Rune buy signal thanks to LEOALPHA

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I just want to start by thanking @khaleelkazi for this post and his #LeoAlpha initiative. It really helps in narrowing down the research on certain projects.

I have owned rune for a while now, bought a bit at 0.6 and some more at 9 before the bug, and have sat on it confident that the project was not dead but not researching more.

This post changed that and I sold my position in Raiden. It had gone up a bit but I believe most of the layer2 scaling on ETH has been focused elsewhere. I put it in RUNE at 8 USD and have been enjoying the momentum higher.

Screen Shot 20211025 at 11.38.52.png

2nd Portfolio move

I also sold all my NEO since I am not really optimistic (and knowledgeable) and swapped that for LUNA. I really like the ecosystem and am convinced this is another solid project and long-term hold.

Just look at the stuff that is going on there

Screen Shot 20211025 at 11.26.33.png

Then I read where Khal also mentions the merging of these 2 great ecosystems.

Now I am sure that 1 + 1 is not going to be 2

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Ooh that's a nice link.

You know that Terra is now on Cosmos too, on Osmosis.

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yea, I am adding to my Terra wallet, both UST and Luna, this has a massively bright future imo

It's so simple I love it!

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