that needed to be overcome by reason and logic. I thought it would be a game changer and it is.

I probably changed out more real coin for cash when I sold my Doge than any bitcoin transaction. A lot of my bitcoin was donated or given away trying to make people aware of how freeing it can be. Most failed to see it. I started paying my bills with bitcoin as soon as the price hit a hundred dollars. I spent even more when it hit twenty thousand. There were not many left in my hands when the coin went over sixty thousand. Precious few really. Still, I am not hurting for money.

Ending Thoughts

Hive, Leo, POB are all like bitcoin mining. You should collect them and treasure them while they are "low" - a relative term for sure. This platform makes a lot of sense. The vast majority judge a post as only being worth the dollar-figure at the bottom. Not true! If it were really just a dollar or five dollars, their judgement would be right on. But like my bitcoin experience, all income from all posts will be revalued when the price goes up drastically. Seemingly overnight people will be rushing to make posts, the same way they stopped when the price went to eleven cents.

The truth is...

When Hive's price goes to $100, every single post will be worth twenty times more - past, present and future. A $5 posts will be worth $1,000

How many years have you been posting? I mined bitcoin for a little over four years. I know the above estimate speaks of a five dollar post. I know it is split between the curators and the author. So maybe each gets $500 - the point is that you need not invest anything but time and good will here.

On my end, I attempt to pay back your good will with some of mine.

Share this post if you know of anyone who might be frustrated with the current figures under their posts. Those figures are fluid. They are not stagnant like paper dollars. When Hive moons, every Hive token will be an Over Night Success. The slump will be over just like my tiny bitcoin earnings flipped everyone on their heads.

Let's add "gathering" to the list of "keys" to success.

prepping to be an overnight success
Mentality of Gathering

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@ezrider I picked alot of lessons from this post of yours...The biggest lesson I learnt from your story is that there is true power in patience and consistency...you were consistent towards your approach in making progress...keep it up...I have followed you..

Good and educative write up
Nice one. Always learning at your feet keep the good work going @ezrider

$19,000 back then a wonderful investment and shows you're quite intune with how great this platform is. When it peaks to $100 I'm sure you'll have the best bike shop around and employ many staff. Perhaps even buy out that gas station on route 66.

Perhaps even buy out that gas station on route 66...

I bought that old gas station out after five years there. As I said I was there for about ten years. I touched on so many things that I could not fully elaborate on. Loved you post - I had been wondering why my Doge was pumping. Thanks.

Thank you, oh my how did I miss that part. Sorry baby brain has me I misinterpreted it. It will be interesting to see if Elon starts a dogecoin inclusion with Twitter then it will moon even more.

This post just made my day, just few hours I was thinking of how the grinding to accumulate more Hive for the future will be worth it. It’s not easy being self disciplined enough to keep accumulating and trusting the platform and the process, but when I think of coins like Dogecoin and Solana with their humble price beginning, my hope for Hive comes back bigger.

Good to see you posting man! I know you do great on the curation part and I thank you for any time you visit one of my posts!

These are great thoughts here. It’s definitely over night successes that happen after a while but the most important thing is putting in the effort and doing the work. The people who are able to understand the work and effort it takes to get places are usually the ones who are able to make decent financial decisions. Not always but often.

I too have told friends about hive and they don’t take me seriously. I sent one a screenshot of my account value for the hive ATH and he didn’t say anything but I knew he was annoyed. I’ve tried to be good to people who I thought were friends but it turns out they were just using me for one reason or another and didn’t actually listen to anything I said. One of them did stay and is invested in hive a little bit which is good, except we had a falling out lol.

Doge I need to check on. I had a decent bit of it in one of my wallets now I need to see what it’s at. I too don’t give a shit if it’s a meme coin, if it provides utility then that’s all the better!

The bike and repair business was great, I would love to do something like that one day, and I have the plans to do it I just need a garage or find one that I can use. My son loves fixing things too so it might turn out to be a decent opportunity at making some decent money!

Doge is up a bit now but I will not go back to selling until it breaks forty cents. You do realize that the bike shop had no peddles in it, right? You might, but some seem to think it was bicycles.

Hahah yeah, motorcycles! I figured that with the picture of the Harley you posted. I do call them bikes, maybe that's an American thing, not sure! Lol.

I haven't kept my eye on Doge until I figure out what place I'm storing the coins on is, then I will give it more attention lol. Sucks, one of the wallets is now trying to enforce KYC so I need to figure out if I've got anything on there. No more KYC for me if I can prevent it!

Deep, we should focus more on building slowly and trusting the process, most people that run away when hive post is not earning a lot will still run back. Success is a long hard road.

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Planning is essential for any venture in our lives even if the venture is small, it is like any construction, you need well-founded bases that can give the right result, the vision also goes hand in hand as we plan because of what we envision, and that is where we make that connection to start off on the right foot, this very good post, thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for this insightful and educative post @ezrider . It is true that with patience and having the right mindset each and every individual can actually build up from there.

