India Leo Weekly Contest - Announcing Winners & This Week's Topic

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to another Weekly India Leo contest for the @indiaunited & Leo Finance community in collaboration with @leogrowth. Thank you everyone for your active participation. Now it's time to announce the winners of last week and also a new topic for this week.


It is sponsored by the @leofinance team. Many congratulations guys! You all did a great job even the ones who didn't win this time. No issues, this is going to happen weekly so there's always be a next time. Looking forward to your entries this week.

NOTE: All rewards will be distributed later today.


5 Things I Like About Hive


  • Choose a title as per the topic and publish a blog via It's up to you! You can even use the same title as the topic but there are extra marks for creativity
  • Please don't mention that you are participating in a contest. Write articles as if you are hired for a job as a Digital Writer. Think like a professional.


  • Use #india as one of the tags while publishing
  • Articles should have a minimum of 300 words. High-quality articles with more word count will have more weightage during the selection criteria.
  • Drop the link of your entry in the comments below
  • Upvote & Reblog this post
  • Follow @indiaunited & @leofinance
  • Only one entry per person will win one of the three prizes but you can do multiple entries
  • No plagiarism


  • First: 50 LEO
  • Second: 30 LEO
  • Third: 20 LEO

Apart from liquid rewards, occasional upvotes to high-quality content will be given and a lot of love from the LeoFinance community members.


  • START: 05-09-2022 | TUE
  • FINISH: 11-09-2022 11:59 PM IST | SUN



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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @finguru, @zealous4ever, @funshee ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Congrats to the winners. I unluckily wasn't able to participate in last week's (May probably still write about this), but I'll definitely be participating this week.


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No problem bro. It's a never-ending weekly contest. We will keep on doing it so you will have more chances. 🚀🚀

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That's a surprise for me as I have participated for the first time in the leofinance community 😁 impressed by the entry of co-participants 🤓 well next topic is already engaging 👍 congo pongo to winners .

Congratulations Ayesha. Well deserved!!! I hope you will enjoy the rewards. ;)

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Hehe 😁 I enjoyed showcasing my impressions 🤓

!LUV the topic :))
I may even participate :))

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What’s Scooby Doos’ favorite drink?
Mountain Dooby Doo

Credit: reddit
@indiaunited, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @katerinaramm

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Awesome. Do it Kat. :')

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Congrats to the winners!

Thank you so much and congrats to all the other winners. And those who don't win would surely win in the next one. So let's peal the bell and produce academy-level content.

Wow, what a pleasant surprise, I never expected this to come, to be honest, I was a bit hesitant to participate. But it's really a beautiful beginning in this series, it would surely motivate me a lot going forward.

I have always valued and respected every single cent that I earn and primarily I always have an intense affair with the content, be it reading or writing, and I am still in the learning process to write good content, and this prize is much more that what I expected, thanks a ton for shortlisting me to the top. I am really happy today.

Hi! Very nice topic :)
I will try to join

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Awesome. All the best. :)) Looking froward to your entry.

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Thank you :)

Congratulations to all the winners.

Congrats to the winners. Topic is quite interesting and #GMI in this week topic.


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Congratulations @milaan
@chetanpadliya @ayesha-malik

It's so wonderful to see some new faces participating in the challenge. It makes it a more Challenging Challenge 😁

For this week's theme, we'll certainly have lots of participants because of the theme.

Congratulations @indianunited

We keep growing 🙏

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Hell yeah bro!! ✌️✌️

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Congratulations to the winners, I can't wait to participate this time.

Congratulations to all the winners

Here is my entry:

Congratulations winners.What brilliant jod you have done.Keep it up.

Here is my entry for this topic.

@rafatrony/Hive : 5 things I like most

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Congratulations to the winners

Thanks so much for the opportunity to express my love for hive. Here is my entry

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Here is my entry thanks for the opportunity good luck to the other participants.