I've been working on buying the LEO since it's been low.. I went to get some more today and the price had went up considerably since just a few weeks ago.. I'm still gonna buy it but I'm gonna wait until it does down or on LPUD

I have to take another look at Leo. I have a lot and always try to vote on those posting from LeoFinance. The problem is the market is like Black Friday; everything is on sale and I have already loaded up on so many other things. I am nominal coin rich / USDT poor.

There is a lot of opportunities that surrounds this platform and am glad to be part of it. Slow and steady wins the race, so in other to breakthrough never give up and continue with the good work.

Slow and steady wins the race...
True! What I like to do is start a project like setting up a node or something - toss in a hundred dollars and let it go. Then work on another thing, and another, getting a lot of irons in the fire with minimal investment in each. I see how they work and put a bit more into the ones that are solid and show potential.

So many put all thought and money into one thing and then sit there watching it like a kid waiting for his next video game purchase to get done downloading. That kind of attention can drive you crazy.

As long as you have the keys or seed stored for each thing you start, you can always go back to it and see how it is doing or maybe add time or investment to it.

Only one in five things I try pay off at all. One in 25 rocket to the moon. You have to invest small amounts and expect some things to go south.

Wow I really appreciate this because a lot have really being learnt from it and I appreciate every part of it.

Many life lessons and never let yourself be defeated it would be a dream for me to be able to buy bitcoin but now I don't even have enough to fix the car hahaha thanks for sharing and that example of constancy blessings 🙏

You are very right about what you said. When I tell people that it will happen (that Hive will multiply in value) they don't believe me, but when that day comes they will have nothing and I will have thousands of Hives. I mean, if everything goes well. I really liked your article, man, I hope you write more. I see you don't write much these days.

I don't write much because I have a lot of irons in the fire. I really like out and do things. Take trips and just ride. But when I do write, I try to answer every comment or question people have. I do not like to leave people hanging - here or in real life. So when I write, I try to keep checking back for a few days to see what people say and vote for the comments I have read to let them know that I saw it.

They don't believe me...

It is really a simple formula once your mind accepts the reality of it. I tell my friends what to do and when to do it. I remind them and ask, "Did you buy xxx yet?" They just look at me with a vacant half smile or even shake their head like I am crazy...

When I get my pay-off, I remind them again, "Hey, I told you about it didn't take action."

Some have racked up eight or ten good tips over the years that they never moved on, yet they seem to spite me for having won on the same information. That is crazy.

You are very right, when I comment to someone and they ignore it, I usually don't comment again because after all I am writing it for them to see. The vote is not very important to me, but the answer is. Especially when I ask something. After all, I don't just write "good post".

I think you have to give them advice once and then let them decide what they want to do. Then they can do whatever they want and they have no right to hold a grudge against you lol. It's not like you're making a mistake.


many thanks for your advice. It is always good to have a different point of view than oneself.

Success is not what others see. I think you made the wise decision when you invested $19k+ here in hive. I think earning as curator is more fun though I'm still an author and can't afford such big investment right now. Whatever I love bike riding and stylish bikes with the signature as you shared the photo of one. Thanks for sharing life experiences and try to ignore negative and toxic people around you who can't afford to appreciate your good moves and mostly found laughing at others. It their job to demotivate others by laughing when they have done so many mistakes already in life. Anyway, stay blessed and listen to your heart. ❤️💖💝

Most want to flow with the herd. I do my own thing and blaze a new trail. There is so much free money to be made from the comfort of home. All one needs to do is explore the world of crypto. I can always use blessings. Thanks for your sweet comment.

And I appreciate that you do your own thing, nothing is as good as being oneself. I also believe in counting blessings! Thanks for the follow, means a lot to me! Have a blessed November ahead 💝💖❤️

A very nice posts. I agree that timing is most important. I had some Bitcoin before, but if only I held on to it longer !

good advice my friend here at #Hive we just need to invest time and a lot of good will to achieve success. All new technology represents a mystery and Cryptocurrencies are even more so

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Really happy to see Hive thriving down here in the Southern Cone of South America. I just returned after 3 years gone and now there are Hive users in even some of the remote beautiful regions sharing content. I used to love doing my own "Wordpress"-based travel blogging years ago, so seeing so many writers posting decentralized content now is inspiring to start writing a bit again myself. Thanks for this posting. Well said and personal.

Thanks very much @ezrider . Those who have supported my post earlier, this is very valuable to me and I say a thousand thanks profusely. I hope you are still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly. Greetings from me to my friend.

Consistency and persistency is the key!

thank you so much for the support @ezrider

I got the right way to follow you, sir @ezrider. Thank you for very much.. In your post it is very educational.